10 Wow-Worthy Walk-In Showers

Whether your shower is purely functional or a crucial chance to unwind each day, there's no denying the luxury a walk-in shower offers. Added touches don't go unnoticed either—a rain shower head, built-in seating, and thoughtfully chosen materials can make the difference between a quick rinse and a relaxing "Ahhh, I guess I'll be late for work now" experience. Renovating a bathroom to accommodate a walk-in shower is a hefty undertaking, so you'll want to be sure you do your research and plan for all the amenities you desire. We've rounded up a few showers, from simple to extravagant, that may inspire you to take the plunge when the time comes for your next bathroom upgrade.

Bright White

White Bathroom

All-white everything will leave you feeling 100 percent clean, whether you scrubbed behind your ears or not. A pristine white bathroom is a classic—and timeless—look that can be easily made more colorful with a quick switch of accessories. Here, built-in reclaimed wood shelves keep plenty of towels at the ready.

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Bath with a View

Glass Shower

If you're planning to build new or remodel your home, incorporate some windows in the bathroom. A walk-in shower with a view is a luxury that very few have. Just make sure to maintain privacy, or at least offer a way for the more demure to feel less exposed. 

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Installing a shower?
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Calming Stone

Stone Tile Bathroom

Stone tiles give this walk-in shower a serene and natural atmosphere. Pebbled tile underfoot offers a tactile (and massaging!) sensation, making for an even more relaxing experience. 

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Built-In Bench

Shower Bench

Seating in the shower? A true luxury. It's even better when it's been carefully integrated into the space. In this marble-tiled bathroom, the handheld shower head is strategically placed to allow bathers to rinse while they sit.


Fully Exposed

Glass Shower

Thanks to its great light, well-sized window, and glass-enclosed shower, this bathroom feels like an extension of the world beyond. Green subway tiles and earth-toned ceramic flooring reflect the natural setting, making a shower here seem like taking one out of doors.

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Around a Column

Walk In Shower

An intrusive column becomes an asset in this bathroom, where it forms the anchor of a walk-in shower that almost appears to be its own room. A rain shower head, benches, and handheld shower make for a sybaritic bathing experience.


Walk-Through Shower

Walk-Through Shower

This shower is not only walk-in—it's walk-through. With ample room and access from two sides, the ceramic-tiled space boasts a generous overhead shower and wood grate–covered drain. Sliding doors on either side allow the shower to be closed off for privacy.

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Look to the Sky

Bathroom Skylight

Nothing beats the freedom of an outdoor shower—but a skylight directly above your indoor walk-in is not a bad substitute. When you're bleary-eyed in the morning, the sun can help wake you, or you can take a moonlit shower under the stars to unwind after a long day.

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Repurposed Windows

Industrial Bathroom

Reused steel windows create an eye-catching splashguard in this walk-in shower. The vintage factory windows bring an interesting aesthetic to the bathroom—an unexpected place to go industrial.

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Ceiling Shower Head

Ceiling Shower Head

Here's something that tall people will really appreciate, and even the short will enjoy: a ceiling shower head. This Scandinavian-style walk-in has a swinging door that opens to a cozy outdoor courtyard with bench—letting the walk-in seem almost like an outdoor shower.


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Installing a shower?
Leave it to the pros. Compare multiple quotes from licensed contractors in your local area today.

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