11 Totally Unexpected Uses for Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is a summertime staple in many American households. But did you know that this drink mix can do more than satisfy your thirst? Here are 11 surprising reasons to keep a few extra packets of the sweet, brightly colored powder on hand.

  1. Check Your Toilet for Leaks

    How to Check for Toilet Leaks with Kool-Aid

    To check for leaks in your toilet tank, open the lid and pour a packet of dark-colored Kool-Aid into the reserve tank. Let it sit for 30 minutes. If the liquid in the bowl changes color, then water is leaking from the tank into the bowl.

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  2. Dye Unfinished Wood

    Dye Unfinished Wood with Kool-Aid

    Kool-Aid can stain small pieces of unfinished wood for craft and home projects. Simply add three or four packets of your favorite color of Kool-Aid to a bowl of water, stir until the powder dissolves completely, and submerge the wood in the mixture overnight.

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  3. Dye Yarn

    How to Dye Yarn With Kool-Aid

    Handy DIYers can dye any light-colored yarn with Kool-Aid. To begin, stir a packet of the colored powder of your choice into water until it's dissolved. Transfer the solution to a pot, and completely submerge the yarn in the liquid. Bring the water and yarn to a boil, take the pot off the stove, and let it sit, covered, for at least 30 minutes. Rinse the yarn in warm water and allow it to dry.

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  4. Clean Your Coffee Maker

    Clean Your Coffee Pot with Kool-Aid

    You can rid your coffee maker of hard water stains by running a batch of Kool-Aid Lemonade through it. Dissolve a packet of lemon-flavored Kool-Aid in two cups of water. Add it to your coffee maker's water reservoir, and run the appliance through a brew cycle for a squeaky-clean finish.

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  5. Get Rust Off Concrete

    Get Rust Off of Concrete with Kool-Aid

    Don’t fret if you find rust stains on your concrete. For an easy DIY solution, mix a packet of Kool-Aid Lemonade with just enough water to form a paste, and apply it to the stain with a stiff brush. The paste should loosen the rust enough for you to rinse it off with the garden hose.

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  6. Dye Easter Eggs

    How to Dye Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

    No Easter Egg kit? No problem. You can dye eggs just as easily by dissolving a packet of Kool-Aid into 2/3 cup of water and using it as you would any other egg dye.

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  7. Clean Your Dishwasher

    How to Clean Your Dishwasher With Kool-Aid

    If your water has a high iron content, you probably have rust stains inside your dishwasher. Get the appliance sparkling clean again by putting a packet of Kool-Aid Lemonade into the soap dispenser and running the dishwasher on a hot-water cycle.

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  8. Clean Pots and Pans

    How to Clean Pots and Pans with Kool-Aid

    The citric acid in orange- or lemon-flavored Kool-Aid can effectively break up stubborn gunk on pots and pans. Simply mix a packet of the beverage with a teaspoon or two of water. Use the resulting paste to scrub the pan clean. 

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  9. Clean Tarnished Silverware

    How to Clean Silverware with Kool-Aid

    There’s no need to buy silver polish if you have a spare packet of Kool-Aid Lemonade in the pantry. In a large container, mix the powder with two quarts of water and one cup of sugar. Soak the silverware in the Kool-Aid liquid for 10 minutes. Then take it out, wipe with a cloth, and rinse before carefully drying.

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  10. Make Paint

    How to Make Paint with Kool-Aid

    Entertain the kids by whipping up some watercolor paint with packets of Kool-Aid. Dump each pouch in a small container or dish, mix with a tablespoon of water, and let the creativity flow!

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  11. Clean the Toilet

    How to Clean the Toilet with Kool-Aid

    In a pinch, homeowners can clean the toilet bowl with a packet of Kool-Aid Lemonade. Sprinkle the powder into the bowl and scrub as you usually would with your toilet brush. Flush the toilet, and watch those hard water rings wash away.

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  12. Refresh Your Routine

    Refresh Your Routine

    Bring a little color to big cleaning day when you add these clever tricks to your routine. Once you've finished your chores, why not treat yourself to a sweet drink. You don't have to reach for a Kool-Aid—but you could!


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