12 Other Ways to Decorate with X-Mas Ornaments

Ornament collections seem to grow exponentially as time goes by, thanks to plentiful purchases, crafting sessions, and numerous family hand-me-downs. Instead of keeping your excess ornaments in storage boxes during Christmastime—or hanging them precariously on an overstuffed tree—try using them as home decorations. Here are a dozen unexpected ways to display your beloved baubles this season.

  1. Deck the Walls

    Wall ornament decor


    Are you short on space this year? Lose the bulky Christmas tree and flaunt your ornaments on the wall instead. To make this display, use a pencil to lightly outline a tree shape on weathered wood planks or a cork board, then fill in the outline with ornaments secured with small nails or pins.

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  2. Working with Wood

    Wood christmas tree diy


    If you’re handy with a saw and nails, try creating a modern ornament holder that requires nothing more than dowels, molding trim, and a little elbow grease. This woodworking project comes together quickly and lends a clean-lined aesthetic to your holiday display.

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  3. Filled with Cocoa

    Hot chocolate ornaments


    This cheerful ornament doubles as a tasty treat, since the inside is filled with hot cocoa ingredients. To make your own, start by giving clear ornaments a good sudsy wash and letting them dry thoroughly. Fill the bulbs with the makings of a lovely cup of cocoa, such as dry mix, marshmallows, and peppermint. These DIY creations look adorable hung on a ribbon, and they can be taken down and emptied out to provide a warming start to Christmas Day.

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  4. Glistening Garland

    Ornament garland


    Give your fireplace mantel a pop of color with a vibrant DIY garland. Simply thread glass ball ornaments onto a generous length of tulle or ribbon, then drape the finished product over any surface. 

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  5. Looking Up

    Ornament chandelier


    In a genius decorating move, blogger Aunt Peaches outfitted her chandelier in what she termed “a party dress.” Vintage mercury balls give her fixture a gorgeous antique vibe, but any shiny ornament will look festive when hung from a dining room or entry chandelier.

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  6. Find Your Seat

    Ornament place holder


    To set your table with a dollop of Christmas charm, use your spare ornaments to craft these simple place card holders. You’ll need a package of extra ornament caps, because it takes two of the little hooks to hold each card in place. Washers glued on the bottoms of the baubles help them stay upright.

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  7. Window Dressing

    Ornament window display


    Using colorful baker’s twine or invisible fishing line, string up glittery bits and pieces in your front window. They’ll glisten in the sunlight, adding glamour both indoors and out.

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  8. Twinkling Lights

    Ornament lantern


    Classic lanterns or hurricane lights can be used throughout the year to add candle glow to your home, but they’re also great styling tools for the holidays. For a yuletide display, blogger Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles filled a simple black lantern with ornaments and wound a string of twinkling lights through the pile, feeding the cord out the back.

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  9. Advent Tree

    Advent tree


    Here’s a sweet project that lets little ones count down to Christmas Day. Hang 24 ornaments on a decorated cork board, then have the kids transfer one to a small tree on each day of December. The tags can be customized with a joke, message, or fun holiday activity idea.

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  10. Kitchen Cheer

    Ornaments kitchen


    Don’t forget to add a little holiday glitter to the work spaces in your home. For a super easy splash of color in the kitchen, display ball ornaments in a stylish tiered fruit basket, or pile them onto a cake stand.

  11. Tinsel Topiary

    Diy ornament topiary


    Oversize ornaments can add Christmas curb appeal to your home. To make this dramatic decoration, drill holes into plastic ornaments, stack them on dowels, and then place them in planters for a sparkly topiary effect.

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  12. Festive Front Door

    Pvc wreath


    This creative project transforms PVC pipe into a joyous door wreath. Once the pieces of pipe are painted, arranged, and glued together, slide shimmering baubles into the holes.

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