15 Embroidery Patterns for Beginners

Embroidery patterns make it easier to create beautiful, handmade projects for your home. Start stitching with one of these beginner-friendly embroidery patterns.
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Woman embroidering pattern

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Learning how to embroider is easy, and best of all, it’s possible to make a huge variety of artwork with even the simplest stitches. In fact, creating a design to embroider can be more difficult than the stitching itself! Beginner-friendly hand embroidery patterns take away the stress from this first step, offering an outline and directions for new embroiderers. With simple designs, basic stitch requirements, detailed instructions, and expert tips, these easy embroidery patterns for beginners are suitable for any embroidery lover—even as a first project.

1. 14 Beginner Embroidery Stitches Pattern & Tutorial

Hoop with practice stitching
Photo: via NeedlessDesigns

This digital PDF pattern might just be the best first embroidery project for beginners. Instead of an artistic design, it is a pattern for a chart of 14 embroidery stitches, with step-by-step photos for newbies to learn the basics. Once the project is done, not only will you have learned 14 new stitches, but the finished piece will also work as a reference for future work as well.

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2. Sea Captain PDF Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered sea captain design
Photo: via cozyblue

This Sea Captain embroidery pattern is beyond charming and is a fabulous first project for those looking for something other than the usual flowery beginner patterns. The digital PDF file includes the pattern and a beginner hand embroidery guide that includes instructions for foundational stitches. The finished project is intricate, but since it uses basic stitches, it’s suitable for new crafters.

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3. Custom Family Tree PDF Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered family tree design
Photo: via cozyblue

A customizable embroidery pattern makes a sweet gift for loved ones (or for yourself!). This family tree embroidery pattern is fully customizable, giving stitchers the chance to pick the colors, number and placement of leaves, stitch types, and of course, the space to fill out names. Included is a PDF pattern, transfer tips, and instructions for getting started with hand embroidering.

Get the Custom Family Tree PDF Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $5.00

4. Lunar Blossom PDF Embroidery Pattern

Lunar embroidery design
Photo: via cozyblue

If celestial decor fits your aesthetic, the Lunar Blossom embroidery pattern is a stunning embroidery pattern that also happens to be suitable for beginners. This digital PDF pattern depicts the cycle of the moon in a simplistic design. Don’t have any stitches in your toolbelt yet? That’s no problem; this pattern comes with a guide to getting started and learning basic stitches.

Get the Lunar Blossom PDF Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $5.00

5. Clean Your Beans Cat Embroidery Pattern

Cat licking paw embroidery pattern
Photo: via TheFlossyFeline

Cat-lovers will appreciate this adorable digital PDF embroidery pattern, which features an outline of a cat licking its paw. It’s a minimalist drawing that’s great for a first project; plus, the pattern is easy to follow and only uses two basic stitches. It comes with step-by-step photos of how to work these two stitches too, so it’s well-suited for those who want to learn some of the most fundamental hand embroidery basics.

Get the Clean Your Beans Cat Embroidery Patterns at Etsy for $6.50

6. Dried Flowers Bouquet PDF Embroidery Pattern

Floral embroidery pattern
Photo: via MatryoshkaDollShop

If you’re looking for vintage embroidery patterns, consider this rustic and pretty flower bouquet pattern that is an endearing choice utilizing five basic embroidery stitches. This pattern includes a digital PDF, complete with a materials list, transfer directions, stitch and color guide, and backing guide. Tutorial photos and stitch diagrams help make it easier to master the stitching process. vintage embroidery patterns

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7. Cozy Snowman & Cardinal Friend Embroidery Pattern

Snowman embroidery
Photo: via MagnusAndQuill

Seasonal embroidery projects can help get crafters in a festive mood, and this cozy snowman and cardinal pattern is a lovely choice for winter. It’s another digital PDF pattern, and though it might look a little intimidating at first because of its detail, it’s designed to be beginner-friendly. Alongside detailed instructions, a video tutorial link is included to help crafters along the way.

Get the Cozy Snowman & Cardinal Friend Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $9.65

8. Chickadee Gardeners Embroidery Pattern

Bird and flower embroidery pattern
Photo: via MagnusAndQuill

For calling in the spring season, try a garden-themed pattern like this adorable chickadee and wheelbarrow design. This pattern is suitable for a first project, complete with the pattern, a beginner’s guide, and a video tutorial. Since this pattern uses a few basic stitches to create its charming texture, it’s a great starting point for beginners.

Get the Chickadee Gardeners Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $9.65

9. Cat Floral Hand Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered cat silhouette with flowers
Photo: via EmbroideryGalleryPDF

If you adore cats, you probably have room in your home for another piece of cat-themed decor. Make your own with this embroidery pattern that features a cat outline and flowers. It’s a fairly minimalist pattern, so it’s a good choice for first-timers. Plus, it also comes already scaled to fit 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-inch hoops, which takes the guesswork out of sizing for new embroiderers.

Get the Cat Floral Hand Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $2.80

10. 6 Mini Embroidery Hoop Decorations Pattern

Small embroidered hoop decorations
Photo: via ionaroseart

With six mini Christmas-themed patterns, this project is a great pick for decorating a Christmas tree or for crafting seasonal gifts. The digital PDF includes a stitch guide and step-by-step directions (with photos) for making each pattern. This pattern is a better pick for advanced beginners—working on such a small scale can be difficult for a first-time embroiderer.

Get the 6 Mini Embroidery Hoop Decorations Pattern at Etsy for $3.74

11. Creative Embroidery Flowers and Herbs Pattern

Embroidered wildflowers
Photo: via VividStitchShop

Simple but so pretty, this floral embroidery pattern is a lovely pick for new embroiderers who have a few stitches under their belt, including the French knot, back stitch, lazy daisy, stem stitch, and straight stitch. This digital PDF pattern does not include an embroidery guide or stitch tutorial, so it’s not the best resource for learning. However, it does come with this printable pattern and a color guide, which is plenty for embroiderers who already know their basic stitches.

Get the Creative Embroidery Flowers and Herbs Pattern at Etsy for $6.00

12. Booklover Bookworm Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered person reading
Photo: via GetStitchDoneDesigns

With a 3D accent, this embroidery project is an imaginative choice for crafters who want to get more creative. It’s a fairly straightforward embroidery pattern, and the digital PDF comes with instructions for getting started (which is helpful if this is a first-time project) as well as links to video tutorials for visual learners.

Get the Booklover Bookworm Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $9.14

13. Tattoo Arm Hand Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered hand stitching
Photo: via ALIFERA

Marry a love of embroidery and tattoos with this edgy, modern embroidery pattern. Suitable for advanced beginners, this pattern includes stitching directions, a basic stitch guide to refresh your knowledge, transfer instructions, and two copies of this pattern (original and reversed). Though quite intricate, this pattern uses simple stitches, so even true beginners can accomplish it with a steady hand and some patience.

Get the Tattoo Arm Hand Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $6.33

14. A Pocket Full of Posies Embroidery PDF & Pattern

Embroidered flowers on jean pocket
Photo: via RiverBirchThreads

For many new embroiderers, one source of inspiration is embroidered clothing. Make your own custom clothing piece with the A Pocket Full of Posies embroidery pattern. This floral PDF pattern includes a step-by-step PDF guide and a link to a video tutorial, which walks beginners through the crafting process.

Get the A Pocket Full of Posies Embroidery PDF & Pattern at Etsy for $5.25

15. Forest Landscape 3D Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered forest scene
Photo: via Faimyxstitch

Advanced beginners who want to take their skills to the next level can do so with this detailed pattern. While this project may look difficult, the pattern walks newbies through each step. The pattern consists of 35 pages, starting right at the basics of how to use an embroidery hoop. For any hiccups along the way, the pattern also includes links to video tutorials on how to embroider each element.

Get the Forest Landscape 3D Embroidery Pattern at Etsy for $13.22

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