15 Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Craft scarves, blankets, tote bags, and much more. These beginner-friendly crochet patterns are easy to follow and create beautiful handmade items.
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Learning to crochet is a rewarding hobby—there’s an infinite number of items that can be made with just a crochet hook and yarn. But with so many patterns out there, it can feel overwhelming to choose what to make first. To help, we’ve compiled a list of easy crochet patterns for beginners.

These crochet stitch patterns have a few characteristics that make them novice-friendly. They use basic crochet stitches, feature straightforward instructions, and some even come with video tutorials. Advanced crocheters can also enjoy these easy crochet patterns; they’re great for all levels of crafters looking for quick crochet projects.

1. Rowan Scarf

crochet patterns for beginners - green crochet scarf
Photo: via SmileyGoose

Simple square or rectangular projects are ideal for beginner crocheters, which is why this basic scarf pattern is first on our list. It creates a beautifully textured scarf with any medium worsted weight yarn and H/8 crochet hook. Using three foundational crochet stitches, this pattern is suitable for all skill levels, from true beginners to advanced crocheters. The finished product is a 70 inch by 6.5 inch cozy scarf with an optional fringe.

Get the Smiley Goose Rowan Scarf pattern at Etsy for $3.15.

2. Twisted Ear Warmer

crochet patterns for beginners - blue crochet ear warmer
Photo: via JustBeCraftyShop

Pretty and practical, crochet ear warmers are another favorite when it comes to beginner crochet projects. This ear warmer headband pattern uses basic crochet stitches, but adds a twist detail to make it look more advanced. The pattern comes with several size options, including child, teen, and women’s small, medium, and large. Ideal for all beginners, it includes links to both left- and right-handed video tutorials. It also has customization instructions for more advanced crocheters.

Get the Just Be Crafty Twisted Ear Warmer pattern at Etsy for $4.99.

3. Reusable Mop Pad

crochet patterns for beginners - colorful crochet mop pads
Photo: via ShadyCreekFarmNC

Looking for an easy, useful, and eco-friendly crochet project for beginners? Make a reusable flat mop head cover. With a couple of these covers on hand, there’s no need to buy disposable mop pads again. This pattern makes a sweeper cover, intended to fit 10 inch by 4.5 inch flat mops, such as Swiffer Sweepers. Using basic crochet stitches and medium-weight yarn, it makes a dust- and dirt-trapping pad that is machine-washable and reusable. For true beginners, it includes a step-by-step video tutorial to follow along.

Get the Shady Creek Farm Reusable Sweeper Cover pattern at Etsy for $4.

4. Striped Blanket

crochet patterns for beginners - stripe crochet blanket
Photo: via DaisyCottageDesigns

Handmade blankets make a lovely gift for friends and family. Crocheting a blanket is a big project, but it’s totally doable for beginners with a bit of patience. This striped blanket pattern makes a gorgeous textured blanket using basic crochet stitches. It creates a 38 inch by 50 inch blanket, but directions for customizing the blanket’s size are also included. The finished product has a striped design to add a bit of charm, while keeping it easy enough for crochet novices.

Get the Daisy Cottage Designs Modern Blanket pattern at Etsy for $3.50.

5. Chunky Throw Blanket

crochet patterns for beginners - rust colored chunky blanket
Photo: via DarlingJadore

Super bulky yarn and a larger crochet hook size make this throw blanket beautifully plush and thick. The pattern is both straightforward and rewarding, creating a cozy and warm blanket ideal for gifting or snuggling up with at home. It has a no-frills design suitable for beginners, but its chunky look is sure to impress. This pattern makes a blanket measuring roughly 52 inches by 40 inches. Video tutorials are included for those who want a visual aid.

Get the DarlingJadore Chunky Throw pattern at Etsy for $5.50.

6. Granny Square

crochet patterns for beginners - granny square crochet blanket
Photo: via JaydaInStitches

Granny squares are one of the first items that many crocheters learn to make. They have a cozy and charming aesthetic and are surprisingly useful. Granny squares can be joined together to make a wide array of crafts, including blankets, bags, scarves, and sweaters. This particular pattern makes for an adorable first granny square, forming a heart-adorned granny square that measures about 6 inches by 6 inches. It also includes some project ideas for ways to use the squares, including directions for two types of baby blankets.

Get the JaydaInStitches Heart At The Centre Granny Square pattern at Etsy for $6.06.

7. Cotton Face Pads and Soap Saver Combo

crochet patterns for beginners - colorful crochet face pads
Photo: via LauLovesCrochet

Make two useful bathroom crafts with this two-in-one pattern, which includes directions for crocheting simple face scrubber pads and a soap saver bag. Great for eco-conscious crocheters, the finished scrubbers are designed to replace disposable cotton rounds, and the soap saver helps use every last bit of soap. On top of the easy-to-follow pattern, this download also comes with printable packaging templates for those who want to package, gift, or sell the finished products.

Get the Laura Loves Crochet Face Scrubbies & Soap Saver pattern at Etsy for $2.88.

8. Ribbed Beanie

crochet patterns for beginners - colorful crochet beanies
Photo: via JonnaMartinezCrochet

When it comes to crafting with yarn, making a cozy winter hat only makes sense. Best of all, there are plenty of easy patterns, such as this straightforward and versatile pattern. It creates a cute ribbed beanie using only basic stitches. The pattern includes eight size options to fit heads big and small. Size options include zero to three months, three to six months, six to 12 months, toddler, child, teen, and two adult sizes. Created with beginners in mind, it also comes with a step-by-step video.

Get the Jonna Martinez Crochet Easiest Worsted Hat pattern at Etsy for $3.95.

9. Cat Ear Beanie

crochet patterns for beginners - striped cat ear beanie
Photo: via SilverAngeline

Add a bit more personality to a winter look with this cat ear beanie, which features two adorable cat ears crocheted right into the hat design. Crocheters can choose to make a striped or solid beanie to experiment with different colors. The pattern includes three adult sizes (small, medium, and large). It’s quick and easy to follow, allowing crocheters of all levels to whip up a quirky hat that’s the perfect gift for cat lovers.

Get the Silver Angeline Cat Ear Beanie pattern at Etsy for $4.

10. Boho Bandana

crochet patterns for beginners - blue crochet bandana
Photo: via ShopDoeandDeer

Crochet isn’t only for creating winter accessories; this boho-style bandana pattern is excellent for a summer crochet project. Follow the pattern to create a pretty hair bandana with a textured look and border detailing. It includes directions to create a hair scarf in an average adult size (and since it has ties, it’s pretty easily adjustable). But in case a different size is needed, it also includes instructions to create a smaller or larger bandana.

Get the Doe and Deer Crochet Boho Crochet Bandana pattern at Etsy for $2.25.

11. Checkered Tote Bag

crochet patterns for beginner - checkered crochet bags
Photo: via NastjaCrochets

Jump on the checkerboard trend with a handmade checked tote bag. This checkered bag pattern makes a simple slouchy tote bag, mainly using a basic double crochet stitch. Since this bag calls for switching between two colors, it gives new crocheters an excellent opportunity to practice their color-working skills. The end result of this pattern is a fashionable and practical bag, ideal for everyday use. To help novice crafters, a video tutorial is included.

Get the Nastja Crochets Checkered Tote Bag pattern at Etsy for $10.19.

12. Crochet Shawl

crochet patterns for beginners - crochet shawl
Photo: via KnotYourselfOut

With this straightforward pattern, new crocheters can create a cozy shawl, perfect for keeping warm through the winter. This pattern uses easy crochet stitches to create a comfortable textured look and feel. As a bonus, it has step-by-step, follow-along photos to suit beginners. Besides its stylish design (complete with long fringe), this shawl also has pockets! The finished project measures 56 by 18.5 inches, but directions are also included to increase the size if needed.

Get the Knot Yourself Out Crochet Shawl with Fringe pattern at Etsy for $6.

13. Patchwork Sweater

crochet patterns for beginners - patchwork crochet sweater
Photo: via AlaskaCrochetCo

Crocheting a sweater can seem daunting, but this pattern makes the process accessible to beginners. Though the final product looks impressive, this pattern mainly uses double crochet stitches, so it can be worked up quickly and easily. The patchwork design offers plenty of opportunity for different color combinations, so no two sweaters need to look the same. This pattern is size-inclusive, with instructions to make an extra-small/small, medium/large, extra-large, 2XL to 3XL, and 4XL to 5XL sweater.

Get the Alaska Crochet Patchwork Sweater pattern at Etsy for $7.

14. Christmas Pickle

crochet patterns for beginners - crochet pickles
Photo: via BabyCakesStudios

Want to dip your toe into the cute world of amigurumi? An easy first project is this amigurumi pickle, which makes for a great toy, gift, or nostalgic Christmas ornament. This pattern gives beginner crocheters the know-how to make their first crochet shape, which opens up a whole world of crochet projects beyond flat objects. The pattern includes a project item list (amigurumi usually requires a few more materials than flat crochet projects). It has clear directions to make and assemble Christmas pickles of different sizes, with the largest option measuring six inches.

Get the BabyCakes Studios Christmas Pickle pattern at Etsy for $4.95.

15. Mini Hanging Planter

crochet patterns for beginners - crochet hanging planters
Photo: via KeeleysCrochet

This mini decor pattern is another fun amigurumi project, resulting in a crocheted “plant” that’s perfect for gifting or hanging around the house. These impressive little baskets can be made using only four basic crochet concepts: the magic circle, chain stitch, slip stitch, and single crochet. The pattern includes directions to make the vine dirt ball, leaves, berries, and a macrame hanger. In case any steps are confusing for beginners, it also comes with a video tutorial.

Get the Keeley’s Crochet Mini Hanging Vine at Etsy for $1.83.

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