12 Perfect Plants for Lining Your Pathway

Whether you live in a small cottage with a humble stoop or a grand home with a long, winding driveway, you probably care about curb appeal. Here are 12 plants that are perfect for lining the path to your door and sprucing up your home’s first impression.

  1. Sedum (Stonecrop)


    Growing no more than six inches tall, this tough-as-nails pathway plant can withstand almost anything, including humans, deer, drought, and every type of moisture except for standing water. Gardeners can enjoy sedum's vibrant summer flowers or keep it mowed short and green. Available on Burpee; $10.99 for one plant. 

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  2. Scotch Moss

    Scotch Moss

    Never growing over an inch tall, this “moss” isn’t really moss at all. It thrives in warm, moist conditions, especially when given afternoon shade and not too much rain. If your house faces east in a temperate zone, consider using it as a ground cover to fill in between stepping-stones. Available on Amazon; $26 for four-inch pot.

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  3. Irish Moss

    Irish Moss

    This so-called “moss” from across the pond is another great choice for a stepping-stone pathway. It creates a particularly artsy effect when pavers are set close together, allowing only small streaks of stone to peek through. Available on Burpee; $10.99 for one plant.

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  4. Creeping Thyme

    Creeping Thyme

    Also called wild, elfin, or Breckland thyme, this ornamental herb has light purple flowers that come to life in late spring or early summer. Don’t worry if the plant gets a little trampled; when crushed, the blooms give off a fresh, sweet fragrance that lingers as you pass by. Available on Burpee; $3.99 for 100 seeds.

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  5. Roman Chamomile

    Roman Chamomile

    Reminiscent of Italian meadows, Roman chamomile is a charming addition to any pathway. One of the oldest known medicinal herbs, it thrives in cool, dry environments and requires little maintenance. Available on Amazon; $6.49 for 25,000 seeds.

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  6. Garden Violet

    Garden Violet

    Sporting beautiful purple blooms in the spring, this popular plant creates a deep green cover throughout the year and offers quiet drama alongside pavers and stepping-stones. As a bonus, it also attracts butterflies. Available on Amazon; $1.96 for 50 seeds.

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  7. Moneywort (Creeping Jenny)

    Moneywort/Creeping Jenny

    A member of the genus Lysimachia, creeping Jenny stays green year-round, and it typically bursts into a blanket of small golden blooms in warm weather. Also known as moneywort, it loves moisture and shade, and offers lush ground cover in large or small areas. Available on Amazon; $3.99 for 3.5-inch pot.

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  8. Corsican Mint

    Corsican Mint

    Great for partially shaded yards in mild climates, this Mediterranean herb prefers moisture and thrives in areas where water occasionally pools. It’s edible, too, and widely used to make crème de menthe. Available on Amazon; $9.99 for 100 seeds.

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    Wikimedia Commons via  David Eickhoff

  9. Creeping Speedwell

    Creeping Speedwell

    Known by many names—threadstalk speedwell, slender speedwell, and Whetzel weed, to name a few—this ground cover flowers several times each summer, erupting in light blue or lilac blooms. It loves full sunlight but also does well in partial shade. Expect creeping speedwell to grow up to 12 inches wide. Available on Amazon; $3.49 for 1000 seeds.

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  10. Blue Star Creeper

    Blue Star Creeper

    Blue star creeper has festive star-shaped blooms that emerge every spring. The low-cover, moisture-loving perennial is ideal for lining a pathway or filling in the spaces between pavers. Available on Amazon; $2.50 for 25 seeds.

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  11. Creeping Mazus

    Creeping Mazus

    This fast-creeping plant provides thick, carpet-like coverage, and it blooms with lavender-colored flowers dotted with bright yellow centers in spring or early summer. Native to the Himalayas, it prefers full or partial sunlight and well-draining soil. Available on Amazon; $79.99 for 10 plants in 4.5" pots.

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  12. Alpine Cinquefoil

    Alpine Cinquefoil

    For added drama along a paved pathway, plant these easy-to-maintain warm yellow flowers. Alpine cinquefoil adds visual interest in the spring and summer and provides green coverage year-round. Available on Amazon; $9.99 for four-inch pot.

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  13. Blooming Borders

    Blooming Borders

    If you pay close attention, your plants will tell you what they need.


  14. Don't Miss!


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