13 Easy Ways to Repurpose Antique Armoires

With a little ingenuity, you can move your antique armoire into the 21st century without sacrificing any of the furniture's old-fashioned charm.

  1. Antique Armoires

    Antique Armoire

    An antique armoire is a treasure—but yours doesn't need to remain stuck in time. Creative thinkers and tinkerers have come up with plenty of conversion solutions, from media centers to freestanding home offices. Click ahead to see all of our favorite armoire DIY ideas.


  2. Open Bar

    Armoire Bar

    By adding a bottle storage rack below and a wine-glass hanger above, an armoire quickly goes from ho-hum to party central. With room enough to hold packaged bar snacks, cocktail essentials, and even serving dishes, this is one well-stocked bar cabinet.


  3. Pantry

    Armoire Pantry

    Modern kitchens often lack charm. This vintage armoire delivers old-fashioned appeal while also supplying organized storage for pantry items. The door’s interior panels are outfitted for spices and smaller packaged goods, while the baskets held below are a portable alternative to stationary drawers.

    thebespokefulfurniturecompany.co .uk

  4. Craft Station

    Armoire Craft Station

    With a few thoughtful modifications, a classic armoire can easily become a catch-all for anything and everything crafting. A box with holes dispenses tangle-free ribbon; the door panels hold tools at the ready; and magnetic tins house bits and baubles.

    Liz Marie Galvan

  5. Pet Station

    DIY Pet Cupboard

    Dogs and cats somehow accumulate items just like their human counterparts. A cupboard devoted to Fifi and Fido’s food, medications, toys and treats makes it easier to stay on top of what you have and what’s running out. 


  6. Etcetera

    Accessory Armoire

    Clothing can usually find a place inside a closet or dresser, but what to do with accessories like shoes and bags? A converted armoire will keep all your options in one spot, making the daily ritual of dressing so much less chaotic.


  7. Kid Space

    Kids Wardrobe

    Kids create their own kind of clutter. This armoire provides a designated zone that neatly corral toys and art projects while teaching youngsters the basics of organization. Especially genius are the chalkboard surfaces on the inside of the armoire's doors.


  8. Home Office

    DIY Home Office

    By converting an armoire with desktop and shelves, you can whip up a home office just about anywhere. Consider adding a pull-out keypad shelf for better ergonomics and, for electrical access, drill a cord hole in the back.


  9. Garden Center

    Garden Shelf

    With storage shelves, cabinets, special racks for tools, and its very own work surface, this miniature armoire is unexpectedly ideal for serving duty as a gardener's potting station. Best of all, its compact size makes it suitable for a mudroom, garage, porch or patio. 

    artisbeauty.blog spot.com

  10. Wrapping Center

    Wrapping Station

    Make your own designated gift-wrapping station, putting all papers, ribbons, scissors and gift tags into one well-labeled interior. Chalkboard-painted doors record upcoming birthdays so that no important date will go forgotten.


  11. Laundry Base

    Laundry Cupboard

    Add a decorative touch to a utilitarian laundry room with a freestanding cupboard. Bins organize clothes for washing, and shelves store detergent and other supplies. If folding drying racks or an ironing board won't fit within, either could be mounted on the outside with a simple, sturdy hook.

    Decorating Files

  12. Bathroom Storage

    DIY Bathroom Storage

    Even a grand bathroom might lack adequate storage space for toiletries. With doors removed, this antique armoire holds and displays pretty soaps, potions, and towels—and does so with a bit of subtle French flair.

    French Country Cottage

  13. Hideaway

    Giant Armoire

    An exceptionally wide armoire can even be transformed into a reading nook, as in this stupendous DIY from A Detailed House. Just be absolutely sure your piece is structurally sound before allowing a little person to try it out! For a special detail, add lighting inside with corded sconces that feed through the back.

    A Detailed House

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