13 Wall Decor Ideas That Work with Any Style

Time for a home refresh? These decor ideas will bring new life to bare walls.

Empty Walls Are Filled with Potential

empty walls decor

An empty wall is like a blank canvas, and how it’s decorated tells a story. Items hung on a wall can ground a space, open it up, add vibrancy, create a clean look, and invite guests to admire and discuss. The transitional concepts below will work with any style, allowing the decorator to display their taste and lifestyle.


Pile On Plants

plants wall decor

Turn a wall into living art. This idea features stylish wooden shelves that offer a neutral holding place for vibrant, green plants to flourish. Play with either a uniform look using matching pots or mix it up with a combination of clay, baskets, and ceramics. You could even go with wood containers for an allover earthy feel.

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Incorporate a Tapestry or Fabric Wall Hanging

tapestry wall decor

Wall decor ideas can be as simple as a large, whimsical wall hanging. This fabric wall hanging combines Bohemian and Nordic styles. The piece is ideal for a space that could use some grounding energy, like the bedroom. Available on Etsy.


Accent a Wall in a Contrasting Color

accent wall decor

Diverge from the rest of a room’s walls by painting an accent wall in a contrasting color. A bold hue will make the room pop. Up the contrast even more by displaying abstract art on it for a layered look.


Apply Temporary Wallpaper or Decals

wallpaper wall decor

Another way to achieve an accent wall is with temporary wallpaper or decals. This option for wall decor ideas is especially useful for renters. Achieve a midcentury vibe with this product from Allmodern. The pattern features semicircles in black, white, orange, and green hues. Available on Allmodern .

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Create Dimension with Molding

moulding wall decor

Combine traditional and contemporary design by installing this flexible panel molding. The DIY project features soft baroque curls and minimalistic design. It’s made of a high-quality polyurethane blend created in steel molds, making for an ideal replication of plaster. Available on Overstock.

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Affix Bunches of Baskets

baskets wall decor

Diverge from the typical picture frame and decorate walls with baskets. This set of three Bohemian-inspired baskets feature rattan, bamboo, sedge fiber, and jute. They’ll add a burst of color and texture to any space. Available on Etsy.


Mount a Mirror (or Several)

mirrors wall decor

There’s no easier way to add luxury to a home than with the use of mirrors. Mounting just one, or several, opens up the space as well as making a sophisticated statement. Hang mirrors opposite windows to take advantage of natural lighting. This unique, modern geo mirror is cut, soldered, sealed, and assembled—all by hand. Available on West Elm.


Hang a Bicycle

hang bicycle wall decor

Whether you want to hang an antique bicycle for style purposes only or prefer to hang one that sees regular use, bicycles offer a playful way to decorate the walls. This 100 percent oak wood bike hanger is ideal for keeping a bicycle stored off the floor while putting it on display. The hanger doubles as a shelf to store other items, like keys, or to decorate with a vase of flowers, a framed picture, or some books. Available on Etsy.


Install Floating Shelves

floating shelves wall decor

Floating shelves provide a minimalistic design that looks clean on the wall. This streamlined floating shelf comes in a slim and sleek design that allows decorations to take center stage when placed on top. Available on West Elm .

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Paint a Mural

mural wall decor

Take an artistic approach to wall decor and put those creative skills to use with a mural. For a stunning display, create a wall with a theme to generate lively discussion every time guests walk into the room.


Display Your Hat Collection

hat collection wall decor

Let the most stylish hats in the closet decorate a wall in the bedroom. Simply grab some nails and hang the hats on them so they overlap and form a piece of artwork. Another option is to space a few large decorative hats out to fill up more of the wall.

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Hang a Wall Clock

wall clock wall decor

Clocks are a classic way to decorate a wall. This clean and retro look will go with any style. Go for a bold effect, and add a pop of color to the space by choosing the saffron yellow hue. Available on Wayfair.


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