14 DIY Doormats That Step Up the Style

Incorporating a variety of materials, these truly one-of-a-kind doormats are not something you would simply walk on—or by—without noticing.

  1. Color Me Rad

    Wood Doormat

    This wooden doormat, from Lowe's Creative Ideas, is made from pieces of 1” x 2” that are connected by metal rods. The pieces are evenly spaced to bring dimension to the mat and painted in bright, rainbow hues to supply a cheerful pop of color at the door.  

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  2. Mosaic Masterpiece

    Mosaic Doormat

    This unique doormat was created by setting broken ceramic tiles on backer board; grout holds it all together. Black tiles smashed into small pieces were used to form the personalized greeting. 

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    Annie Made

  3. Welcome Wedges

    Fun Doormats

    Who says a fun doormat is just for the outside? This DIY indoor-outdoor design uses complementary half-circle mats that are painted to look like oversize fruit, perfect for welcoming summertime.

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    The House That Lars Built

  4. Wooden Words

    Wooden Doormat

    Self-linking wood decking tiles were arranged and snapped together to form this woodsy doormat. Stain the tiles to enhance the grain of the wood, paint them with a simple design, or etch a welcoming message with a wood burning tool.  

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    Spool and Spoon

  5. Chevron Showstopper

    Chevron Ideas

    The chevron pattern on this DIY doormat was created using painter's tape and two complementary colors of spray paint. Adding a phrase with bold stenciling brings a fun, graphic element with a little bit of attitude.

    Sincerely, Kinsey

  6. Trivet Treads

    Raffia Ideas

    Assemble a dainty doormat by connecting rows of premade straw trivets. This vintage-inspired doormat looks like it took hours to make, but it was created by simply weaving strips of raffia through the trivets to hold them together. You'll find a detailed how-to here.

    I Made It So...

  7. Stenciled Statement

    Stencil Ideas

    Stencils are a quick way to amp up the style of any basic doormat—or anything at all! The design possibilities are endless! Stencil your monogram or a word of welcome; use a small brush to apply the paint for a clean, crisp look.

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    Lisa Leonard Blog

  8. Hose Sweet Hose

    Reusing Hoses

    Anyone with a green thumb knows that a hose is essential to producing a vibrant backyard garden. But did you know that when a hose reaches the end of its life, it can be coiled and glued into a sturdy half-circle doormat? You'll find a simple how-to here.

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    Mark Kintzel Design

  9. Style Uncorked

    Cork DIY

    This DIY doormat lays out a delightful welcome, particularly for wine lovers. A great example of upcycling, this project simply requires weaving together wine corks with steel wire.

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    sarahracha via Etsy

  10. Unbuckled

    Reusing Belts

    A collection of old leather belts forms this rugged welcome mat. The subtle variations in color and texture give off a warm and subdued look. If you have more belts than you know what to do with, try your hand at a basket-weave design.

    Krrb Blog

  11. Simple Stripes

    Striped Doormat

    Painter's tape can be used to create a chic striped doormat. Vary the width of the stripes for visual variety and allow the first coat of paint to dry before repositioning the tape to add a second color. If stripes aren't your thing, there's always checkerboard or chevron!

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    Lia Griffith's Handcraft Your Life

  12. Cloud Cutout

    Cloud Cutout

    Sometimes all it takes to fashion a striking doormat is a change of shape. This cloudlike form was made by cutting an existing mat into an eye-catching design. The black mat on white-painted floorboards is particularly dramatic.

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    Shine Design

  13. Rock On

    River Rock DIY

    Bring a bit of nature right to your front door with a doormat made of thin river rocks. Collect a gaggle of thin rocks and arrange them so they fit snugly together on top of a low-profile mat. Then use strong glue to hold it all together.

    Love U Madly

  14. 'Pop' of Color

    Bottle Cap DIY

    Here, plastic bottle caps are recycled into a colorful square doormat. Not only is this clever reuse good for the environment, but it also creates a unique statement piece for your doorway. It's probably not suitable for areas that are frequented by bare feet, though.

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    Design Squish

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