14 DIY Doormats That Step Up the Style

Incorporating a variety of materials, these truly one-of-a-kind doormats are not something you would simply walk on—or by—without noticing.

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Color Me Rad


This wooden doormat, from Lowe’s Creative Ideas, is made from pieces of 1” x 2” that are connected by metal rods. The pieces are evenly spaced to bring dimension to the mat and painted in bright, rainbow hues to supply a cheerful pop of color at the door.  

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Mosaic Masterpiece

Annie Made

This unique doormat was created by setting broken ceramic tiles on backer board; grout holds it all together. Black tiles smashed into small pieces were used to form the personalized greeting. 

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Welcome Wedges

The House That Lars Built

Who says a fun doormat is just for the outside? This DIY indoor-outdoor design uses complementary half-circle mats that are painted to look like oversize fruit, perfect for welcoming summertime.

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Wooden Words

Spool and Spoon

Self-linking wood decking tiles were arranged and snapped together to form this woodsy doormat. Stain the tiles to enhance the grain of the wood, paint them with a simple design, or etch a welcoming message with a wood burning tool.  

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Chevron Showstopper

Sincerely, Kinsey

The chevron pattern on this DIY doormat was created using painter’s tape and two complementary colors of spray paint. Adding a phrase with bold stenciling brings a fun, graphic element with a little bit of attitude.

Trivet Treads

I Made It So…

Assemble a dainty doormat by connecting rows of premade straw trivets. This vintage-inspired doormat looks like it took hours to make, but it was created by simply weaving strips of raffia through the trivets to hold them together. You’ll find a detailed how-to here.

Stenciled Statement

Lisa Leonard Blog

Stencils are a quick way to amp up the style of any basic doormat—or anything at all! The design possibilities are endless! Stencil your monogram or a word of welcome; use a small brush to apply the paint for a clean, crisp look.

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Hose Sweet Hose

Mark Kintzel Design

Anyone with a green thumb knows that a hose is essential to producing a vibrant backyard garden. But did you know that when a hose reaches the end of its life, it can be coiled and glued into a sturdy half-circle doormat? You’ll find a simple how-to here.

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Style Uncorked

sarahracha via Etsy

This DIY doormat lays out a delightful welcome, particularly for wine lovers. A great example of upcycling, this project simply requires weaving together wine corks with steel wire.

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Krrb Blog

A collection of old leather belts forms this rugged welcome mat. The subtle variations in color and texture give off a warm and subdued look. If you have more belts than you know what to do with, try your hand at a basket-weave design.

Simple Stripes

Lia Griffith’s Handcraft Your Life

Painter’s tape can be used to create a chic striped doormat. Vary the width of the stripes for visual variety and allow the first coat of paint to dry before repositioning the tape to add a second color. If stripes aren’t your thing, there’s always checkerboard or chevron!

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Cloud Cutout

Shine Design

Sometimes all it takes to fashion a striking doormat is a change of shape. This cloudlike form was made by cutting an existing mat into an eye-catching design. The black mat on white-painted floorboards is particularly dramatic.

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Rock On

Love U Madly

Bring a bit of nature right to your front door with a doormat made of thin river rocks. Collect a gaggle of thin rocks and arrange them so they fit snugly together on top of a low-profile mat. Then use strong glue to hold it all together.

'Pop' of Color

Design Squish

Here, plastic bottle caps are recycled into a colorful square doormat. Not only is this clever reuse good for the environment, but it also creates a unique statement piece for your doorway. It’s probably not suitable for areas that are frequented by bare feet, though.

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