14 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets

No matter how small your garden, there's always room for hanging plants. Here are 14 plants that add color and interest to any porch, deck, balcony, or sunroom.

  1. Getting Started

    Hanging Planters

    Although there are many baskets that are perfect for hanging plants, the rules of container gardening still apply: Use a nutrient-rich soil and be sure to allow for drainage; choose hanging plants that make sense for your climate and for the spot where you plan to leave them; and water often—without much soil to retain water, hanging baskets need vigilance or they'll dry out. 


  2. Supertunia Petunias

    Supertunia Petunias

    Able to shed its old blooms on its own, this breed of petunia comes in many rich shades and will draw hummingbirds and butterflies to your porch. Available on Amazon; $22.99 for 4 plants.

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  3. Painted Lady

    Painted Lady Succulent

    Gorgeous two-toned foliage makes these little rosettes excellent, drought-resistant hanging plants for containers. Once established, they can tolerate extended dry periods; they generally flower in the warmer months. Available on Etsy; $4.99.


  4. 'Bella' series Lavender

    Bella Lavender

    Any dwarf lavender will add not only its delicate purple shade to a basket but also its soothing scent. These sun-loving hanging plants will thrive near any window—you can't go wrong! Available from Burpee; $12.95.


  5. Lobelia


    The delicate blooms and exquisite blues, purples, and whites of lobelia make it an excellent choice for everything from garden borders and window boxes to hanging plants perfect for your porch. Lobelia does best in part-shade locations. Available from Home Depot; $5.99.

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  6. Impatiens


    Although many impatiens are falling prey to downy mildew, by putting making them hanging plants, you can get them out of the ground and out of soil that could harbor the aggressive mold. If you plant them in containers, you can still enjoy the beautiful shades of one of America’s favorite annuals. Try ‘Busy Lizzies’ for their abundant flowers. Available on Amazon; $5.49 for 100 seeds.


  7. Sedum morganianum

    Sedum morganianum

    Commonly known as Donkey’s Tail, this long-trailing succulent with vibrant green leaves will draw instant attention as hanging plants. Best grown in full sunlight with regular, moderate watering throughout the year, except in winter. Available on Etsy; $8.95.

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  8. Chrysanthemum


    A florist favorite, mums bring cold-weather color to your patio as hanging plants. Try ‘Maroon Pride’ for its deep fall shade or the lemon-lime ‘Minnglow’. Available from Burpee; $12.95 per plant.

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  9. Fountain Grass

    Fountain Grass

    Add dimension and texture to your basket with a dwarf fountain grass, such as ‘Red Riding Hood’. Give it full sun, and these low-maintenance hanging plants will reward you with a bountiful shape all year long! Available on Etsy; $27.70.


  10. Tradescantia


    Also known as spider lily, this lovely perennial with long-lasting flowers will spread in the garden but stay perfectly contained in a hanging basket. Delightful! Available from Burpee; $12.95 per plant.


  11. Verbena ‘Imagination'

    Verbena ‘Imagination'

    Bright and deep purple-pink, ‘Imagination’ is just one of many verbenas that make perfect hanging plants. Give them full sun and keep the soil moist for best results. Available on Amazon; $14.54 for 1,000 seeds.

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  12. Trailing Pansies

    Trailing Pansies

    New on the scene after 10 years of breeding, trailing varieties of pansies do well as hanging plants in baskets and containers. Spreading larger and having deeper color than older pansy varieties, they are also extremely cold-resistant—surviving sub-zero temperatures. Be the first on your block to have this recent arrival. Available on Amazon; $4.99 for 15 seeds.


  13. Snowtopia

    Bacopa Hanging Plants

    Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ has cascading evergreen stems that burst with a profusion of white blossoms from June through September. Favoring sun or semi-shade, it’s the perfect choice for a porch or patio. Available from Home Depot; $5.99.


  14. Fuchsia

    Fuchsia Flowers

    With its showstopping flowers, Fuchsia has been a long-time favorite for gardeners looking for hanging plants. It blooms with brightly colored, decorative, lantern-like flowers—most commonly in pinks and purples—which could likely attract hummingbirds to your yard. Fuchsias thrive in part to full shade, so keep them out of direct sun, and deadhead blooms to maximize flower production. While they’re blooming, they are heavy feeders, so tend to them regularly with fertilizer. Available on Etsy; $3.95 for 25 seeds.


  15. Begonias

    Hanging Begonias

    Begonias have earned their place as one of the best hanging plants for their showy flowers, free branching habit, and tolerance of heat. Coming in a wide range of colors, from yellows, to oranges, to reds and pinks, “non-stop” varieties can give you blooms all year long. Available from Burpee; $22.95 for 3 plants.


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