15 Clever Uses for the Space Under the Stairs

Creative solutions, ranging from sneaky storage to an extra bathroom, tackle the home's trickiest triangle.

  1. Stealthy Storage

    Under Stair Storage

    Every home can use more storage. Fortunately, the often-neglected space beneath a staircase provides an ideal spot for built-in drawers and cabinets. This stylish example of under stair storage demonstrates the important role paint and hardware play in matching the surrounding decor.

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  2. Petite Powder Room

    Under Stairs Bathroom

    Who wouldn't love an extra half bath? The space under your stairs can perfectly accommodate such a luxury. Elegant details, like the graphic wallpaper seen here, lend a sense of refinement to this cozy room.

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  3. The Ultimate Bookcase

    Under Stairs Bookcase

    In homes where a narrow staircase makes a powder room or worktable infeasible, a fabulous bookcase can be built in with ease. You might choose a cubby style, as shown in this chic interior, or opt for shelves that vary in height and width to accommodate both books and decorative objects.

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  4. Space-Saving Bike Storage

    Under Stair Storage Solutions

    Many people, especially city dwellers, struggle with finding a place to store their bicycles. As this straightforward under stair storage solution demonstrates, the space they've been looking for may have been underfoot all along.


  5. Covert Kitchen Pantry

    Under Stairs Shelves

    Every cook dreams of a pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelves and ample room for canned goods, baking supplies, and all manner of kitchen necessities. But did those dreams reveal that such a space can be built in under a staircase?! In this clean-lined interior, the large wooden doors were stained a pleasing spring green, adding an upbeat, modern sense to the space.

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  6. A Wall of Wine

    Wine Storage Ideas

    Custom shelving built under a staircase can give you the "wine cellar" you always wanted, without making you head down to the basement every time you want to raise a glass. The eye-catching arrangement will likely be a conversation starter among family and friends, as well.

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  7. Cheerful Home Office

    Office Under Stairs

    If you've always wanted a work area but thought you didn't have enough room, claim the space under the stairs as your own. A pretty chair, a work surface attached to the wall, and cork board for pinning inspirational images are all you need to create a fun and functional home office.

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  8. Streamlined Entertainment Center

    Storage Under Stairs

    The depth of space under a staircase can be sufficient for a built-in entertainment center that houses a flat-screen TV and a bookcase to boot, along with drawers for remotes, movies, and game accessories. You bring the popcorn!


  9. Cozy Reading Nook

    Bench Under Stairs

    A simple banquette piled with pillows and lit from above with a wall sconce is a tempting spot to curl up with a favorite book. Drawers or cabinets below provide additional storage for the room.

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  10. Artful Display

    Under Stairs Storage Ideas

    A recessed alcove can be the perfect place to showcase a treasured antique or decorative item. Painting the alcove a different color than the walls in the room adds detail and provides an attractive backdrop for a work of art.

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  11. Mini Mudroom

    Storage Understairs

    An open staircase is the perfect mini mudroom -- a place for the kids to park all their stuff! Wood trim studded with upcycled door knobs catches the coats, while cubbies under a bench stash the hats, gloves and scarves.

    organizingmadefun.blog spot.com

  12. Under the Floor

    Trap Door

    This trap door is the perfect hideaway for seasonal items like camping gear or holiday decor. And your secret weapon in the after-dinner Hide and Seek tournament.


  13. Kitchen Collectibles

    Under Stairs Storage Ideas

    The open shelves in this modern and minimalist kitchen display collectibles and cookbooks, while also providing a the design backbone for the elegant staircase above them.

    thujainteriordesign.word press.com

  14. Pet Refuge

    Pet Home

    The space under your staircase can be fashioned into a cozy, custom nook for the favorite family pet. Who wouldn't want to tuck themselves in to such a sweet spot?


  15. Bar


    The built-ins under this staircase create superb storage for all your cocktail hour essentials. A mini fridge to keep the wine and beer chilled, shelves for glassware, a cabinet for liquor, and a countertop to put it all together. Cheers!


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