7 Ways See-Through Fireplaces Can Heat Up Your Home Decor

Infuse your home with cozy warmth, increase your house value and create two gathering spots with just one new fire feature.
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double-sided fireplace - modern fireplace next to living area


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The see-through fireplace, with designs ranging from rustic to sleekly modern, offers the ambience of a wood-burning, electric, or gas fire simultaneously in more than one room inside a home. A dramatic feature, a double-sided fireplace can be placed in a variety of configurations, including within a wall or along the edge of a wall.

These days, see-through fireplaces are no longer just an indoor or outdoor option. Some of the newest models are installed like a window, allowing those sitting in the living room and others lounging outdoors to enjoy the same fire, simultaneously. Double-sided fireplaces are designed much like a modern window with a firebox in between. They can be powered by either gas or electric and require professional installation.

While the placement and technology may be new, fireplaces themselves are far from new. Fire features continue to be extremely popular as design focal points both indoors and out. The National Association of Home Builders reports that indoor fireplaces were a top five home feature from 2013 to 2021, and a member trends survey from the National Kitchen and Bath Association indicates that fire features are among the most requested outdoor living design elements. Plus, homes that have a fireplace are known to list for about 13 percent more than the national average home price.

Given home buyer preferences and strong return-on-investment numbers, the double-sided fireplace may be an ideal option for those who want a fire feature in two places at once but want to add only one home improvement project to their to-do list this year. Intrigued? Here are some ways a see-through fireplace can help heat up your home decor.

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1. Warm two spaces with just one fire feature.

double-sided fireplace - Escape see-through gas fireplace

With prices of oil going up dramatically and the increased frequency of severe weather, some homeowners have been looking around for alternatives to heat their homes. Purchasing generators and changing out HVAC are two solutions, but so is the traditional fireplace. Installing a double-sided fireplace that’s wood-burning (or electric-powered with a generator backup) adds warmth to two spaces, even if the power grid is off.

2. Add dramatic focal points to your home interior.

double-sided fireplace - modern marble fireplace bookshelf

Any fire feature quickly becomes a focal point in an interior or backyard space, and a see-through fireplace with high-tech features like multicolored ember bed lighting and smart speakers just takes it to a whole other level. As well, some double-sided fireplaces—for instance, Heat & Glo’s Primo gas fireplace—offer innovative heat management technology that allows combustibles and electronics like the TV to be placed safely next to the fireplace opening. Also, with gas and electric fireplaces, fireplace designs can be vertical or horizontal, increasing their decorative possibilities.

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3. Create a biophilic connection to nature.

double-sided fireplace - modern stone kitchen fireplace

Trend-followers know that biophilia is a hot design ideal, and indoor-outdoor see-through fireplaces are one way to achieve that goal. Fire offers the obvious visual connection to nature and thermal variability from the heat created, but it also offers a host of other biophilic design patterns, such as diffuse light, nonrhythmic sensory stimuli, and biomorphic forms.

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4. Visually connect two spaces while maintaining an open concept.

double-sided fireplace - modern fireplace in open concept home

The heightened interest in carving up an open floor plan to create distinct zones for work, play, and gathering may have faded, but it hasn’t completely disappeared. With about 35 percent of Americans working from home full-time, some homeowners are still looking for ways to gently separate large spaces. A see-through fireplace provides a way to create two zones without visually disconnecting the areas.

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5. Define a cozy gathering spot both inside and outside a home with a single fireplace.

double-sided fireplace - Transcend indoor-outdoor gas fireplace

For those who want simultaneous fire-viewing both inside and outside a home but don’t want to invest in more than one home improvement project, the see-through fireplace can be a choice option. Built to withstand weather and constructed of glass that’s similar to modern windows, a double-sided indoor-outdoor fireplace like this Heat & Glo see-through gas fireplace creates a cozy gathering spot no matter the season or the weather.

6. Increase the value of your home.

double-sided fireplace - Primo II linear gas fireplace

Before investing in a major home improvement project, homeowners often ask: What’s my return on investment? For a fireplace, there’s good news. When compared with other popular features, homes with gas fireplaces have the highest sale-to-list ratios, according to Redfin. Further sweetening the deal, most home buyers report a willingness to pay more for a home with a fireplace, and seven out of 10 real estate agents say that fireplaces are a value-added feature.

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7. Enhance the interior of a home wellness retreat.

double-sided fireplace - modern bathroom fireplace

Lately, wellness retreats have been a much-talked-about home feature among designers and architects, and for good reason. Architects report a 70 percent increase in clients demanding fitness and wellness spaces during the past year. Studies show that nature and natural elements reduce adverse stress effects and can lower pulse rates, blood pressure, and cortisol. Fire features are wonderful additions to these stress-free, spa-like retreats, along with water features, nature sounds, daylighting, and natural finishes and textures.