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10 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas You’ll Want to Copy in Your Backyard

Warm up to one of these fireplace inspirations—in a range of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials—and perfect the centerpiece of your outside entertaining area.
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outdoor fireplace ideas

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Adding an outdoor fireplace may be just what your alfresco entertaining space needs, but if you’re not sure about specifics like type, size, materials, placement, or safety, this guide offers a range of backyard fireplace ideas to spark your creative process.

Whether you’re on a budget or if you’re ready to splurge on a show-stopper, there are inspiring styles, ranging from a modern outdoor fireplace option to a more rustic outdoor fireplace with chimney, and ideas for a patio fireplace, a porch fireplace, or a deck with fireplace integrated into the mix.

1. Outdoor Fireplace on a Deck

outdoor fireplace ideas

Create a cozy outdoor room by incorporating a fireplace. Whether the space is for dining or lounging, a fireplace serves as a feature wall, a focal point, a place to cook, and a source of warmth that can extend your outside living season. Match it to the style of your house and add space for firewood storage and a few decorative pieces. For safety, be sure the firebox is built of steel or fire-rated bricks and the chimney has a fire-rated flue pipe.

2. Outdoor Table Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

If you’re short on space but want to remain big on style, opt for an outdoor table fireplace. This slim, stainless steel table is just the right height to arrange seating around for those cool autumn evenings with friends or family. Powder-coated for additional weather resistance, this fireplace available at Wayfair comes with a natural gas conversion kit.

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3. Covered Patio Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

Don’t let a little precipitation or too much sun stop you from enjoying your patio and fireplace. Adding a covered patio with fireplace can enhance an outdoor room feel and make your outside living more comfortable by protecting you from rain and hot summer sunshine. Using the same or similar stonework on the fireplace that also accents your home adds to the inclusive effect. To buy instead of DIY a similar look, check out this example available at Wayfair.

4. Back Patio Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

Open up your backyard entertaining area by adding a stone patio, complete with a custom DIY outdoor fireplace. Expand the vista with an at-grade back patio outdoor fireplace that doesn’t block the view. Use the same brick or stone on the patio and as fireplace facades to augment the continuity, or try a complementary stone in a smaller size.

5. Backyard Oasis Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

Your outdoor fireplace doesn’t need to be right next to your house. Take a short journey on your own property to a private backyard oasis featuring an outdoor fireplace. Convert your backyard into a sanctuary with a freestanding fire structure nestled into lush landscaping. Create a private haven with vines climbing a pergola that juts off the chimney or privacy screens that allow you to relax in peace beside a roaring fire.

6. Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

Add a little portable warmth to your patio with a chiminea such as this highly rated bestseller on Amazon. These decorative, freestanding outdoor fireplaces used for heating and cooking are as easy to move as they are pleasing to the eye. Considered safer than fire pits because the chimney directs flames up for a more controlled burn, chimineas are often constructed of fired clay for a traditional look, but are also available in cast iron, cast aluminum, or some combination of steel and aluminum.

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7. Modern Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

The clean lines you love so much on your modern indoor fireplace look just as sleek outside. A contemporary look provided by a stone, marble, or even tile façade underscores the decorative aspect of this fiery focal point. Inspired by European designs, these streamlined modern outdoor fireplaces often feature linear flames flickering in unison through a narrow horizontal opening for dramatic effect.

8. Poolside Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

There’s something so alluring about the pairing of fire and water. What better way to dry off than in front of a crackling fireplace just steps from a sumptuous swimming pool? Even on chilly or rainy days, curling up by the fire with a poolside view exudes the ultimate luxury retreat experience. Add a canopy and overstuffed pillows on built-in benches for the total spa ambiance.

9. Small Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

Another take on the portable outdoor fireplace is this cast-iron fire pit from Wayfair. It’s slightly elevated off the ground and the chimney directs smoke up and away from the warm flames. Steel mesh sides enable viewing from all angles so everyone can enjoy the glow while staying safe from escaping embers.

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10. Tiled Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas

A more substantial element of the backyard living area comes in the form of this handcrafted porcelain tile and stucco outdoor fireplace available at The Home Depot. Fueled by propane, it comes complete with a log set and lava rocks for a realistic appearance. The 48-inch outdoor fireplace will keep you warm with its 55,000-BTU output, and will keep you safe with a ventilation feature and galvanized steel frame construction.