15 Fun Gadgets Everyone Wants for Christmas

We've gathered the best gifts, from smartphone accessories to nifty little devices, guaranteed to satisfy the tech lovers on your holiday list.

BioLite SolarPanel 5+

Gifts for Tech Lovers - BioLite SolarPanel 5+

For the person on your list who prefers a life lived outdoors, consider the BioLite SolarPanel 5+. This handy device harnesses the power of the sun to charge phones, tablets, laptops, and more—perfect for when you need a little extra juice on a camping trip. The gadget stores energy in its integrated battery, and thanks to the adjustable kickstand and built-in sundial, you can easily adjust the panel to face the sun for maximum charging power. Available at REI; $79.95.


Samsung Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Sumsung Wireless Charging Pad

If your loved one is a self-proclaimed minimalist, look no further than this extra-special, ultra-convenient phone charger. While most phone chargers may not seem like novel gift ideas, this one definitely is. Why? Because this futuristic device, designed for Galaxy phones, charges without a cord or cable in sight. Through the magic of Qi Inductive Charging Technology, it provides wireless power to a phone placed directly on the pad. Too cool! Available on Amazon; $32.46.


Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

If locating your phone, wallet, or keys has ever felt like a scavenger hunt, you'll recognize the value of this helpful gizmo. Tile Mate, a tiny Bluetooth tracker, can be attached to anything you're apt to lose. Then, whenever a tagged item goes missing, you can track it through Tile's corresponding smartphone app. With a battery that lasts for a year without charge and a loud ringtone, Tile can stand up to even the sneakiest couch cushions, coat pockets, and purses. Available on Amazon; $69.99.


SKIL Screwdriver with Corkscrew Attachment

Gifts for Tech Lovers - SKIL iXO Vivo Screwdriver

Who doesn't want a good party trick or two up their sleeve for the holidays? It's hard to say if your family and friends will be impressed or confused when you open that bottle of Chardonnay with your new SKIL iXO Vivo power screwdriver, but it sure beats the old-fashioned twist-and-pull. The screwdriver is powered by a 4-volt lithium-ion battery, and the set includes a foil cutter and wine stopper. When the party's over, just remove the corkscrew attachment and let this palm-size cordless screwdriver help you with that to-do list. The Vivo can hold a charge for up to 18 hours, and the built-in LED SiteLight is perfect for tackling those after-hours jobs. Available on Amazon; $24.87.


Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock

As old-school alarm clocks and watches are slowly being replaced by cellphones, we're relieved to see that some time-honored designs will never go out of style. Awkward Engineer's handsome Analog Voltmeter makes a respectful nod to its namesake, but its '50s-inspired appearance and separate hour and minute displays are unlike anything we've seen before. Plus, this battery-powered clock is more than just a pretty face. Once you've calibrated the "meters" and set the time, you can even put it into "warble" mode, where the needles twitch randomly but swing reassuringly back to the actual time. Available at Awkward Engineer; $99.


Ryobi Laser Distance Measure

Gifts for Tech Lovers - RYOBI Phone Works Laser Distance Measure

In a world where your cellphone can find you anything from a date to the best takeout in town, it makes sense that power tools are going high-tech too. With Ryobi's Phone Works smartphone app, you can pack a passel of tools in your pocket. The Laser Distance Measure (shown above) is just one of eight handy attachments you can buy to measure moisture levels, find studs, take the temperature, or scope out the space behind a wall. Available on Amazon; $29.95.


Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Do you remember Polaroid cameras? With the click of a button, the machine would instantly print out square full-color photographs. The popularity of digital photography and the invention of the smartphone sent Polaroid cameras to the grave, but the technology is making a comeback. The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer connects to your iOS or Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth and wirelessly prints colorful 2x3 photos. The corresponding app allows users to edit photos with text, emojis, and more before printing. It’s the perfect gift for a photo-obsessed friend or family member! Available on Amazon; $126.


EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Gifts for Tech Lovers - EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Smartphones and tablets allow people to conveniently send emails and type documents on the go, but the small touchscreen keyboards don’t afford the best user experience. If someone on your holiday list travels often, consider gifting them the EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Keyboard. The compact keyboard connects via Bluetooth to devices with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, so the user can work comfortably from anywhere. Plus, because the keyboard folds, you can conveniently store it in your pocket or purse. Available on Amazon; $29.99.


Syma Quadcopter with HD Camera

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Syma Quadcopter With HD Camera

Nowadays you don't need to dish out thousands of dollars for a high-tech drone. In fact, the Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter retails for less than $50. Its HD camera, 2GB SD card, wind-resistant stabilization system, and anti-interference technology make it an ideal gift for a technophile who relishes aerial photography. Available on Amazon; $46.95.


Amazon Echo

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Amazon Echo

Smart-home technology has been the talk of the town for years now, but to some, it's the Amazon Echo that provides the first truly exciting glimpse into the future. Think of the product as a digital butler. Always at the ready, the Echo discreetly awaits your voice commands. Ask for music, and the small, cylindrical tower fills the room with immersive 360-degree audio. Ask for info—be it the weather forecast or a sports score—and the Echo instantly responds with the answer to your query in a life-like voice. What's more, the Echo keeps getting smarter and smarter, with automatic software updates rendering the gadget ever more useful all the time. Available on Amazon; $99.99.


BOLT Portable Power Adapter

Gifts for Tech Lovers - BOLT Portable Power Adapter

Everyone knows otherwise rational people who live in total terror of their smartphone running out of juice. This year, give the gift of a stylish, convenient, and effective solution: the BOLT Portable Power Adapter. An all-in-one wall charger and backup battery, it puts dead-battery fears to rest for good. Here's how it works: When plugged into an outlet, the adapter charges its own internal battery, even while charging the device you connect to it with a USB cord. Once removed from the wall, the compact, minimalist BOLT then becomes a highly portable backup, ready to provide power to your mobile device whenever it starts to run low. Available on Amazon; $49.98.


Doxie Go Mobile Document Scanner

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Doxie Go Mobile Document Scanner

For the person on your gift list who always seems to be drowning in paper clutter, consider getting the Doxie Go. It's a cordless portable scanner that makes traditional desktop scanners look like ancient Egyptian relics. Compact in design and measuring just a tad wider than a standard sheet of paper, the ingenious device makes it super simple to create crisp, clean, high-quality copies of photos, receipts, papers, and more. You can store up to 300 pages or 1,200 photos on the device for as long as you want. Or, you can sync to a computer, archiving your scans for convenient access in the future as well as click-of-a-mouse sharing with others. Available on Amazon; $178.67.


Crosley Nomad Turntable

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Crosley Nomad Turntable

These days, portable music takes the shape of digital files loaded onto iPods and smartphones. But now there's an easy way to transport old-school vinyl sounds from home to the office or your family's holiday celebration. Simply pack up the three-speed Crosley Nomad Turntable in its rugged fabric case! The turntable can play music from 7-, 10-, or 12-inch records, and it can stream through the built-in speakers or headphone jack. Available at crosleyradio.com; $199.95.


DigiPower 4-Port USB Car Charger

Gifts for Tech Lovers - DigiPower 4-Port USB Car Charger

No more fighting over the car's single AC adapter! This stocking-stuffer-size 4-port USB Car Charger from DigiPower can charge phones for the whole family as well as every device a lone driver could need, including a GPS or iPad. Plus, its InstaSense Technology detects how much power each device needs and manages power distribution accordingly, so each gadget gets the fastest charge possible. Available at containerstore.com; $29.99.


Clocky Alarm Clock

Gifts for Tech Lovers - Clocky Alarm Clock

This amusing robotic alarm clock will be a treat for kids who like to hit the snooze button in the morning, and for their parents who need to get them out the door for school. Place the Clocky Alarm Clock on a nightstand up to three feet tall, and, like any alarm clock, it will beep when it's time to wake up. But then, even better, Clocky jumps down and rolls around after the first snooze cycle, so it cannot be ignored! Available on Amazon; $40.


Fun Tech

Fun Tech

Giving the gift of gadgets this year? You'll find more gift ideas in this shopper's guide, as well as in this handy round-up of brilliant products for the home. Happy shopping!


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