Exterior Curb Appeal

15 Ways to Freshen Up Your Exterior Entryway Right Now

From stoops to wrap around porches, there’s plenty of creative ways to add style to the entryway.

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Showcase Your Style


The exterior entryway says a lot about the home. It’s an opportunity to showcase personal style, display cleanliness and organization, and provide curb appeal. Whether the exterior consists of a mere front door and a small stoop—or a large front porch—design shouldn’t take a backseat just because the entryway is a small portion of the home. These 15 ways to freshen up the exterior include everything from stenciling and painting the floor and stairs to incorporating alluring planters, cozy furniture and even adding privacy.

Layer a Doormat


Skip the same old doormat scene and instead try out a layering technique to bring the inside out. This combination features boho vibes beneath with a fringed rug and a minimalist but bold doormat on top. Available on Nickel Designs.

Hang a Swing Chair


If your exterior entryway consists of a front porch, hang a swing chair! A trendy upgrade from the classic bench is the egg-shaped chair. This cozy swing features a stylish wrapped wicker weave and plush water-resistant cushions. Available on Birch Lane.

Decorate With a Vertical Garden


Decorate the exterior entryway with fresh herbs and plants. This contemporary, architectural option is great for homes without a lot of outdoor floor space as it mounts right on a vertical surface. Available at Crate&Barrel.

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Add Porch Poufs


Outdoor poufs are the perfect laidback look for the exterior entryway. Stack one or two next to some chairs to flank the front door and provide a chic footrest or extra seating. Available on Rugs USA.

Incorporate A Bust Planter


A bust planter adds instant sophistication to the exterior entryway. Made of terracotta, this antique-looking bust will age gracefully if left outdoors, developing a weathered patina over time. Create various looks, from a hair full of blooms to classic greenery. Available on Ballard Designs.

Install a Gorgeous Gate


Add privacy and grandeur to the exterior entryway by installing a gate. An ornamental metal gate will set the scene without fully blocking off the rest of the entrance. A pedestrian walkthrough entry gate can be installed right at the steps leading up to the home or down the pathway. Available on Etsy.

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Stencil the Stoop


Whether for a front porch or a small stoop, stenciling the ground will add a unique, vibrant look to the entrance of the home. Choose a bright and bold Moroccan stencil, or go for something that resembles flagstone, like this patio stencil. Available on Etsy.

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Decorate With Mirrors


Leaning an oversized mirror on the home’s exterior adds glamour while reflecting the surroundings’ natural beauty. This beveled accent mirror is reminiscent of the French countryside with its arched silhouette and iron frame with iron accents in a rust finish. Available on Wayfair.

Hang or Lean Faux Gate Decor


Decorate a wall inside the front door with a series of wood and metal faux gate decor. Inspired by stained glass pieces, this option oozes with an antique charm that will make an otherwise bland corner of the interior entryway a beautiful sight. Available on Grandin Road.

Hang Curtains


Outdoor curtains add a whimsical element to the home. Set up a rod to section off a larger porch, or add them to the entryway. The curtains provide privacy when needed but look elegant when tied back. Available on Overstock.

Install a Screen


For a sleek look, install a screen. This cord-free, semi-sheer roll-up shade will also block a bit of sun while adding some warmth in a natural hue to the patio. Available on Wayfair.

Add a Chandelier


A chandelier is a surefire way to add elegance to any space, but when it’s hung in an unexpected place, it makes it even more alluring. Exterior entryway lighting tends to be modest, so go ahead and break the norm with something oversized. Available on Birch Lane.

Paint the Steps


Even the most modest front doorsteps can be painted to add a major wow factor to the exterior entryway. Take a look at the hashtag “paintedsteps” on Instagram for inspiration. This example creates the illusion of a rug running down the three steps. Available on Amazon.

Add a Firepit


If there’s enough space for a couple of chairs or a bistro set outside the front door, there’s likely an opportunity to squeeze in a calming fire pit! This small but mighty outdoor wood-burning faux stone fire column features a removable fire bowl for easing cleaning. The fiberglass console ensures a safe and sturdy base. Available on Wayfair.

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Add Turf to the Steps


Bring nature all the way up to the front door by adding turf to the steps. This custom cut, realistic-looking turf grass will also reduce noise, protect the stairs and create traction. Available on Amazon.