17 Design Inspirations for Mudrooms and Entryways

Located just inside the back or side door lies one of the most overlooked parts of the house. This secondary entryway serves as a drop zone for shoes, bags, and outerwear, and keeps moisture and mud out of the house. It's clear enough what a mudroom does, but how to decorate it? That's another challenge. We've rounded up some of our favorite mudroom ideas to make this room work as a functional space, stocked with robust storage options and stylish flourishes that fit your lifestyle.

  1. Beadboard to the Rescue

    Mudroom Ideas - Beadboard Walls

    Paneling is a great way to protect walls, give texture, and add style to an entry or mudroom. In this one, beadboard runs horizontally below the chair rail and vertically above, offering an unexpected and enticing visual twist. 

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  2. All in the Details

    Tumbled Brick Floor

    Ideally, flooring in the entryway or mudroom will be easy to maintain. That’s why this space's use of tumbled brick is so perfect, and the herringbone pattern only enhances the bricks' natural aesthetic appeal.


  3. Small Wonder

    Tiled Entryway Floor

    One of the best mudroom ideas? Avoid laying wood floors right at the door. Instead choose a material that can withstand daily wear. The tile flooring in this entryway is a smart, practical choice that makes for easy cleanup in any season.


  4. Cubist Classic

    Built In Mudroom Storage

    This mudroom has built-in storage for everything. Cubbies corral shoes and boots, while locker-style units hold hanging coats and scarves. Assign one section of the area to each member of the family.


  5. Black and White

    Mudroom Storage Bench

    The L-shaped bench in this stylish mudroom offers considerable storage; so does the mounted shelf above. Special ledges for storing sunglasses, keys, and miscellaneous personal items are strategically located near the door.


  6. Pet Friendly

    Pet Friendly Mudroom

    This mudroom doubles as a pet lounge, in which the dogs each have their own private bay outfitted with a small bed. Though catering to the four-legged set, this space certainly doesn’t skimp on style.


  7. Separates

    Entryway Bench and Shelf

    No budget for built-ins? No worries. Aided by built-in cubbies and hanging hooks, this bench and wall-mounted shelf are store-bought and ideal for entryway or mudroom storage needs. 


  8. Colorful Salvage

    DIY Wall Crates for the Mudroom

    Crates of various sizes painted in fun pastel colors and mounted to the wall are a playful method of upping a mudroom's storage capacity.  Repurposing with a purpose--we like that!

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  9. Modern Mix

    Entryway Chandelier

    Even a narrow entry can boast expansive style. This one took advantage of its height with the addition of a modern chandelier, a definite focal point at night and during the day.


  10. Upcycled Chic

    Repurposed Dresser for the Mudroom

    An old dresser can be superbly repurposed for entryway storage. Each member of the household gets their own drawer to hold hats, gloves, and other essentials. Chalkboard paint makes personalizing easy. A large bowl on top is the perfect place to dump keys. You’ll always know where to find them.

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  11. European

    Wood Paneling

    The wood paneling and and richly colored floor tiles offer instant warmth in this European styled entryway. There are hooks for hats and coats, and umbrella stands and baskets for walking sticks, tennis rackets, and everything in between. An antique bench can transport you back to the Old World, even if just for a moment.

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  12. Pool House

    Pool House Entryway

    Bright tropical colors inspired the design-friendly mudroom ideas at this pool house. An open armoire-styled cabinet houses a hanging spot for towels, as well as a bench to sit on while fishing your flip flops from the cubbies beneath. Grab your sunscreen and get ready to dive in!

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  13. Minimalist

    DIY Coat Rack for the Mudroom

    Even the most meager space can be equipped to aide household comings and goings. Haven’t got the real estate for a full mudroom? A DIY coat rack made from a salvaged board and simple knobs can suffice to hold your essentials. A small chair against a painted brick wall will do the trick when you need to kick off your shoes at day’s end.

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  14. Adirondack

    Vintage Wallpaper for the Mudroom

    The Audubon Society inspired wallpaper in this Adirondack-styled mudroom will get you in the outdoor mood. Grab your coat and hat from the peg rack and slip on your boots. A fire will be waiting when you return.

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  15. Kid-Friendly

    Cube Mudroom Storage

    This entryway solution was created with baskets, a board, and modular cube units you put together yourself. Add a few hooks to those cube units, and there’s a place for every kid’s coat and umbrella, as well. So simple and easy to put together, and so functional. Even better, every piece of it can be repurposed somewhere else, as family needs change down the road.

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  16. Vintage Lockers

    Repurposed Mudroom Lockers

    Vintage gym lockers are perfectly sized storage cubbies in a mudroom. Mounted on the wall, and up off the floor, there’s extra storage room underneath. Put some baskets on top for less frequently used items. Decorate the inside, just for nostalgia’s sake.


  17. All-Purpose Funky

    Chalkboard Paint in the Mudroom

    These white, wooden lockers are customized with chalkboard paint, and greet you with playful fun as soon as you walk in the door. There’s plenty of storage in each one to keep coats, bags, and sports equipment neatly tucked away.


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