17 Design Inspirations for Mudrooms and Entryways

Located just inside the back or side door lies one of the most overlooked parts of the house. This secondary entryway serves as a drop zone for shoes, bags, and outerwear, and keeps moisture and mud out of the house. It's clear enough what a mudroom does, but how to decorate it? That's another challenge. We've rounded up some of our favorite mudroom ideas to make this room work as a functional space, stocked with robust storage options and stylish flourishes that fit your lifestyle.

  1. Corner Convenience

    Entryway Corner Bench

    Not every house is outfitted with an entire mudroom but—as this space designed by Normandy Remodeling proves—you don’t need a dedicated room devoted to entryway organization. This bench and shelving unit may have a small footprint, but they bring order to the front door.

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    Normandy Remodeling

  2. All in the Details

    Small Entryway Tile Floor Ideas

    Just off the kitchen, this mudroom makes a statement with its bold black and white tile floor. While most of the house maintains a sleek and minimalist style, the Anchor Builders team took the opportunity in this small room to add this striking detail.

    Anchor Builders

  3. All Natural

    Brick Floor Mudroom

    This entry area by Alys Design is full of cozy, rustic charm. Mud-red brick floors disguise any actual dirt that gets tracked inside, while the shiplap walls brighten the space. Hanging baskets and a small console table add to the functionality of the room.

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    Lissa Gotwals; Design: Alys Design

  4. Cubist Classic

    Built In Mudroom Storage

    This mudroom has built-in storage for all your outwear. Cubbies corral shoes and boots, while locker-style units hold hanging coats and scarves. 

    Christian Brothers Cabinets

  5. Hook It Up

    Family Entryway

    This narrow entryway by Clean Design is adorned with original artwork by the kiddos. A long bench and shoe cubby keeps the floor clear, and hooks mounted to the wall at different heights ensures that no family member has an excuse for not hanging up their coat.

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    Donna Dotan Photography; Design: Clean Design

  6. Pet Friendly

    Pet Friendly Mudroom

    This mudroom considers the needs of every family member—including the dog! Che Bella Interiors designed the entryway so that the dog had a place to hang while his owners were out running errands. The flip-top bench even has room for a stash of dog food.

    Che Bella Interiors

  7. Separates

    Entryway Bench and Shelf

    No budget for built-ins? No worries. Aided by built-in cubbies and hanging hooks, this bench and wall-mounted shelf are ideal for entryway or mudroom storage needs. 

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  8. Command Center

    Drop Zone Ideas

    Idea Space Architecture + Design created the ideal drop zone for any family: a bench, cubbies, and cabinets to store household gear plus a large bulletin board to tack up family messages and reminders. This mudroom packs a lot of organization into a small space.

    Anna Herbst Photography; Design: Idea Space

  9. Simply Suited

    Simple Entryway

    This front entryway proves you don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a stylish and functional space. A cushioned bench and coat rack get the job done.

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    Zillow House in Berkeley, CA

  10. Tucked Away

    Front Door Alcove

    Build an alcove or convert a cramped closet into a sitting area, like this entryway by Fluidesign Studio. As you come and go, the bench and hooks give you a spot to put on your shoes and hang your keys, scarves, and other belongings. A durable rug will protect your beautiful hardwood floors from daily foot traffic. 

    Fluidesign Studio

  11. Cute Cubbies

    Mudroom Cubbies

    This family built a nook for each child to store their belongings. Baskets, shelves, and hooks a-plenty means no one’s shoes or backpacks should be littered around the house.

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    Young House Love

  12. Pool House

    Pool House Entryway

    This mudroom/laundry room constitutes the main passage between the backyard pool and the rest of the house. As such, it's not just a spot to stash laundry supplies—it’s also the drop off zone for pool toys, towels, and other backyard necessities. Rain on the Tin Roof’s Jenna innovative design is fun and functional for her family.

    Rain on a Tin Roof

  13. Practical Matters

    Mudroom Hallway

    One of the best mudroom ideas? Skip the wood floors and go for easy-to-clean tile. The tile flooring in this entryway by Clean Design is a smart, practical choice for easier cleaning, and prevents damage to high-maintenance wood surfaces.

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    Regan Wood Photography; Design: Clean Design

  14. Massive Mudroom

    Large Mudroom

    This spacious mudroom just off from the laundry room has plenty of room for tucking towels away and drying off after a dip in the ocean or backyard pool.


  15. Drop Off

    Front Door Entrance Ideas

    Melissa from The Inspired Room created her own convenient entryway area by adding a row of hooks and a bench with a shoe shelf keeps her space neat and tidy. 

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    The Inspired Room

  16. Vintage Lockers

    Repurposed Mudroom Lockers

    Vintage lockers are just the right size to serve as storage cubbies in a mudroom. They hide the clutter while lending a cool and edgy look to this unique space. 


  17. Welcoming Entrance

    Entrance Hall Ideas For House

    You want an entryway to be warm and welcoming, as well as functional. This mudroom does it all: Impressive built-in shelves give a spot to leave your keys and gloves, and display family photos and precious keepsakes.

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    Zillow House in South Haven, MI

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