19 Rooms That Prove Beige Isn’t Boring

Think beige is dull and dreary? Take a peek at the dreamy color palettes, flattering furnishings, and dazzling decor in these beige rooms, and you'll start seeing this unassuming neutral in a beautiful new light.

By Manasa Reddigari | Updated Nov 18, 2020 01:09 PM

Grown-Up Bunk Beds

Beige Bedroom with Bunk Beds

The sleek beige bunks in this cottage-style bedroom, together with the wall sconce reading lights, create a whimsical and well-lit atmosphere for relaxation. Translucent chairs practically disappear into the patterned area rug, which lends a sense of play without detracting from the quiet charm of the room.

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Zillow Home in St George, UT

Cozy Country Living Room

Beige Country Living Room

This French country-style living room has golden walls and expansive windows to thank for its sunny appearance. Complementary furnishings and strategically placed patterns evoke a regal yet cozy ambience.

Zillow Home in Shenandoah, VA

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Clean-Lined Open Space

Beige Room with Open Floor Plan

The designers of this contemporary California abode masterfully paired light-toned hardwood floors with a similar wall color to achieve a stylistically uniform living room, dining room, and kitchen in one sprawling space. The clean lines and modern silhouette of the living room windows and kitchen island lend definition to the open floor plan.

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Zillow Home in La Jolla, CA

Color-Contrasting Bathroom

Beige Bathroom

In this blissful bathroom in Nashville, crisp white wainscoting with beige walls above, topped by classic crown molding, provide a warm backdrop for the white medicine cabinet and gray marble vanity. Two large round mirrors reflect both light and the beauty of the outdoors from the double-hung window.

Zillow Home in Nashville, TN

Brick-Clad Kitchen

Beige Kitchen with Exposed Brick

This Knoxville nest is a rare breed among homes that showcase brick, opting to incorporate the earthy blocks throughout the interior instead of the exterior. The beige brick surrounding the stove lends an old-world feel to the kitchen, an impression that's heightened by the sconces and formidable range.

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Zillow Home in Knoxville, TN

A Living Room of Neutrals

Cozy Neutral Living Room

The airy beige ceiling and walls in this lavish transitional living room in Washington are warmed up by sleek exposed beams and an expansive stone fireplace. Two pairs of French doors invite the beauty of the Pacific Northwest indoors.

Zillow Home in Bellevue, WA

Tudor-Style Dining Room

Beige Dining Room Tudor-Style

Straw-colored walls and sand-toned paneled ceilings allow the sumptuous furnishings to take center stage in this dining room in North Carolina. True to the home's Tudor style, wide arched windows flood the dining area with natural light, while interior entryways that echo the windows lend a sense of drama to the space.

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Zillow Home in Mooresville, NC

Pretty Pueblo Dining Room

Beige Dining Room

This dining nook in New Mexico pairs beige tones with elements of Santa Fe style, producing an effect reminiscent of a booth at your favorite restaurant. Troweled plaster walls, rough-hewn ceiling beams, and the soft lighting of a hand-wrought chandelier work in harmony to re-create the simple charms of pueblo living.

Zillow Home in Santa Fe, NM

Symmetrical and Serene Space

Beige Living Room Classic

This living room in St. Helena, California, is the embodiment of peaceful symmetry, with its dual entryways united by a handsome hearth and bold area rug. The potted and hanging greenery in the background give the space a pop of color and inject a playful sense into the somewhat formal space.

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Zillow Home in Saint Helena, CA

Woodland Bathroom

Beige Bathroom with Wood Touches

Stepping into this woodsy bathroom is like taking a trip to a ski lodge. Bone-colored porcelain floors and a cedar-plank ceiling find their contemporary counterparts in shiplap walls and a frameless shower door, for a rustic retreat with a modern vibe.

Zillow Home in Truckee, CA

Sunny and Storage-Smart Kitchen

Beige Kitchen with Storage

Built by Julia Child and her husband in the 1960s, this culinary haven in Provence draws foodies from the world over. Dubbed "La Pitchoune," a Provençal expression meaning "little one," the petite stucco dwelling squeezes in a kitchen fit for a master chef. Neutral-toned accents, from white pegboard walls to a lone wood ceiling beam, put the spotlight on utility and storage in the sunny space.

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Lush Sunroom

Beige Sunroom

You can't beat the view from the solarium of this Victorian-style home in Tennessee. The sun-drenched sanctuary overlooks a private deck and lush garden, which extends indoors through a collection of potted plants placed throughout the room. The vibrant greenery livens up the neutral paneled walls and beige flooring while also blurring the boundaries between indoors and out.


Sophisticated Striped Living Room

Beige Striped Wallpaper

Alternating stripes of beige, white, tan, and light brown make a regal impression on the walls of this Las Vegas living room—especially when paired with silver mirrors, a gold vase, and matching sofa tassels. The earth-toned interior gets a punch of color from a potted palm, a violet throw, and cushions.

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Neutral Accent Wall

Beige Accent Wall

In this fashionable Viennese flat, beige isn't a sore spot—it's a focal point. Flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows, the beige stone accent wall adds visual variety to its all-white surroundings while creating an intimate atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining guests.


Artfully Decorated Living Room

Wall Decals on Beige Wall

Instead of hiding neutral walls behind a barrage of decor, showcase them by adorning them with a sparse selection of accents. Here, a bold portrait and geometric wall decals provide memorable visual interest when set against a sprawling beige background.

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Mix-and-Match Decor

Quirky Beige Living Room

As this crafty 1920s-era condo in Houston proves, you don't have to suppress your personality when designing a room with a neutral color scheme. Color-contrasting furniture, a quirky lamp, and vivid artwork combine in a mix-and-match potpourri that awakens the senses while putting the homeowner's unique personality on display.


Calm and Coastal Living Room

Beige Coastal Living Room

The soothing, coastal-themed living room in a Boston brownstone forgoes heavy interior lighting, instead relying on grand side-facing windows for a dose of sunshine. Faint beige walls soften the white ceiling and furnishings and offer the ideal canvas for a gallery wall.

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Sparse and Snug Living Room

Beige Room with Hanging Chair

Wicker, wood, and beige paint make a winning team in this low-maintenance living room for the modern minimalist. Suspended above a hardwood floor and nestled in a cozy corner, a rattan hanging chair adds a sense of depth and proportion to the neutral space and serves as a go-to spot for curling up with a favorite book.


Rustic and Radiant Bedroom

Beige Bedroom

Wake up to the woods in this sunny beige bedroom embellished with a giant headboard made from pallets. Marrying rugged durability with luxury, the chic chamber employs a taupe carpet, patterned comforter in complementary shades, and peach-colored armchairs to play up the rustic undertones of the walls and headboard without overpowering them.

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Better in Beige

beige room ideas

No matter your style, beige makes the perfect backdrop for it. 


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