20 Thoughtful Gifts That Support Small Businesses

Now more than ever, small businesses need our support. Rather than sending more money to big retailers, why not shop for handcrafted gifts made by talented artisans this holiday season?

Why You Should Support Small Businesses


While it can be less expensive to shop globally, it simply doesn’t support your local community. Big-box business has its time all year long, so when the holidays come around, boosting the economy at its core means supporting small businesses.

Each year, Small Business Saturday supports such efforts. Held the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the tradition encourages holiday shoppers to support brick-and-mortar businesses and their online counterparts. The end result is an economic boost, greater access to product diversity, a sense of community, and the opportunity to feel good about your purchase.


Industrial Steampunk Table Pipe Lamp

steampunk table lamp

This funky find is handmade in San Diego, California. The 14-inch tall lamp is perfect for adding some moody vibes to a small side table. You can choose from three wood finishes for the base and four socket variations. It also comes with a globe 60W marconi filament Edison bulb that lasts about 15,000 hours.

Get the Industrial Steampunk Table Pipe Lamp from UrbanIndustrialCraft on Etsy, priced from $57.30


Mixed Color End Grain Cutting Board

chaos cutting board

For home cooks, this stunning wood cutting board is the perfect small-business gift, as it’s both practical and beautiful. The cutting board is made of multiple species of solid hardwood in an array of warm colors that pop (and every single board is unique). Approximately 1.5 inches thick and available in three sizes, the board also can include rubber feet at customer request for no extra charge.

Get the Chaos Pattern End Grain Cutting Board from LeSeCrafts on Etsy, priced from $140


Modern Dog House

modern dog house

For a friend with a precious pup in need of some style, this is the perfect gift! The modern design dog house is made with eco-friendly materials including wood, linen, and black alder. Standard dimensions are 38.98 inches wide by 25.83 inches deep by 39.67 inches high, but the shop can customize the size, if needed. The aesthetics and clean lines of this dog house will look beautiful with any interior.

Get the Modern Dog House from ShopKMDesigns on Etsy for $250

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Handmade Ceramic Dessert Bowl

handmade ceramics

This beautiful bowl will add style to every bite, from your morning cereal to your evening ice cream. Made of individually thrown and glazed clay, each bowl has small differences that make them unique pieces of art. These 4.5-inch bowls are available in four patterns and sold individually, so you can purchase the exact number you want. There’s no special care required either, as the bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Get the Handmade Ceramic Dessert Bowl from OakandOasis on Etsy, priced from $13.30


School Of Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime

school fish wind chime

Upcycled from antique silver-plated utensils dating back to as early as 1786, this wind chime is the perfect gift for setting the scene on someone’s patio, with the chimes making a gentle tune as they flutter in the breeze. This made-to-order store creates these whimsical and charming chimes with as many fish as you like.

Get the School of Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime from NevaStarr on Etsy, priced from $34.99


Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

chunky knit wool blanket

Add a touch of hygge to the home with this handmade throw. Made of 100-percent chunky merino wool, it comes together using the arm-knitting technique. The throw blanket pictured is the elegant natural nougat color in a queen size, measuring 60 by 80 inches. Customers can request different sizes and colors to select a cozy, soft blanket perfect for various interiors.

Get the Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket from ShepsWool on Etsy for $312


Wooden Name Puzzle

wooden name puzzle

Give a child the gift of learning this holiday season with a wooden name puzzle. This aesthetically pleasing small-business item offers a great way to encourage letter and name recognition. Choose a color scheme to fit the receiver, like pink and gold, monochrome, earthy, or coral and mint.

Get the Wooden Name Puzzle from BloomOwl on Etsy, priced from $31.99


Rustic Blanket Ladder

rustic blanket ladder

This handmade ladder features a solid wood pine construction that’s sanded smooth and comes lightly distressed. Choose from eight different finishes for a blanket ladder that fits in beautifully to a living room or bedroom. Tuck the ladder in a corner that could use some love, draping blankets and quilts on each bar for a rustic, functional look perfect for the living room.

Get the Rustic Blanket Ladder from LloydCreations on Etsy, priced from $95


Leather Cord Organizer

leather cord holder

For the loved one in your life who could use a little organization for their phone charging cables and headphones, this cord organizer is the perfect gift. The responsibly sourced genuine leather organizers come in six different colors, plus a seventh option in vegan leather. Customize the organizer with a name, initials, or meaningful word to make the gift more personal.

Get the Leather Cord Organizer from Keyaiira on Etsy, priced from $8.99


Parent-Child Shirt Set

head chef sous chef set

Home cooks and their kin will be elated to receive this thoughtful gift! The "Head Chef" and "Sous Chef" set features one adult tee and one infant, toddler, or youth tee. The stylish artwork features bold, modern typography printed on a high-quality, super soft tri-blend shirt.

Get the Head Chef and Sous Chef Matching Parent Child Shirts from Gladfolk on Etsy, priced from $43.20

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Dried Flower Handmade Earrings

dried flower earrings

Flowers go hand in hand with special occasions like the holidays. Get the nature lover on your list a set of teardrop earrings featuring genuine flowers suspended in resin. Made with dry-pressed flowers in varying vibrant colors on a gold-plated hook, these earrings are elegant and light enough for all-day wear.

Get the Dried Flower Handmade Earrings from Annstylestore on Etsy for $11.50


Custom Pet Portrait

custom pet portrait

Honor your friend’s furry companion with this precious present. Send a photo over of Fido, choose from 40 different torsos, and select a size. This small business owner will create pet portraits that range from funny to artistic, and always capture the pet’s personality. Note to pet parents of multiple animals: The artist can fit up to three pets on a single canvas.

Get the Custom Pet Portrait from HommeSurLaLune on Etsy, priced from $52


Personalized Journal

personalized journal

Let the wordsmith in your life fill this journal with their incredible ideas, stories, poetry, diary entries, and more. This 112-page vegan leather notebook is available in six colors and 14 design options, but if you have ideas for additional customization, the store owner is open to special requests.

Get the Personalized Journal from Cre8tiveMotifs on Etsy for $21.74


3D Printed Polycat Planter

polycat plant holder

Plant parents will love this unique design, especially if they’re fond of cats too. The polycat planters give potted plants a touch of feline personality with this biodegradable 3D printed design of 32 cats. Available in white or black, with or without drainage holes, the only thing missing is a plant to put inside it.

Get the 3D Printed Polycat Planter from PRINTERROR on Etsy for $34.30

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Resin Piggy Bank

resin piggy bank

Help turn spenders into savers with adorable piggy banks for each member of the family. These lightweight resin banks come in mom, dad, and kid sizes. Stick coins or folded bills through the beechwood snout, and when it’s time to tally the finances, an easy twist lock on the bottom of the bank releases the moola. Available in soft beige or pink, these little piggies look awesome on a side table or bookshelf.

Get the Resin Piggy Bank from Zakkr on Etsy, priced from $23.99


Metal Garden Markers

metal garden markers

Do you have a gardener friend who needs help remembering what they planted where? These rusted steel garden markers offer rustic charm to a raised garden bed or potted plant. The nameplates are approximately 3 inches high, so gardeners can read their crop names clearly from a distance. Select the number of markers you need in sets of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25, and the crop names from the online listing, and this small business owner will start preparing your thoughtful gift.

Get the Metal Garden Markers from 81MetalArt on Etsy, priced from $50


Personalized Watch Box

personalized watch box

A watch box is an incredible gift for those who love the finer things in life, including fashionable timepieces. Designed to hold five watches (and other small valuables, like keys or rings), this well-crafted organizer keeps everything neatly in its place. The Acacia wood casing can be engraved with one of the company’s designs, or you can go one step further and order the watch box with a custom design.

Get the Personalized Watch Box from SHANIKStore on Etsy, priced from $89.99


Giant Yard Domino Set

giant domino set

Dominoes are a fun gift for the whole family, especially when the set is oversized and made of reclaimed wood sourced from shipping crates. The dominoes are sanded smooth, but still come with extra character in the form of nail holes or dings from their former life. Each domino in the 28-piece set measures 3.375 by 6.75 inches. The set comes in seven choices for stain, and there’s the option to add a customized domino crate to your order in the same or different color.

Get the Giant Yard Domino Set from Maydby on Etsy starting at $134.99


Personalized Charcuterie Planks

personalized charceuterie board

Looking for a host gift? The foodie in your life is sure to adore a bamboo charcuterie board made just for them. Choose from three colors and add a touch of personalization in the middle of the plank. The company has 10 designs available, and can customize with a name, quote, or anything else meaningful. Both the small and large boards are easy to carry with the built-in handle and raised edges.

Get the Personalized Charcuterie Plank from LeftCoastOriginal on Etsy, priced from $61.75


Little Climber Triangle

little climber triangle

This gift encourages kids as young as 6 months old to engage in physical play. This Montessori climber triangle gives children lifelong skills, teaching them balance control, motor skill development, and more. The modular playground is made from natural birch hardwood and folds away easily when not in use. Order the triangle with the reversible accessories to give kids even more options for play.

Get the 5-Star Little Climber Triangle from LilyandRiver on Etsy, priced from $219.95


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