7 Camping Favorites Destined for Your Home

If you've ever set foot in a camping goods store, you know that for any adventure into the great wide open, an appropriately vast selection of equipment exists to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. While the quality of these products varies significantly, the best camping gear has always been designed and built to meet the unforgiving demands of nature, with a focus on durability and performance. There's a lot to love about a product that just works, whether you're hiking a mountain or just relaxing in the backyard. Click through now to see 7 back-to-basics favorites that, although originally intended for the campsite, would prove equally handy at home.

  1. Ring the Dinner Bell

    Ring the Dinner Bell

    Enamelware, made of heavy-gauge steel and coated in glassy-smooth porcelain, is oven-, stovetop-, and campfire-safe. Indeed, there's perhaps no more durable material to incorporate into your camp kitchen—or, for that matter, your kitchen at home. Lightweight and easy to clean, with throwback, summer-camp style, these enamel plates, bowls, and mugs would be ideal for casual alfresco dining on your deck, porch, or patio. Available at Best Made Co.; $98.

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  2. Sit Back and Relax

    Sit Back and Relax

    For everyone from hunters on safari to sports fans on the sidelines, camp chairs have been the portable seating of choice for generations. Though this lightweight folding chair boasts an updated profile for added comfort, it still features the wood-and-canvas construction that made the originals such sturdy, timeless favorites. Take yours into the backyard for an afternoon of reading, and at the end of the day, stow it neatly away. Available on Etsy; $69.

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  3. Get Your Grill On

    Get Your Grill On

    Portable cooking equipment isn't anything new. Many campground-bound families have long chosen to pack a compact charcoal grill instead of relying on an open fire. And while traditionalists can certainly use the Wherever Dual-Fuel Grill the old-fashioned way, stoking it with charcoal, what makes this grill a unique option—the first of its kind, in fact—is an electric grilling mode, perfect for apartment dwellers and anyone with scant outdoor space. Available at Crate & Barrel; $80.

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  4. Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight

    The steel-framed, military-style Coleman Trailhead cot provides campers with a dependable sleeping surface nearly two feet off the rough (and potentially damp) ground. Back home, when you're hosting overnight guests, the foldaway bed offers the same comfort and convenience. First of all, it's super simple to unfold and put into position. Second, for hassle-free storage, it collapses down to nearly half of its full-extension size. Available on Amazon, $52.99.

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  5. Stay on the Grid

    Stay on the Grid

    Whether or not for practical reasons (checking the weather forecast, for instance), many campers insist on staying plugged in while getting in tune with Mother Nature. For that reason, solar chargers have become more or less standard issue. But the utility of these devices actually extends well beyond the trail. If you're always on the go, the FatCat Solstice II can mean the difference between getting things done and running out of juice. Available on Amazon; $100.

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  6. Eat Well

    Eat Well

    Outdoor kitchens are all the rage as homeowners seek to transform their backyards into natural extensions of their indoor living spaces. The most impressive installations come with almost everything a high-end kitchen would offer, including a steep price tag. To expand your cooking capabilities without breaking your budget, why not complement your grill with a camping stove? Hey, it works! Available on Amazon; $49 to $299.


  7. Fire It Up

    Fire It Up

    There's something about a fire that mesmerizes, never more so than when aided by the seeming magic of Rainbow Flame Crystals. These make for a great addition to any fireside gathering, whether you're out in the woods or nestled in the comfort of your own backyard. Simply sprinkle the crystals over the fire, and watch as the flames take on tinges of beautiful blue and gorgeous green. Available at Plow & Hearth; $15.

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