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7 Everyday Objects You Never Thought to Hang

Wall decor need not be limited to traditional art, posters, or shelves. We all have knickknacks and bric-a-brac that characterize our lives, everything from thrift store treasures to sports memorabilia. Rather than leaving these items to gather dust in the garage, put them on display by hanging them on your walls! These dimensional objects add warmth and texture to your interior and can complement other aspects of your home’s interior design. Smaller items like tennis rackets, baskets, or plates look great in groups, while large objects, such as bikes and even car parts, look best when they are the focal point of a space. Click through our gallery for more inspirational wall decor to get hung up on.

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Automobile Grille / Photographer Geoff Lackner

Mounting a vintage car grille to the base of your kitchen counter is one way to rev up your home! Attached beneath a concrete countertop, a grille adds a masculine vibe to this simple retro-inspired kitchen.


For many city dwellers without a garage, moving the bike indoors is a must. Rather than stowing it away in a corner, hoist the bike up on the wall to become a piece of art. This store-bought bike shelf comes in two sizes and colors so you can integrate a bike into any room. Just be sure to anchor the unit into wall studs.

Boxing Gloves

A little sports equipment brings some surprising style to a room. Take this industrial-looking man cave, complete with club chairs, a keg, and quirky pendant lighting, for instance. The vintage boxing gloves have a much greater impact than framed art would have.


No need to go with the flow when it comes to wall art; hang what inspires you. These colorful oars, for example, are perfect for the outdoorsy adventurer. Hung high on the wall in an X shape, they make a graphic statement in this rustic office setting, but they could also work in a nautical-inspired space.

Baskets, design / Lindsay Nichols Photography

A cluster of colorful baskets is a great way to spice up a plain white wall. Particularly striking in this modern interior, an arrangement of beautiful, tactile baskets adds a bit of old-world charm. To create this look yourself, select baskets of different sizes and colors, and attach them to the wall with hidden screws or hooks.

Tennis Rackets

Thanks to their light weight and sculptural nature, tennis rackets look great mounted on the wall as artwork. Attach a few in alternating directions to add interest, or for something different, arrange a group of rackets in a circle to create a stunning feature that mimics the look of a stained-glass window.


Serve up some good design sensibilities by mounting your favorite dinnerware on the wall. Just be sure your pieces are properly mounted using plate holders to avoid shattering your new style.