7 Types of Homeowners Who Can Benefit from a Backyard Shed

A backyard shed is great for all-purpose storage, but it can be so much more than just a place to stash landscaping tools. Today, folks of all stripes are discovering how these sturdy little structures can be customized to suit different lifestyles, goals, and interests. The key to unlocking the hidden potential in your shed? Start with quality materials that resist damage from pests and the elements and also complement your home’s exterior.
Quality and durability are where sheds with LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products really shine. As the proven leader in high-performance building solutions, LP not only manufactures dependable, good-looking products, but it also offers handy online tools and expert guidance to help design your outdoor addition—whether your goal is to socialize, meditate, create, or pursue some other passion.
For new—and simply inspired—ways to put a backyard shed to use, look to these seven homeowners who have made the most of their sheds, customizing them to suit their own goals and activities. See which custom shed speaks to you and your lifestyle, and then head to LPShed.com for more inspiration and information.
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  1. The Party Person

    The Party Person

    Your Motto: “Come On Over!”

    You love it when the gang’s all here, so why not tailor a shed to enhance your hosting? If you’re a major mixologist, put in a backyard bar by installing a ledge below the window of your shed for guests to rest drinks on. Then stock your saloon with stools, a mini-fridge, and maybe even a portable sink. Or, if you’re a pit master, make your shed a convenient adjunct to your grill with indoor stations for food prep and storage. Whatever your entertaining preferences, build your shed with LP ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech®, which provides a radiant barrier that will help keep things cool and bright inside as the party progresses.


  2. The Pack Rat

    The Pack Rat

    Your Motto: “Better Keep That!”

    You’re loath to discard items that might come in handy one day, be they leftover supplies from home improvement projects, heirloom furniture you intend to reupholster one day, boxes of your parents' old family photos, or seasonal gear you haven't used since you moved to a milder climate. But it’s not enough to store stuff; you want to keep it safe. Trust LP® SmartSide® siding®—it’s manufactured using the company's proprietary SmartGuard® process, which includes treatment with zinc borate and application of a resin-saturated overlay to help the siding withstand fungal decay and termites.


  3. The Doting Parent

    The Doting Parent

    Your Motto: “Let’s Play House!”

    Neighborhood kids love convening at your place because you go the extra mile when it comes to fun. Little ones will enjoy endless hours of make-believe in a pretty playhouse complete with charming Victorian details like a porch, shutters, and gingerbread trim. While cuteness counts, a kid-proof hangout should be made of the most durable weather- and rot-resistant materials. Fortunately, with LP® SmartSide® Trim and Lap Siding, you don't have to choose between adorable and durable. Your shed can match your house in likeness and resilience.


  4. The Garden Guru

    The Garden Guru

    Your Motto: “Grow for It!”

    For a green thumb like you, a poorly constructed, inefficient potting shed just won’t do. When building your shed, be sure to install LP® SmartSide® panels at least six inches from the ground, using blocks on a gravel base under the skids. This will keep the structure level while giving it proper ground clearance. Furnish the shed with a two-tiered counter for ample tool, soil, and supply storage directly below your work space. And don’t forget to gussy things up with decorative touches that offer more places to stow garden gear—think baskets or vintage crates, all in the same color scheme.


  5. The Tranquility Seeker

    The Tranquility Seeker

    Your Motto: “Serenity Now!”

    The secret to a backyard idyll that’s truly your “om” away from home? Devoting it to things that bring you bliss! That might mean your yoga mat, mandala, and meditation pillow. Or it could be a comfy chair, a wall of books, and a window overlooking the garden. Artistic types may prefer an easel, paints, and a skylight. One thing all restful retreats should have in common, however, is careful construction with quality materials, such as roof and wall panels that feature LP's SilverTech® to keep the space cooler and more comfortable.


  6. The Do-It-Yourselfer

    The Do-It-Yourselfer

    Your Motto: “I Can Make It!”

    Size matters when you’re itching to take your carpentry skills to the next level. You’ll need adequate space—most woodworking enthusiasts would agree that you'll need at least 12 feet by 20 feet to comfortably fit tools, lumber, and larger pieces. But you’ll also need taller ceilings than those found in an average garage, and wider doors than a basement typically offers. The solution? A shed, of course! Use the Size Selector at LPShed.com to figure out the optimal square footage for your equipment and projects. Plan on locating the shop far enough from the house so family members won’t hear you at work, and remember to install an electrical connection for plug-in power tools.


  7. The Workaholic

    The Workaholic

    Your Motto: “It’s a Pleasure Doing Business!”

    Whether you hope to ramp up an established home business or start a whole new side hustle, a backyard shed that's been designed with your enterprise in mind can help you focus on your goals. Gain inspiration and wow your clients with an office space built from attractive, quality materials like the innovative LP® SmartSide® Panels with SmartFinish®. The panels' clean, knot-free overlay makes your shed look as great inside as it does outside. Plus, these LP products are backed by an impressive 5/50-year limited warranty, and that’s just good business!


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