7 Ways To Transform Your Mudroom in 48 Hours

Mudrooms: They're the gateway between the great outdoors and the rest of your house. That means they're susceptible to mess, moisture, and a whole host of organizational challenges. The mudroom is primarily functional, a space to button your coat or unlace your boots. Since you're not likely to linger in this room, it often falls to the bottom of the list when it comes to major design renovations. But this room still sees a lot of traffic, which makes it the ideal space to have fun, break out of your normal home decor style and make strong design statements. And the best part about redecorating the mudroom is there are plenty of ways to transform it in a matter of hours. Click through our gallery for ideas on how to get your mudroom renovation moving.

Bring in a Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Large built-ins are ubiquitous in mudrooms, but they're a big undertaking. Adding a storage bench gives you same effect in a fraction of the time. Plus, it's the ideal solution for smaller foyers where built-ins would be too bulky—offering storage and seating in the same piece.


Hang Up Some Hooks

Coat Hooks for Mudroom

Wall hooks take mere minutes to install but can transform the entire look of a mudroom while providing valuable vertical storage. The classic solution is to hang a row of hooks, but you can also get creative by scattering them across a wall to turn your outerwear into functional wall art.


Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep

Mudrooms can get, well, muddy. That's why it's a good idea to change out doormats on a regular basis. When you do switch out your floor coverings, you can take the opportunity to update the mudroom's color palette with a fresh coat of paint and complementary accents.


Open New Doors

New Door

A quick way to make a room feel new is to change the way you enter it. Swapping out a door – like replacing a solid-core door with a French door – will change the entire feeling of the mudroom and can help this pass-through area to flow better into the rest of the house.

crisparchitects.com, designer; robkarosis.com, photographer

Design to Reflect On

Entryway decor

A mudroom serves as a dressing room for the great outdoors—a place where people add and remove layers of clothing. So adding a good mirror is a smart way to keep you and your space looking sharp. And mirrors aren't just functional; it will also bounce light around in a dimly lit entryway.


Color Correction

Wall Color Ideas

Mudrooms look good in white—when they're clean, that is. Highlighting a wall in bold colors can both transform the space and draw your eye away from baseboards, doors, or floors that can quickly get dirty. Choosing a daring accent color here is a low-risk way to try something new.

terracottaproperties.com, design;  jeffherrphoto.com, photographer

Fitting fixtures

Lighting Fixture

Upgrading basic light fixtures is a bright idea that makes a big impact. Keep in mind that you may want softer lighting in a mudroom to take the spotlight off the inevitable messes that happen there. Choose your lights wisely; in a sparsely furnished mudroom, a good light fixture can make a big design statement.


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