8 Reasons Steel Pipes Are the Most Fun to Build With

If you’ve crossed some tedious tasks off your to-do list, you’re probably ready put the delight back in DIY. That means taking on projects that are a blast to build and yield great-looking—and utilitarian—results. The best place to start? Steel pipes from SteelTek! Keep reading for fun pipe projects.

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Have Fun Building—Without Any Stress

8 fun diy projects using pipes

Steel pipe, an essential component of industrial style, is a durable and versatile material for crafting all kinds of home accessories. It’s even easier and more fun to build with pipes when using SteelTek supplies. The brand’s line (available in-store and online at Lowe's) resembles traditional plumbing pipes and fittings, but boasts thread-less connections that make them a breeze to work with. SteelTek even offers complete illustrated step-by-step how-to instructions for the eight awesome projects you’ll see here. So start scrolling and get stoked to build striking stuff with SteelTek today.


Bauble Bar

diy industrial style accessories holder

Never go searching for your favorite finery again, or waste time untangling pieces from that pile in your jewelry box. With this accessories holder—in beautiful basic black—you’ll have bracelets, necklaces, watches, even headphones hung cleanly and conveniently at your fingertips. All it takes is a hammer plus a handful of SteelTek supplies: two black single socket tees, three end plugs, three pieces of non-threaded pipe, and a flange. Put it together in just an hour or two—and then top off your outfit in nothing flat!


Mess-Free Mutts

diy industrial style dog bowl

You love your furry family member, but aren’t crazy about cleaning up after them, especially when dinner is done. Elevate their bowls with this sturdy stand to help keep kibble and water off your floor. The stand requires eight standard rail flanges, four single swivel sockets, four swivel bases, and eight pieces of 6-inch non-threaded pipe. You’ll build the four legs, then attach them to concrete bowl form—a simple job you’ll finish in less than an hour. Now, who wants a treat!


Ride On

diy stationary exercise bike

If you’re staying in shape at home these days, but refuse to spend a fortune on fancy fitness equipment, build this bike stand to use your regular ride as a stationary one. You’ll slide two 12-inch pipes into each side of a three socket cross, and repeat with another set, taking care not to block the vertical holes. Complete the base using 18-inch pipes and elbows, then add the legs and tire holder pegs. You’ll enjoy putting the stationary bike stand together as much as those calorie-torching trips to nowhere!


Floor It

diy industrial style floor lamp

Brighten things up around the abode with this floor lamp, sure to fit right in with all sorts of décor styles. In addition to SteelTek supplies, including various lengths of ¾-inch pipe, coupling, degree elbows, a flange, and a four-socked cross, you’ll need two dozen flathead screws, wiring, and the coolest looking light bulbs you can find. It’s fun to channel your inner Thomas Alva Edison, and when you’re finished crafting your lamp, you’ll love that the arms are adjustable to shed light in different directions.


Fit to Be Tidy

diy industrial pipe hook

Working out at a home gym is great, but keeping equipment neat and organized can be a challenge. The solution: vertical storage with these handy gym hooks. This super-simple project will take mere minutes, using seven hooks, two rail supports, and one 36-inch piece of non-threaded pipe. First, slide the hooks onto the pipe, evenly spaced, and tighten in place. Then attach the rail supports and, to hang, drive into wall studs with a drill and #12 screws.


Picture This

diy projector screen

Make movie nights memorable with your own Hollywood-worthy projector screen. All it takes is four three-socket tees, two couplings, and six pieces of non-threaded pipe that you can find at Lowe's, plus some other simple supplies and the 150-inch screen itself. You’ll fashion the frame with pipes and coupling, then build legs with pipe and feet from 2X4s, before finally attaching the screen. When you’re done, get that popcorn popping!


Improve the Patio

diy industrial style patio furniture

The only thing better than relaxing on the patio is doing so with furniture you built yourself—like comfy, sturdy seating and a table with storage below. The bases are made from an assortment of non-threaded pipe and T-connectors, with surfaces fashioned from cedar decking boards. Tool wise, you’ll need a circular saw and a reciprocating saw, and basic supplies such as sandpaper, wood glue, and stainless steel screws. Dedicate a weekend to creating these pieces—which were featured recently in Better Homes & Gardens magazine—and you’ll be digging your outdoor space for years to come.


Make It Big!

diy industrial style tv console

Master a few SteelTek projects—getting a sense of how fun and easy it is to work with the materials—and you’ll be itching to move on to bigger things, like this impressive console shelf, ideal as a home entertainment center. Gather supplies, including assorted flanges, socket tees, and pieces of non-threaded pipe, as well as wooden boards to serve as shelves. Begin by building two sets of brackets, then securing them onto the wall with a drill and wood screws, and finish up by installing shelves. Devote a day to this exciting project, and by evening you’ll be ready to chill in your private screening room.


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