8 Smart Shoe Racks You Can Make Today

Shoes are a bit like weeds—they tend to get out of control before you know it. But fortunately, shoes are a lot easier to tame. And as the saying goes (sort of), shoes make the man. Or the woman. So, now that we've justified the need to hang on to all of our shoes, how do we keep them organized? While there are plenty of prefab shoe racks on the market, making one of your own seems more—well, footloose and fancy-free. Here are 8 simple DIY ideas that will help keep your shoe collection in perfect order.

  1. Crowned Glory



    Give basic crown molding new purpose as a clever storage solution that puts heeled shoes on display. Simply paint or stain unfinished trim, and mount it on the wall. Drill holes the same size as your screw heads, so you can countersink the screws for a more put-together look.

  2. Shelving Switch-Up


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    Almost any wall shelving unit can be remade as an off-the-floor shoe rack—a case in point, these tire-tread shelves. As a bonus, elevated shoe storage gives you easy access to sweep underneath.

  3. Space Saver



    This simple, narrow-profile shoe rack relies on boards of alternating widths to keep shoes in place. Leaving about two inches between each upper and lower plank will let most shoes fit snugly without getting crushed. Use small L-brackets to attach the rack to an entryway or interior closet wall. 

  4. Tension Builds



    Here's another perfect solution for high-heeled shoes. In a closet or small alcove, space thin tension rods about a foot apart. Save your paint job by adding strips of masking tape behind your shoes to avoid scuff marks where the heels meet the wall.

  5. Crate Expectations



    Is there anything that can't be done with a wooden crate? Apparently not. This stained crate offers a space to hang heels effortlessly, while adding boards to the inside creates spots for flats and sneakers.

  6. If the Shoe Fits...



    An empty paint can is the perfect size to hold a pair of shoes, and when mounted to the wall it makes a handy cubby. To re-create this idea with an old can, remove the labels with household ammonia. Or, go to almost any home improvement store and round up some empty cans for a few dollars apiece.

  7. A Shoe-In Solution



    Keep chaos at bay with just four 1x4 wood strips. This simple yet functional shoe rack is perfect for any small area. For an extra touch, paint the wood to coordinate with the room’s color palette.

  8. Pipe Down



    Instead of stowing them away, why not let your shoes make a design statement? Industrial pipe is easy to install, and its modular design lets you create twists and turns above and below wood-plank shelves.

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