8 Things You Never Thought to Frame—But Should

When we think about art for the walls of our home, we immediately imagine paintings, prints, and photographs. But there’s so much more that can be put in a frame. Found objects, flowers, and even books make for great home decor when framed the right way. So, look outside of the box—or the frame—to see what’s right under your nose that you can turn into art.

  1. Maps

    Framed Maps

    Maps are not just practical pieces of paper. Filled with vibrant color and visual texture, they also make for a compelling focal point. Choose maps of significant places in your life, like your hometown, or where you met that special someone, and you can treat them as truly personal artwork.

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  2. Magazine Covers & Advertisements

    Magazine Wall Art

    Magazine pages are often chocked full of vibrant art that can lend your walls style. Whether browsing a vintage issue or something new from your mailbox, look for colors and subjects you enjoy—and don't discount unique full-page ads or timeless covers! Get a frame to compliment it, and you have instant art.

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  3. Tapestries

    Framing Fabric

    Fine tapestries decorated castle walls of old, but they will make great decor in your own modern manor. Purchase a tapestry or simply a remnant of fabric that you love. Pick out a frame large enough to display the swatch and command the room.

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  4. Shells

    Shell Decor

    Frame found natural objects like shells, wood, and pebbles for a simple piece of art. Simply mount them to a painted board with glue or epoxy, then slip into a frame or deeper shadowbox. If you choose materials from a vacation, you'll be able to reminisce every time you walk by.

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  5. Book Covers

    Framed Books

    Literature moves our minds and touches our hearts. Frame up the covers of your favorite books and let them continue to inspire you in your office, living room, playroom, or bedroom well past story time.

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  6. Your Bar

    Bar Design Ideas

    Yes, frame your bar! Give your liquor collection royal treatment by placing a large gilded frame around the open shelving that holds the cocktail mixers. You can even paint the wall behind a bold color, for an extra impact. Then, sit back and enjoy a double on the house.

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  7. Dried Flowers

    Dried Flowers

    Slip some dried flowers into a frame to create an everlasting arrangement on the wall. If you have a green thumb and the luxury of time, you can dry them from your own garden, or a store-bought dried bouquet will work just as well.

    Corynne Pless

  8. Key Racks

    DIY Key Holder

    We can't promise that you'll never lose your keys again, but framing them is a good start. It will naturally draw your attention to the spot as you're on your way out the door

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