8 Ways to Age, Distress, Gild, and Add Shine to Your Next Project

Unleash your full paint potential by using one of these decorative finishing techniques to add gloss and glitz to your next makeover.

Unique Finishes

Fake Wood Grain

Set your inner interior decorator free by transforming walls, furniture, countertops, and more with DIY decorative finishes, glazes, and treatments. Click through to see how you can make faux fabulous with interesting tonal, textural, and patterned paint finishes.


Forever in Blue Jeans

Denim Walls

Let your walls reflect the appeal and comfort of your favorite blue jeans with the Indigo Denim technique, in which a tinted translucent glaze is applied over two semi-gloss base coats. The denim texture is worked into the wet glaze with the Ralph Lauren Natural Denim and Indigo Weaver tool. Available at specialty retailers; $34.99 per gallon. 

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Roller Wall

Patterned Paint Roller

The big drawback to wallpaper is that it can be tricky to install and even more difficult to remove. Consider this alternative—a patterned paint roller. The Painted House offers rollers with a variety of patterns, from toiles to faux bois. Available on Etsy; from $24.84.

The Painted House / Etsy

All That Glitters

Glitter Finish

Make your world sparkle and shine with the gilding kit from Caromal Colours, part of the Country Living Artisans Collection. The kit includes a base coat that can be used on previously painted surfaces—wood, metal, plastic, brick, or concrete—and a layer of actual silver or gold leaf, along with application instructions. At Caromal Colours; $24.99.


Old Stone Face

DIY Plaster

Venetian Plaster from Valspar allows you to capture the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone in your home. The more layers you apply, the greater depth and polish you achieve. Available in 16 shades at most home centers and paint stores. Valspar; $38.79 a gallon.


Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

DIY Antique Finish

The “three Rs” take on a totally different meaning for Amy Howard at Home, with its myriad do-it-yourself finishes, paints, and lacquers. The Toscana Finish and Toscana Power Paint Kit add an authentic antique look—complete with distressed age spots—to virtually any surface. Amy Howard at Home; $116 for complete kit.

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Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint

Spruce up any surface with Martha Stewart Living Paints. Available in 10-ounce jars and a variety of finishes, including Glitter, Crackle, Metallic, and Terra Cotta, they are perfect for DIY weekend projects that require that luxe look. Home Depot; under $10.


A Fresh Take on Fresco

DIY Fresco

Capture the ageless appeal of a time-worn Italian fresco with Benjamin Moore’s latex paints and glazing liquids. In addition to providing a textured appearance, a fresco application is a great way to hide surface imperfections. At Benjamin Moore: $18.79 per gallon.


Gaze at Glazes

Best Glaze

Behr Premium Plus With Style Faux Glaze is a unique, water-based, translucent product that can help you create dynamic faux-painted finishes and one-of-a-kind decorative wall designs, including smooth leather finishes, soft suede looks, stipple textures, vertical and diagonal stripes, color washes, and more. Behr; $26.98 per gallon.


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