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9 Bold Rooms That Will Make You Rethink Black Paint

Not so long ago, many homeowners steered clear of black paint, considering it too heavy and overpowering. But the dark shade has recently become a go-to interior design choice, popping up everywhere from living room mantels to kitchen cabinets to bathroom walls. Intrigued? Check out these 9 boldly black rooms, which may inspire you to pick up a paintbrush.

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Contemporary Cabinetry

Bright white kitchens have peaked in popularity, and some homeowners are instead embracing the sleek sophistication of black. In this contemporary kitchen, black Formica is paired with a Silver Shalestone backsplash and countertops. The result: a chic urban-inspired design that’s sure to impress any guest! 

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Signature Storage

For an unexpected way to incorporate black, consider bringing your favorite classroom accessory—the chalkboard—into your home. This black Formica shelving unit functions as both a display case and a handy message board, creating a quirky accent that can’t be missed.

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Statement Ceiling

Do you love the mystery of the midnight sky? A glossy black ceiling can give the same illusion of inky vastness. Pair a statement ceiling with complementary accessories—like mirrors, curtains, or candelabras—for a dramatic effect.

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Dreamy Doorway

To play up your home’s architectural features, paint them a deep, matte black, taking a cue from the towering French doors and coffered ceiling in this stately entryway. “Black is a versatile color and can be classic, modern and edgy all at once,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Traditional design and modernity are intermixed in this arched door painted in crisp black, while mirrored accessories and yellow accents add a touch of whimsy.

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Accent Wall

Is your room a bit too boring? A black accent wall can instantly transform the space! Whether you opt for a solid color or a fun pattern, the end result will look playful and elegant at the same time.

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Wow-Worthy Windows

Homeowners can also use dark colors to highlight linear geometry. These black, square-framed windows from Marvin Windows appeal to our sense of structure and symmetry, and highlight the home’s architecture without obscuring the view.

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Inviting Exterior

Don’t shy away from black siding! If you desire a dark exterior, choose a hue with cool gray undertones, and complement it with a pitch-black door and window frames. This home, painted in Olympic’s Black Magic, also incorporates plenty of white accents to brighten the overall look.

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Lush Living Space

Black looks luxurious when combined with lush jewel tones like turquoise, emerald, and jade. Take inspiration from this living room, painted in PPG Paints’ Black Flame, where a range of patterns and textures provide warmth while playing off the light.

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Back to Basics

Radiate confident sophistication with a mix of shadowy dark colors and lighter neutrals. This interior capitalizes on clean lines, minimalist decor, and loads of natural light to establish a calm and refined vibe.

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Paint To It

No matter what color you paint, you can benefit from the best painting tips used by the pros.