9 Crazy Gadgets That Cost More Than Your Mortgage

How much are you willing to pay to add an extra dose of utility, convenience, and luxury to your space? For those who can afford to splurge, the items on this list are sure to please on all counts. For the rest of us, well, at least we know what we're missing!

  1. Toto Neorest Toilet

    Toto Neorest Toilet

    Described on the TOTO website as a “revolutionary innovation at the peak of luxury,” the Neorest® 750H Dual Flush Toilet brings the average toilet to shame with its high-tech features. A integrated UV light destroys grime and germs inside the lid, while electrolyzed water sterilizes the bowl with every flush. The $10,200 toilet also boasts a heated seat, jet flushing system, deodorizer, automatic flusher, and adjustable water sprays. Talk about a porcelain throne! Available on the TOTO website; $10,200. 

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  2. Thermomix


    Weigh, chop, mix, blend, steam, and cook—the Thermomix does it all and more, making it one of the most versatile cooking appliances you could own. And its ease of use appeals to everyone from the beginner cook to talented home chefs who like to multitask. This one-stop-shop of countertop appliances offers guided cooking options that walk the user through easy-to-follow steps on the touchscreen and even automate some meals altogether. And, if you're feeling creative or inspired to try your favorite recipe on this master machine, its ability to prepare multiple parts of the meal simultaneously in its various compartments means you'll spend less time slaving away over a stove and more time enjoying your home-cooked meal. Available for demo through thermomix.com, or to order over the phone at 888-867-9375; $1,349.

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  3. Optimus Popularis Keyboard

    Optimus Popularis Keyboard

    While not much larger than the standard computer keyboard, the ultra-thin Optimus Popularis keyboard packs infinitely more power. Not limited to English characters and numbers, each key can be assigned nearly any function: Ancient Greek alphabet, music notes, math functions, images, and more. Whether you're a designer, musician, typesetter, or translator, you can set the keys to accommodate any language or set of symbols—in any layout. That's total control at your fingertips. Available at artlebedev.com; $1,500.

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  4. Beam Tower Speakers

    Beam Tower Speakers

    Based in Richmond, Virginia, Fern & Roby produces heirloom-quality furniture and audio equipment for a high-end market of modern design geeks and audiophiles. Though the full line earns praise both for its detailed, quality craftsmanship and creative vision, its most stunning statement may be the pairing of natural aesthetics and leading-edge technology found in company's Beam Tower Speakers. Minimalist, sculptural, and joyously celebratory of their raw, reclaimed-wood construction, the Fern & Roby speakers look every bit as good as they sound. Then again, when you're spending $6,500 on bass and treble, would you really expect anything less? Available at Fern & Roby; $6,500.


  5. Hybrid Grill

    Hybrid Grill

    If you love to grill, then at one time or another, you've probably drooled over a piece of equipment from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. With a long history of standard-setting, made-in-America quality and product innovation, the company commands the sort of reverence among backyard chefs that Rolls Royce inspires among car enthusiasts. The latest and greatest from Kalamazoo? A freestanding, stainless-steel hybrid grill that enables you to cook with any combination of fuel types—charcoal, wood, gas—while putting every popular technique at your fingertips. If you're a big spender who loves to eat, your search for a grill ends here. Available at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet; $25,495.

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  6. Dacor Discovery Stainless Steel WineStation

    Dacor Discovery Stainless Steel WineStation

    Imagine having your very own built-in at-home wine dispenser. Sounds like a dream, right? The Dacor Discovery Stainless Steel WineStation makes it a reality. According to its description it is “the first automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle dispensing and preservation system for the home.” The patented CleanPour keeps wine safe from oxidation and locks in the taste for up to 60 days. It comes with 3 portion options: taste, half glass, or full glass. The best part is that it’s easy to use—just plug into your wall outlet and you’re ready to pour. Available on the Dacor website; $5,499.

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  7. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

    INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

    Forget the gimicky massage chairs you've seen in the mall or airport. The INADA DreamWave Massage Chair stands out from the crowd by creating customizable massages each time you sit down. It provides over 1,200 square inches of coverage and comes with 16 pre-programmed massage sessions, plus over 1,000 possible manual massage combinations creating the perfect experience—every time. If you ever decide to get up from it to give your kids a chance, it even offers a youth massage setting—although, since this chair promises the ultimate relaxation, you probably won't be sharing. Available on Amazon.com; $8,799.

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  8. Glowforge


    This gadget gives a whole new meaning to the word "homemade." Glowforge is a 3D laser printer that creates beautifully designed objects from organic materials such as leather, wood, cardboard—even chocolate. Just like a traditional printer, the Glowforge connects to, and takes orders from, your computer. Instead of loading it with paper, however, you will need to insert the appropriate material for your project of choice, which the printer then cuts into perfectly measured pieces. All you need to do is assembly and enjoy. Available for preorder at Glowforge.com; 5,995 for the pro model.

  9. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

    Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

    While you may love your trusty Mr. Coffee or Keurig, others have more grandiose visions for their morning joe. That's where the Jura Giga can cater to the most expensive of tastes. Capable of grinding and brewing two blends at the same time, and with programmable settings to make up to 17 different specialty coffee drinks, this sleek machine is designed to be your own countertop barista. Available on Amazon; $5,598.

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