9 Things You Never Have to Pay Full Price For

Are you a coupon clipper? Do you have a membership at a warehouse club? Do you walk straight to the clearance rack when you shop for new clothes? If you appreciate a good deal, then you might want to adopt these savvy practices to scoop up even more household savings.
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Seasonal sales aren’t the only time to save on one of the most important furniture purchases you’ll ever make. Mattress stores are famous for their big markup on stock, which allows them to offer such deep discounts during Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day sales. If you’re not ready to buy, keep an eye on the circulars to watch the price on your favorite mattress. When you do finally make it out to the mattress store, use your research to help you negotiate a better price. The salesperson may not be able to match their seasonal sale price, but they’ll almost always be ready to give you a discount.


You don’t need to brave Black Friday sales to get a good price on a television. In fact, those low holiday prices may not be all they’re cracked up to be, as manufacturers will often offer derivative products during this time, or budget models that have fewer features than standard units. If you have your heart set on a standard TV model, get to the store in spring when new models are being rolled out and last year’s stock is put on discount.

Patio Furniture

As outdoor living season winds down in late summer, the cost of patio furniture drops as well. Although the stock at big-box chains may be picked over by that point, savvy shoppers can still snag a great deal. If you’re making a purchase as the weather is getting cooler, be prepared to store your new furniture in a garage, shed, or screened porch, or under a weather-resistant cover. That way, your smart purchase will be clean and ready for you to enjoy when winter gives way to spring.

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Washer and Dryer Units

Unless your washer and dryer break down during the depths of winter or the height of summer, there’s good reason to wait until September or October to buy a new set. That’s when manufacturers typically release their newest models, and when retailers put last year’s stock on deep discount to make way for new models. Hit the stores in the fall, and be ready to negotiate with the salesperson for even an even lower price before you hand over your money—many retailers will be ready to haggle with you.

Home Insurance

If you grumble whenever it’s time to pay the bills, here’s a bit of welcome news: Your home insurance rate probably isn’t set in stone. Some insurance providers offer a number of discounts, such as the long-term policyholder discount for customers who have been with the company for several years. Similarly, some home improvements may qualify policyholders for a discounted rate. To determine if you may qualify for a lower insurance bill, call your provider and learn your options.

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Holiday Decorations

Decking the halls and adorning the front porch with holiday cheer is a traditional American pastime, but those twinkling lights, spooky jack-o’-lanterns, and lawn ornaments come at a cost. Although individual pieces may be modestly priced, an entire season’s worth of decor can put a serious dent in your wallet. Save on next year’s decorations by hitting Halloween clearance sales in November and Christmas overstock sales in January. Store your haul in a clean, dry spot so everything will be set for next year’s festivities.

Internet Service

Many internet providers offer special discounted introductory rates on residential service, but several months into a new contract, rates usually revert to a higher standard price. Even so, internet charges are highly negotiable. Give your service provider a call and ask if they can give you a better rate, or shop around at the local competitor to see if they’ll offer you a better deal to switch.

Magazine Subscriptions

A quick internet search will reveal a number of legitimate websites that offer discounted rates on magazines. When signing up for a new subscription, pay attention to how long the low rate will last. When it comes time to renew, you’ll be charged full price to continue receiving issues.


The best time to buy a refrigerator is when stores are clearing the sales floor to make room for the newest models, typically in September and October. Before you head to the store to buy, do your research; compare prices at competing stores and be prepared to ask if your preferred store will price match a better deal at a different retailer.

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Smart Spender

It pays to do your research—now you’ll be an even savvier shopper.