9 Things You Never Thought You Could DIY—But Definitely Can

Add an element of surprise and industrial chic style to your home with these practical DIY projects. This content is paid advertising created in partnership with SteelTek. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com

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Flex Your DIY Skills with Steel Pipe


Any home can benefit from handcrafted, industrial design. All you need is some strong, versatile steel pipe—and a little DIY know-how.

SteelTek’s non-threaded connectors make assembling projects easy—and provide added stability and durability once constructed. Unlike threaded pipe, which screws together and may not fit perfectly, non-threaded pipe is attached via connecting parts, ensuring smooth, tight joints.

The beauty of steel pipe lies in quality construction and thoughtful, timeless design. With SteelTek, let your imagination run wild. For inspiration, check out their blog showcasing all the ways steel pipes and fittings can be used creatively and to best advantage. You can load up on SteelTek supplies in-store or online at Lowe’s. To get you started, here are nine practical home projects that will boost your style and DIY cred.

Build a Bed


Sure, you can buy a bed frame—or you can build a solid and sleek mattress support that looks and feels tailor-made. All you need is an Allen wrench and a selection of SteelTek non-threaded pipes and fittings, including elbows, flanges, and tees. Never built a bed before? No worries. Follow SteelTek’s step-by-step illustrated instructions, which show you how to construct the base, then attach the legs, headboard, and wooden slat supports. The end result will not only elevate your mattress—it will add a coolness factor to any guest suite or teen bedroom.

Craft Your Own Work Table


Need a spot where you can work on all your daily tasks and DIY projects? With a few lengths of SteelTek thread-less pipes and fittings, you can build your own work table in a few hours. The classic design and sturdy proportions ensure this desk will fit into any room—improving your posture and work flow, too. Make sure you gather all materials ahead of time, including flat head wood screws and a wooden table top. To keep with the industrial look, go for wood that is repurposed or distressed. Or add a little elegance with a polished surface in cherry, maple, or oak. 

Construct the Perfect Garage Shelving


Breathe a sigh of relief every time you open your garage door. With the right organization system, your storage area can be tidy and clutter-free. Instead of buying pre-made garage shelving, make your own with SteelTek’s handy instructions and thread-less pipe fittings. For tools, you’ll need an Allen wrench (for the frame) and a drill to secure the wooden shelves in place. The instructions also specify using four 24-inch by 40-inch wooden shelves, corresponding to the lengths of pipe used for the steel frame. Set aside a few hours for assembly, using your garage as a workspace. Once secured, your steel pipe shelves will offer four solid tiers to store tools, sports equipment, car oil, house paint, and more.

Chill with a Handcrafted TV Console


Showcase your DIY skills—and the natural elements of steel and wood—with this TV console, which can also function as a kitchen sideboard. In addition to the SteelTek fittings and non-threaded pipes, you need wood screws, a wood top, and wood shelf. The solid thread-less pipes will need to get cut, which can be done at Lowe’s upon purchase. Just provide your measurements and how many lengths you’ll need. Or if you prefer to do the cutting yourself, use a chop saw or reciprocating saw with a metal blade. In a few hours, you’ll have a sturdy piece of furniture that you can proudly declare you built yourself.

Dine on a Bespoke Bar Top


Wow family and friends with your very own bespoke bar table, constructed of SteelTek thread-less pipes and joined together with their flanges and swivels. This is a project for an experienced craftsman or a couple of ambitious DIYers. Give yourself at least a day to build the structure and finish the surface. For sustainable beauty and functionality, use a barn door or other salvaged wood for the table top, measuring 24-inches by 80-inches. SteelTek will guide you through the construction process with easy-to-follow instructions and insider tips. For example, you’ll want to match the length of your wood screws to the thickness of the wood piece you’re using, for a perfectly joined tabletop.

Get Moving with a DIY Dolly


You know the satisfaction of a job well done? Double that satisfaction by making the tools you work with too. A dolly, or hand truck, is one of the most useful devices for moving and carting loads big and small. Building a dolly with SteelTek parts is relatively straightforward, and one of the simpler projects for all skills levels to tackle. First make a solid handle with three lengths of steel pipe joined together. Then attach this handle to a wooden 24-inch by 24-inch base using SteelTek flanges—circular steel collars that secure the pipe in place. Finish with swivel casters for a dolly you can wheel anywhere.

Create a Spacious Closet


Build yourself or a loved one this custom closet organization system, complete with multiple hanging racks for shirts, pants, dresses, ties, and belts. With a few well-placed steel pipes, you can transform your closet in an afternoon. First, make a few careful measurements and gather your materials—pipes, connectors, wood screws, Allen wrench, drill. One of the benefits of this system is that it attaches directly to the wall, for added support and stability. Thanks to the sturdy thread-less pipes, it is also minimalist in appearance and uplifts bedroom closets, storage rooms, and garages—wherever you need some extra hanging space and easy accessibility.

Gain More Space with Lofted Bed


Kids of all ages will love this fun and functional lofted bed and workspace combination. Built of SteelTek parts attached to an elevated wooden platform, this bed shines in a child’s room as a safe space for their work, play, and sleep. You can build it yourself in less than a day—provided you have the right materials. Lowe’s is your go-to store for everything SteelTek, from single socket tees to elbows, flanges, and of course, their signature non-threaded pipe. Build the ladder and rail, then attach it to the lofted bed frame for a secure and sweet-looking nest for little dreamers.

Treat Yourself to Sturdy Kitchen Shelves


Improve your kitchen’s function and flow with these sturdy steel and wood shelves. SteelTek’s kitchen storage unit has it all: space, strength, and industrial design. You will need a few hours to build the brackets and install them into wall studs. Finally, secure the wooden shelves to the brackets using SteelTek offset flanges. While steel traditionally has a silvery surface, play with the look by choosing black pipe and connectors. Paired with dark wood shelves, the result is rustic farmhouse style, and will instantly expand storage space—and enhance mental clarity.