9 Unusual Ways to Use WD-40

WD-40 is a utility shelf staple. You probably know it as your go-to solution for squeaky hinges and rust prevention, but it's so much more! Inside the familiar blue-and-yellow can is a secret blend of lubricants with anticorrosion, water displacement, and soil removal superpowers. Grab a can today to solve some of the nagging household problems that follow.

Surface Stain Removal

How to Remove Stains

Is there an artist-in-residence at your home? Whether your child has scribbled on a wall or tabletop, WD-40 and a clean, dry rag are a one-two punch against stains. It's even recommended by Crayola in their stain removal guide and is particularly potent against crayon, clay, glue, tape, and stickers. Just test on an inconspicuous area first—spray on, then wipe off.

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Keep Animals Away

Keep Animals Away

Keep squirrels off your bird feeders by spraying poles with WD-40. While birds will still be able to enjoy the feeders, squirrels won’t get enough traction to climb. It also works as a pigeon repellent on balconies and roofs, because they hate its smell. 

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The Perfect Polish

Uses of WD-40

What do DVDs, mother-of-pearl, seashells, restaurant booths, stethoscopes, and artificial flowers have in common? They can all be cleaned and polished with WD-40. This product is a lifesaver when traditional soap-and-water methods fail. Simply spray on and use a clean, dry rag to remove any excess. WD-40 will leave many of your hard-to-clean items looking like new.

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Cope with the Cold

Frozen Lock

WD-40 is a true cold-weather friend. Spray your locks with WD-40 to prevent them from freezing. Add a coat of it to your snow shovel and you’ll clear sidewalks with less effort, because snow won’t cling to your shovel. Or spray it on windows to prevent ice from building up and blocking natural light.

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Defend Against Insects


A light coating on door frames, screens, and windowsills keeps bugs from crawling into your home. If they find another way in, a quick shot of WD-40 immediately kills most problematic insects. Many people even swear by the lubricant's ability to provide pain relief from bee stings and fire ant and mosquito bites, although those with sensitive skin should steer clear of this treatment.

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Health and Beauty Aid

Health and Beauty Aid

WD-40 can treat a range of problems created by the use (and misuse) of cosmetics. For starters, it removes stubborn depilatory wax, makeup, and hair dye from carpets and furniture. It can even help you ease chewing gum out of your hair.


Arts and Crafts


WD-40 isn't only for cleaning and maintenance—it can also be a tool in art projects. WD-40 reacts with marker and paint to create an interesting visual effect. For example, spraying it on a canvas or poster board and allowing it to dry makes a unique textured base for painting projects.

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Break In Your Leather—Or Revive It!

Best Way to Clean Leather

WD-40 makes stiff leather items soft and supple. Dog collars, baseball gloves, work boots, shoes, and sandals all benefit from this treatment. As a bonus, you’ll remove stubborn stains at the same time, which means the lubricant is particularly helpful in treating vintage items. It’s equally useful on leather-like materials, such as automobile and boat upholstery.

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Fisherman's Friend


Rumor has it that fish are attracted to the scent of WD-40. That's not true (unfortunately), but you should still stash some in your tackle box. WD-40 keeps reels spinning and releasing with ease. It softens and refreshes plastic lures and removes the scent of your hands from them, making it more likely that fish will approach. Before using, always check local laws first, as chemical baits may be prohibited.

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