A Tub with a View: 10 Bathtubs on the Edge of Heaven

A relaxing soak in the tub is one of life's simple pleasures. It's a time to rejuvenate and let your mind wander. Add a scenic view of a picturesque mountaintop, a sun-dappled woodland, or even a verdant private garden and your tub-time enjoyment is doubled. Here are 10 of our favorite bathtub settings that let the outside in. In your own home, the placement of the tub and the size of the window will depend largely on the layout of the room and the level of privacy you need. Scroll forward and dream!

  1. The Ultimate Luxury



    Set in a windowed room of its own, this tub has a view like no other. While your own bathroom may be less grand, a bay window, crystal chandelier, and stunning mixture of rough-hewn wood and smooth marble are details you can re-create.

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  2. A Wall of Windows


    Charles Cunniffe Architects

    Floor-to-ceiling windows underscore the drama of this luxurious bath. Small touches you can borrow include a wonderfully plush rug beside the tub and a comfortable chair for taking in the view after a long bath.

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  3. Framing a Garden View


    Ward+Blake Architects

    A corner window is an ideal setting for a tub. This room's neutral palette of tan tiles, beige walls, and honey-toned woodwork allows the garden to take center stage.

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  4. Mix and Match


    Charles Cunniffe Architects

    A playful combination of marble patterns and tilework in this spacious bath complements the sculptural birch trunks visible through a window above the tub.

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  5. Proper Placement


    Better Homes & Gardens

    Positioning the tub so it juts into the room is an unexpected yet practical way to take full advantage of garden views through a tall window.

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  6. Slices of Sky


    Houzz courtesy of Griffin Enright Architects

    In this clean-lined space, narrow windows set vertically over the tub and horizontally beside the shower offer breath-taking glimpses of the great outdoors.

  7. Watching the Clouds Go By



    Installing a skylight over the tub facilitates a contemplative view while maintaining a sense of privacy when bathing.

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  8. Courtyard Views


    Houzz courtesy of Susan Jay Design

    A walled courtyard allows for a window wall beside a tub, even in a residential area. The simplicity of the outdoor view echoes the minimalist decor of the bathroom.

  9. Privacy When You Need It


    Apartment Therapy

    Oversize windows let the outside in, even in a cozy cottage bathroom like this one. A roller screen and wraparound shower curtain offer added privacy when desired.

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  10. Bringing the Outside In



    Blur the line between indoors and out by placing houseplants in a bathroom that has breathtaking views of a garden or the surrounding countryside.

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