Bob Vila’s Smart Home Holiday Giveaway

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Enter Bob Vila’s Smart Home Giveaway for your chance to win one of five ENERGY STAR certified ecobee4 smart thermostats for the holidays, valued at $249 each! Click through the slideshow to learn more about the innovative temperature control system, which will save 23% on your energy bills each year (learn more at ecobee.com/savings).

An Innovative Thermostat


Most thermostats read the temperature in only one place (where the thermostat is located – usually the hallway). This causes the device to inaccurately gauge the temperature of the whole house, leading to uncomfortable rooms and unhappy homeowners. The ecobee4, on the other hand, relies on sensors to control the temperature of every room based on occupancy and preferred settings. You’ll end up with the perfect temperature in rooms that matter.

Smart Settings


The ecobee4 comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Service, allowing homeowners to control it hands-free. Simply ask the thermostat to perform a variety of tasks, like adjusting the temperature, setting a timer, playing music, and much more.

Energy Savings


The ecobee4 saves homeowners up to 23%* on energy costs per year, thanks to a wide variety of innovative features. For example, it processes data regarding the weather and your home’s energy profile to ensure ideal temperature settings. Homeowners can also use the Smart Home/Away feature to conserve energy when heating or cooling an empty house. But what’s really special is that the ecobee4 is one of the few smart thermostats to earn the ENERGY STAR label, which means that it has been independently certified to save you energy based on real-world data. You can better understand the thermostat’s consumption by reviewing ecobee’s free energy reports.

*compared to a hold of 72 F

Always Connected


By downloading the ecobee mobile app, homeowners can virtually adjust their temperature settings, initiate vacation mode, and control other aspects like volume and privacy settings. For more information about ecobee, click here.

A Holiday Gift


Last but certainly not least, the ENERGY STAR certified ecobee4 is a perfect addition to your holiday gift list. It’s a gift that does great things by saving your loved ones energy and money while protecting the planet. For more information on ENERGY STAR certified gifts for the holidays, visit energystar.gov/holiday.