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Feeling the itch to refresh your home? Adding a rug or runner is a small change that will elevate your space—and make it feel warm and cozy just in time for fall. Passerine is the place to find a vintage rug for your home. Scroll down to learn more about the Washington, D.C.-based company, and then enter for a chance to win a rug from them!

Complete Your Space

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It’s a simple touch, but adding a rug can instantly complete a room. The accent piece is a quick way to add texture, warmth, and personality to your space. It can be the focal point or the piece that ties everything together. Passerine’s collection of Persian and Turkish rugs come in muted shades and earth tones, which complement many interior design styles.

Simplify the Search

Urban Chic Media for Passerine

While rolling out a vintage rug in a room is quick and easy, the search for the perfect one can be tedious. Passerine alleviates that frustration by curating a stunning collection of unique vintage rugs. Their selection ranges in sizes and styles, so you can easily find one that suits your space.

Distinct Decor

Urban Chic Media for Passerine

Making your home a reflection of your personality is often easier said than done. It’s hard to feel original when you shop at the same stores as your friends and family. Passerine understands this desire to create a beautiful home that is distinctly you. They seek out and stock one-of-a-kind rugs to help you decorate a totally unique house.