Cheap Thrills: 15 Favorite Amazon Buys for Under $5

Amazon is loved for its great deals and quick shipping. Some prices from this virtual retailer, you just can't beat. Here's a roundup of the best household buys you can get from the online superstore—all for under $5.

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Reusable Latex Gloves

While tackling routine chores, many homeowners don heavy-duty latex gloves. The reusable cleaning accessories create a barrier against harsh chemicals, increase your grip, and protect your hands from nasty germs. If you’re in the market for a new pair, consider the affordable Mr. Clean Wonder Cuff Premium Latex Gloves, which feature a roomy 13-inch ribbed cuff design. Users can catch pesky drips by turning up the cuffs, so water doesn’t run down your arms while washing dishes. The gloves also feature tapered fingertips, a comfortable cotton flock lining, and an embossed palm for better grip. Available on Amazon; $4.55.

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Goo Gone

Life is full of sticky messes. Grease, crayons, chewing gum, glue, tree sap, paint, tar, and countless other adhesives can create stubborn and unsightly stains on your household surfaces. To safely and easily remove the residue, pick up this 2 oz bottle of Goo Gone from Amazon. The cleaning agent works on carpets, tiles, glass, wood, clothing, upholstery, and plastic, among other things. The citrus smell is pleasant and mild, while the formula is non-flammable and non-corrosive. Available on Amazon; $3.90.

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Mini Flashlight

Measuring one-by-three inches, this waterproof miniature flashlight is a lifesaver during blackouts, home repairs, or outdoor activities. The pocket-sized luminary runs on a single AA battery, yet delivers a powerful flash of light with a maximum brightness of 300 lumens. An adjustable focus range allows you to adjust the light from a narrow beam to a broad flood light in seconds. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

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Sponge Cloths

This dishwasher-safe sponge cloth set combines the incredible absorption of a dish sponge with the grit-removal properties of a wash cloth into one space-saving cleaning companion for the kitchen or bathroom. The microfiber surface of the cloths, derived from pure cellulose, effortlessly grips and lifts caked-on dirt or grime or fresh spills from dishes, countertops, appliances, or floors to recover spotless surfaces. Available on Amazon; $3.

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5-in-1 Multitool

Pop open a bottle of bubbly, tighten an errant screw, or MacGyver your way out of practically any situation with this travel-friendly multi-tool. The five-in-one essential integrates a carabiner clip, bottle opener, serrated edge, scoring point, and slotted or #2 Phillips screwdriver, all in a lightweight, one-ounce stainless steel construction that conveniently clips onto belts, purses, and backpacks in seconds. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

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Sink Caddy

The innovative suction cup located at the back of this self-draining sponge caddy keeps it firmly attached to any corner of your sink as it keeps dish sponges, soap bars, or scrubbers clean and clear of contaminants on nearby countertops. Because the caddy is made from non-toxic plastic, it’s even safe enough to stash freshly washed fruits or vegetables. Available on Amazon; $4.59.

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Velcro Squares

Whether you need to mount a poster to the wall, a light to an under-the-sink cabinet, or a remote control to the edge of an end table, you can count on this pack of 12 Velcro squares to get the job done without the need for hammers, nails, or even tape. The water-resistant clear fasteners are perfect for homeowners and renters alike since their adhesive backing seamlessly blends in with surfaces in or outside of the home while keeping them damage-free. Available on Amazon; $2.79.

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Command Jumbo Photo Hanger

Save yourself the hassle of spackling and repainting holes in the walls every time you’re ready to change up your gallery wall. Known for its line of clean-removal adhesive, 3M Command’s heavy-duty picture frame hook boasts enough strength to hang any decor with sawtooth, d-ring, keyhole, or wire suspension systems up to 8 pounds—for less than a cup of coffee. That’s a small price to pay for convenience. Available on Amazon; $3.92.

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Ice Ball Mold

Yes, you can enjoy chilled beverages without the watered-down effect of melted ice! The secret? Ignore the standard “crushed or cubed” options on your freezer door and, instead, opt to make your own ice in the shape of balls. The spheres created with this food-grade silicone mold are only slightly larger than golfballs, and they melt slower than your standard cubes—meaning they won’t dilute your soda or spirits. Available on Amazon; $4.95.

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Gorilla Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most versatile fix-it materials, and therefore a must-have for any homeowner. When shopping for duct tape, remember that not all tapes are created equal. Buy a well-regarded brand of duct tape for maximum performance. One of the most trusted and reliable makers of duct tape is Gorilla. Their heavy-duty, double-thick tape is designed to tackle most indoor and outdoor jobs and can hold up to extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors. Available on Amazon; $4.84.

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Command Cord Bundler

Command hooks and strips have carved out a name for themselves as one of the most convenient pieces of temporary hardware for the home. Following in that great tradition of convenience is the Command cord bundler, a stick-on organizer that corrals cords behind the entertainment center or under the desk. Simply stick it to the wall, wind your cord and loop it through the strap, and marvel at your tidy space. When it’s time to move or redecorate, the cord bundler can be removed, fitted with a new sticky strip and repositioned anywhere you need a little extra organization. Available on Amazon; $4.84.

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10-Piece Drill Bit Set

With your brand-new cordless drill fully charged and raring to go, there’s nothing holding you back from finally tackling your DIY to-do list. Or is there? You’d be surprised how many people enthusiastically start on a building or repair project, only to realize they don’t have the right drill bit to get the job done. Quick solution: Order a basic, low-budget drill bit set like this one, packaged to include all the most popular bit sizes for a broad, practically numberless range of everyday tasks around the house. Available at Amazon; $3.88.

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Hot Handle Holder

True: In terms of results, oven mitts do the same exact thing as a hot handle cover! Still, many home cooks prefer the comfort and convenience of the latter. Why? For one thing, high-quality, heat-resistant silicone gives you a better grip, especially on the heaviest pieces of cookware like cast iron skillets. Plus, whereas oven mitts only add to kitchen clutter—and often seem to go missing at the moment you need them most—sleek, slip-on handle covers remain securely in place at all times, allowing you to move more confidently and more quickly through each stage of meal prep. Try one! You’ll see. Available at Amazon; $4.99.

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Microwave Splatter Cover

Nuke last night’s leftovers without fear of a big mess inside the microwave after. This BPA-free lid protects your microwave from leaks, drips, and splatters while reheating food. The high-dome shape makes it perfect for covering plates or bowls without touching the food, and the vents on the top help release steam. It’s easy to clean and keeps your kitchen clean, too. Available on
; $4.99.

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Reusable Twist Ties

From the kitchen to the office to the backyard, get your house organized with the help of reusable twist ties. Supported by a strong internal wire that is covered in a waterproof rubber, the durable tie keeps items tightly secured. The 3″ ties can be used to organize cords, keep pantry items closed, prop up plant and flower stems, and much more. Available in an array of colors, you can take your organizing to the next level by color-coding your goods. Available on
; $2.98.

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