The Best Flashlight Brands of 2021

Illuminate a dark house, campground, or parking garage with one of the best flashlight brands.

The Best Flashlight Brand Options


The world is full of lights, so it may seem unnecessary to have a flashlight until the power goes out, or you leave civilization behind to go on a camping trip. Without the usual lights illuminating the area, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate around objects, locate items in the tent, or find your keys to unlock the front door.

However, the best flashlight brands specialize in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of flashlights that appeal to a variety of people and situations. Whether it’s a keychain flashlight, a standard flashlight, or a heavy-duty flashlight that can survive being dropped in a river, you can rely on these top brands to find the right flashlight for your needs.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: AceBeam


1. AceBeam

Known for: Specializing in high-power tactical flashlights, AceBeam is a popular brand among hunters and avid backpackers.
Price: $$ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The AceBeam L19 Long Range Flashlight (available at AceBeam) is a tactical flashlight that attaches to a rifle for hands-free illumination.

When AceBeam was established in 2014, the brand immediately achieved recognition for its D45 and M20 models. The D45 flashlight won recognition in Diving magazine as the best-performing 4,000-lumen flashlight, while the M20 model was the Everyday Carry reader’s choice product. Since its founding, AceBeam has created a variety of high-quality flashlights and flashlight accessories.

Hunters, hikers, climbers, backpackers, and campers will appreciate the impressive power and durability of AceBeam flashlights, with a large selection of tactical models that users can equip to a rifle or bow with the appropriate mount. The company also makes everyday carry (EDC) flashlights, bike lights, headlamps, batteries, chargers, and accessories, like replacement batteries and lighting filters.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: AstroLux


2. AstroLux

Known for: AstroLux offers a variety of keychain, standard, and high-powered outdoor flashlights.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The AstroLux A01 Nichia flashlight (available at AstroLux) is a mini waterproof flashlight that attaches to a keychain, so users always have a light at the ready.

Founded just a few years ago in 2018, AstroLux is a small flashlight brand growing in popularity due to the wide variety of products the company offers. AstroLux strives to demonstrate the performance capabilities of its products with detailed information and video demonstrations posted on the website, so users can take the time to determine the best options and make visual comparisons before committing to purchasing a flashlight.

The product line includes an impressive range of flashlight types, including everyday carry (EDC), keychain, camping, and tactical flashlights, as well as several different sizes, allowing consumers to find a flashlight that suits their hobbies.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Noctigon


3. Noctigon

Known For: Noctigon focuses on small, high-powered flashlights that are easy to carry in a pocket or bag.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: Waterproof in up to 3 feet of water, the Noctigon D4V2 flashlight (available at Noctigon) is an attractive copper option with a maximum 4,200-lumen brightness.

Hank Wang is the owner, operator, and founder of the Noctigon brand as well as the Emisar flashlight brand. He is so well known for his flashlight manufacturing and repair expertise that many consumers know him better than his flashlight brands. With this type of expertise driving the development and sale of these lighting products, it isn’t a surprise that the Noctigon brand is seen as delivering high-quality products, despite the company’s small size.

Noctigon regularly upgrades its flashlights to account for any problems detected in existing models to provide consumers with the best possible products. The company website even directs consumers to contact Hank directly if they experience any issues so he can help walk through repairs or quickly determine the need to send a replacement product.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Fenix


4. Fenix

Known for: Choose from a wide variety of flashlights at a range of powers and prices with Fenix.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Fenix PD40R V2.0 Flashlight (available at Fenix and Cabela’s) has a maximum brightness output of 3,000 lumens, and the battery is easily rechargeable with the included USB-C cable.

The Fenix brand was established in 2001 and currently produces lighting products for more than 100 countries. It strives to design flashlights and other lighting products that exceed the lighting needs of users, yet Fenix products don’t sacrifice durability to achieve this goal. Instead, the company has taken the time to develop a range of flashlights suitable for a variety of situations so consumers can find the right model to suit their needs.

Fenix products can vary from simple batteries or chargers to heavy-duty tactical flashlights. Police, security, and outdoor enthusiasts use its offerings, including high-end flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lamps, camping lights, and a range of other lighting accessories, which are all available at a moderate price.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Imalent


5. Imalent

Known for: Imalent’s limited variety of products is overshadowed by the impressive lumen output of these flashlights useful for temporarily blinding threats.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The small size and incredibly high 13,000-lumen output of the Imalent MS03 flashlight (available at Imalent) make this product an ideal EDC option for personal security.

Despite being founded only just a decade ago in 2010, Imalent has slowly grown in popularity among self-defense enthusiasts due to the sheer lighting power of its product line, combined with the small, easy-to-carry sizes. While the company’s website needs some work to bring it up to the usual standard for international brands, the products remain high-quality and moderately priced.

Compact and powerful, Imalent flashlights are known for their impressive lumen output despite their modest size, making them a great option for an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. Users can incorporate these flashlights into various locations, from parking garages to the front steps, to find items or temporarily blind attackers.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Lumintop


6. Lumintop

Known for: Camping trips are much more fun and safe with Lumintop waterproof flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps.
Price: $ to $$$$
Editors’ Choice: The Lumintop D2 flashlight (available at Lumintop) offers a 1,000-lumen brightness output and can survive being dropped in water up to 6 feet in depth.

The Lumintop brand is a service-oriented, customized LED flashlight designer, manufacturer, and distributor specializing in LED flashlights and flashlight accessories. The company was founded in 2006 and has achieved international recognition for its flashlight designs, with over 200 distributors worldwide that export to more than 30 countries.

Lumintop offers a wide variety of flashlights and flashlight products, including lanterns, headlamps, bicycle lights, belt clips, and holsters. However, users get what they pay for with Lumintop, so premium products come with a high price tag, while the more basic designs are inexpensive and make a great choice for amateur outdoor enthusiasts.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Olight


7. Olight

Known for: Olight produces a moderate range of flashlight products, as well as accessories like mounts, batteries, and chargers.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: Use the dual-direction belt clip to carry this Olight S2R II flashlight (available at Amazon) hands-free, and choose from low, medium, high, turbo, moonlight, and strobe modes.

Founded in 2007 as a flashlight manufacturer and distributor, Olight set the goal of putting an Olight flashlight in as many hands as possible. The reason for this goal is both to drive the company to sell more products but also because the founder, Fox Fan, believes nobody should be left in the dark.

With one of the many flashlights produced by Olight, it’s easy to chase away the darkness, navigate around objects, and locate items, such as a key, a wallet, a phone, or even a light switch. Olight flashlights are moderately priced, and they fall into a variety of categories, including hunting, everyday carry (EDC), tactical, self-defense, and camping.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: ThruNite


8. ThruNite

Known for: Affordable and effective, ThruNite’s products are a good option for consumers who want reliable lighting at a lower cost than that of competitors.
Price: $ to $$
Editors’ Choice: Ideal for camping but also well suited for personal security or emergency situations, the ThruNite TC15 V2 flashlight (available at Amazon) is an inexpensive option for a range of purposes.

Current CEO David Chen established ThruNite in 2009 when he dropped out of college to pursue his dream of starting a flashlight manufacturing company. The ThruNite name is actually symbolic of helping customers get through the night by offering affordable, quality products.

ThruNite flashlights are designed to be all-in-one products that are both small and powerful enough for use in various situations. Keep a ThruNite flashlight nearby to find keys at night, carry in a bag or purse to temporarily blind attackers, or store safely at home for use when the electricity goes out.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: ZebraLight


9. ZebraLight

Known for: ZebraLight is a small flashlight brand that focuses on value over variety, with low prices and high-quality products.
Price: $ to $$
Editors’ Choice: Get a maximum brightness output of 2,300 lumens with this waterproof ZebraLight SC600w Mk IV Plus flashlight (available at ZebraLight) that is submersible in up to 6 feet of water.

Founded in 2006, ZebraLight has taken a slightly different approach to flashlights than its competitors. Instead of developing a wide variety of products, ZebraLight chose to solely focus time and effort on its existing product line to continually improve the quality of its flashlights. While this focus has limited ZebraLight’s available flashlight models, it has resulted in superior products sold at a reasonable price.

ZebraLight flashlights are reliable and affordable, making them popular with users who want high-quality features but who lack the budgetary resources for a premium product. These flashlights are built to last, though users should still take care to pack the flashlight properly to avoid dropping it.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: NiteCore


10. NiteCore

Known for: NiteCore is an exceptional brand that makes flashlights, camping and carry gear, power stations, and more, giving consumers a wide variety of tools and equipment for camping, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities.
Price: $ to $$$$
Editors’ Choice: Attach this NiteCore Tip SE EDC flashlight (available at Amazon) to a keychain, pocket, or belt for easy access in almost any situation.

With the belief that innovation is the key to success, NiteCore was established just 14 years ago and has rapidly grown in popularity. Not only does NiteCore regularly win awards for its high-quality products, but the company also makes a point of giving back to the community through various sponsorships and emergency response donations.

Consumers who want to get out of the city and take on the great outdoors will benefit from having one or more NiteCore products, including flashlights, power stations, and even camping gear. While some of the prices may be a bit steep for the average user, most NiteCore products are effective and affordable, making them an ideal option for avid hikers, climbers, backpackers, and campers.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: JETBeam


11. JETBeam

Known for: Fully customize JETBeam flashlights, headlamps, and bicycle lights with the brand’s wide range of mounts, holsters, bezels, and filters.
Price: $ – $$$
Editors’ Choice: The aircraft-grade aluminum body of JETBeam’s JET 3M PRO flashlight (available at Amazon) protects it from scratches and impact damage that can occur if the flashlight is dropped.

JETBeam was founded in 2004 with a focus on high-performance flashlights. The company’s reputation grew quickly due to creating the world’s leading CPU-dimming circuit made for flashlight products. This impact in the market made JETBeam stand out, even among competitors that had been making flashlights for a much longer period. With the growing reputation of the company, JETBeam quickly became a leading mid- to high-end flashlight brand.

Consumers can expect a good level of quality for a moderate price when they choose to invest in a JETBeam flashlight. If a standard flashlight isn’t ideal for the task, the company also produces a range of headlamps and bicycle lights. Alternatively, a user can modify a standard JETBeam flashlight with a variety of mounts, bezels, filters, and holsters to achieve the ideal outcome for the intended purpose.

The Best Flashlight Brand Option: Mankerlight


12. Mankerlight

Known for: High lighting power and ergonomic flashlight grips are popular additions to most of Mankerlight’s flashlight models.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Mankerlight MK39 flashlight (available at Mankerlight) switches between a focused spotlight with a max output of 5,500 lumens and 3,445 feet of throw distance and a floodlight with a max output of 8,000 lumens and 1,150 feet of throw distance.

Mankerlight started just 6 years ago when the two founders communicated with Torch Club members to collect feedback about the ideal flashlight and then took on the challenge to build its first flashlight model, named the Forum Flashlight. The company has grown from just two inspired individuals to an entire team, including an assembly factory, marketing, sales, and a research and development department.

Mankerlight’s focus has always been on innovation and reliable technology, so it’s to be expected that the company’s products tend to prioritize features that are both useful and attractive to consumers, like high brightness outputs, aesthetically pleasing designs, and ergonomic clips, keychains, and handles to make sure users don’t lose track of their flashlight.