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15 Things Always to Keep In Your Junk Drawer

Transform your junk drawer into the most resourceful place in the house by filling it with these essential and useful items.
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Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer


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The junk drawer is a central location for all the spare gadgets and trinkets that accumulate throughout a person’s life. Whether it’s in the kitchen or a side table in the living room, this drawer houses a variety of items that vary in helpfulness. Hence, its name. However, for people who are tired of running into dead batteries and pamphlets for products no longer in use, it’s time to make this central storage area more than just a spot for spare odds and ends. By incorporating the following items, the junk drawer will become the most helpful spot in the home.

We’ve researched the best products to include based on reviews and our expertise in home and DIY projects. From craft enthusiasts and people with home renovation projects to those who simply want easy access to essential items for their home, this list offers an array of must-have products for any household.

1. Screwdriver

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Screwdriver

A screwdriver will come in handy, even if you aren’t a home improvement expert. Projects such as putting together furniture, hanging a painting, or basic repairs, will require you to use this tool on occasion. It’s a must for any junk drawer that is doing more than simply gathering objects you no longer use. The Sharden Multi Screwdriver is a 13-in-1 screwdriver set, minimizing the number of tools you have in the drawer.

Get the SHARDEN Multi Screwdriver at Amazon for $9.99

2. Rubber Bands

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can be hard to come by in the home unless they are bought on purpose. Stock your junk drawer with rubber bands to help with projects around the house, whether it’s for storing cables, gathering pens or colored pencils for a craft, or bundling papers together. The Amazon Basics rubber bands come in a variety of sizes and colors, great for any need that arises.

Get the Amazon Basics Rubber Bands at Amazon for $8.59

3. Flashlight

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Flashlight

Power outages happen to just about everyone, and a flashlight is a must-have in a junk drawer stocked with purposeful items. However, beyond illuminating a dark night, it’s also a must for anyone doing car repairs, an overhaul on the kitchen or bathroom, or even minor repairs in dark corners of the home. The Blukar Rechargeable Flashlight powers up for use up to 16 hours on a single charge. As a result, you won’t need to purchase batteries to keep it in use, making it a low-cost and practical solution.

Get the Blukar Rechargeable Flashlight at Amazon for $10.00

4. Tape Measure

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Tape Measure

A quality tape measure is an essential item for any home, whether you are measuring to make room for new furniture, want to hang curtains or do a major renovation project. The Stanley Fatmax Tape Measure goes up to 25 feet and includes a multi-catch hook to grab onto objects with ease. It’s designed with a high-impact case, so it can withstand accidental drops and other bumps that can happen from use around the house.

Get the Stanley Fatmax Tape Measure at Amazon for $21.99

5. Mini Glue Gun

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Mini Glue Gun

Completing a craft or sewing project often requires the use of a hot glue gun. Having a compact choice on hand in the junk drawer will help any with these projects. Fortunately, the Surebonder Mini Hot Glue Gun is small enough to fit into a drawer. It’s a high-temperature glue gun and made with a detailed tip, so it’s perfect for just about any venture. Keep in mind that the glue sticks are sold separately.

Get the Surebonder Mini Size High-Temperature Hot Glue Gun at Amazon for $14.99

6. Duct Tape

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Duct Tape

For the DIYer, crafter, or home renovator, duct tape has a variety of purposes. The strong adhesive is great for almost any project, whether it’s a temporary repair, sealing a hole, doing a quick emergency fix, or packing a box. The Original Duck Tape is one of the most popular options and comes in a variety of colors and lengths.

Get The Original Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape at Amazon for $12.59

7. Multi-Charging Cable

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Multi-Charging Cable

Just about every electronic needs a charging cable. However, it can be hard to have just the right one on hand. Stocking a junk drawer with a multi-charging cable will save time and stress when looking for a cord to charge up devices or other equipment. The Onlytang Multi-Charging Cable includes cords for USB type C, lightning, and micro USB. It’s also five feet long, so it can stretch across an extensive length to charge an electronic.

Get the Onlytang Multi-Charging Cable at Amazon for $9.96

8. All-Purpose Scissors

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option All-Purpose Scissors

Having high-quality scissors readily available will be indispensable for a diverse range of projects. Whether you are preparing a homemade craft, opening a package, or wallpapering the house, all-purpose scissors are a must for a junk drawer stocked with purpose. The iBayam 8-inch All Purpose Scissors come in a 3-pack, so they won’t be easily lost in the shuffle. They are also sharp enough to cut through fabric, perfect for quilting or sewing.

Get the iBayam 8″ All Purpose Scissors Bulk 3-Pack at Amazon for $8.99

9. Compact Fire Extinguisher

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Compact Fire Extinguisher

Emergencies happen around the home faster than someone may realize. From recipes gone wrong to crafts out of control, taking immediate action is important. Stock a junk drawer with a compact fire extinguisher to save your home from damage. The First Alert EZ Fire Spray is a drawer-sized extinguisher that will take care of paper, fabric, wood, grease, or electrical fires.

Get the First Alert EZ Fire Spray at Amazon for $12.97

10. Twist Ties

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Twist Ties

Twist ties are ideal to have on hand for bundling together cables, sealing up produce bags, cinching together a baggy of craft items, and numerous other uses. Having them readily available in your junk drawer will help you get organized easily. The Oligei Store Twist Ties come in a pack of 300, so you more than likely won’t need to buy them again for a while.

Get the Oligei Twist Ties at Amazon for $4.98

11. Rechargeable Batteries

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are essential for a wide variety of home repair equipment and other items, such as flashlights and remotes. A or AAA are the most popular types of batteries, so it’s helpful to keep a plentiful supply of rechargeable ones in a junk drawer. The EBL Rechargeable Batteries with Charger include four AA and four AAA batteries. The compact size is easily placed inside a drawer after the batteries are fully charged.

Get the EBL Rechargeable Batteries with Charger at Amazon for $20.99

12. Pocket Knife Multi-Tool

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Pocket Knife Multi-Tool

A pocket knife multi-tool comes with a variety of functions to meet numerous crafting, home repair, and other DIY needs. Keep one in your junk drawer to finish up projects, from opening up packages to prying open a container. The Gerber Pocket Knife Multi-Tool comes with a knife, corkscrew, scissors, foil cutter, can opener, pry bar, hammer, lever arm, and bottle opener. It’s also made of stainless steel, ideal for durability.

Get the Gerber Pocket Knife Multi-Tool at Amazon for $30.27

13. Memo Pads

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Memo Pads

Whether it’s for writing down a grocery list, jotting a reminder for an upcoming project, or putting together a to-do list for the next day, memo pads are an essential item for a junk drawer. The Vanpad Lined Sticky Notes comes with a pack of five in multiple colors. Since it has a sticky backing, the note can easily be placed on the fridge or the desk for reminder needs.

Get the Vanpad Lined Sticky Notes at Amazon for $8.99

14. Pens

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Pens

Along with a memo pad, you’ll want a plentiful supply of pens for your junk drawer. Choose ones that are either black or blue, so the writing is easy to see. Plus, having a comfortable grip can increase the ease of use of the pen. Vitoler Black Gel Pens come in a pack of 15 and are designed with a rubber grip. Plus, the cartridge is also refillable.

Get the Vitoler Black Gel Pens at Amazon for $3.99

15. Small Trash Bags

Things to Keep In Your Junk Drawer Option Small Trash Bags

Small trash bags can help with numerous projects, ranging from organizing craft supplies or tools to maintaining a clean workspace. Stock your junk drawer with one-gallon trash bags to meet organization needs as they arise. The Forid Small Trash Bags come in a pack of five, each in different colors, and made with a thick plastic material.

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