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14 Surprising Ways to Use Silicone Baking Cups to Make Life Easier and More Organized

Silicone baking cups aren’t just handy for making muffins. Get creative ideas for using these colorful and affordable containers around the house.
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Close view of tray of homemade chocolate cupcakes topped with piped chocolate icing frosting and coconut covered truffles in purple silicone cake cases.

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For busy families, home items that can do double—or even triple—duty in the household are invaluable. Silicone baking cups aren’t just useful for making muffins. Small but mighty in their functionality, they are the perfect multi-use reusable containers. They come in multiple sizes, are kid-proof, freezer- and oven-friendly, and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. With a bit of creativity, these colorful muffin-size cups can come in handy daily for entertaining, keeping things tidy, and organizing around the home.

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1. Snack Cups

A woman pours a handful of nuts from a jar into her hand.

Snack cups, like socks, always seem to disappear. A set of silicone baking cups can supply snacks for all the kids on the block. Kids can hold their unbreakable “bowls,” plus they’re easy to pack or store in the stroller or car for nibbles on the go. Multiple sizes offer the perfect way to keep portion control in check for adults as well.

2. Dip or Condiment Holders

A top view of snacks and servings of food in plastic containers

Colorful and cute, silicone cups are ideal for entertaining guests. Fill them with nuts, olives, or dips for the perfect addition to a charcuterie board or as a condiment holder for outdoor barbecues. Perfect for poolside use, they’re waterproof and shatter-proof, so hosts won’t have to worry about broken glass in the pool.

3. Lunch Box Compartments

Kids lunch box with cute cat sandwich, cheese cubes in a silicone cup and mouse made from boiled egg.

Silicone cups are a terrific addition to bento boxes for kids and adults alike. No one likes it when their berries leak, making their sandwich bread soggy. Ideal for creating compartments in large lunch boxes, these colorful cups can hold single portions of fruit, nuts, crackers, sweet treats, and more.

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4. Toppings Bar

Father and daughter putting sprinkles on ice cream sundaes together.

Want to make oatmeal more appetizing for the kids? Create a quick oatmeal toppings bar at breakfast that features fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, or other favorite additions. For those who prefer their toppings on ice cream, these cups will work equally well for a fast and adorable sundae bar.

5. Crafting Organizers

A group of children gathered around a craft table with art supplies making doing crafts.

Whether for a ladies’ crafting night or an art activity for the kids, no one likes to sift through a box of supplies to find the perfect accessory to complete their craft project. Look for cups in a variety of shapes, like these Silicone Baking Cups and Liners set of round, rectangle, and square molds. Separate glitter, stickers, gems, pom-poms, googly eyes, glue dots, and more into silicone cups for convenient crafting.

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6. Paint Holders

A woman paints small ceramic objects at her painting station setup with different paints and paint brushes.

If getting crafty includes painting, silicone cups can be a big help, offering the ideal alternative for separating paint colors. With different sizes available, choose an option that can fit easily onto the shelf of an easel. Dishwasher-safe, the cups are simple to clean after use before tucking them away with other craft supplies. These OXO Good Grips silicone baking cups at Amazon have tabs on each side for easy handling.

7. Play-Kitchen Accessories

Overhead view of a boys hands as he makes pretend food with play dough and toy baking things.

Throw them, step on them, squeeze them into radiator slats (okay, maybe don’t do that), and these cups won’t break, making them the perfect play-kitchen accessory. Encourage little ones to bake pretend muffins, sort fake ingredients, and serve guests imaginary treats in these colorful cups. After play, even little hands can stack them for an easy cleanup.

8. Drawer Organization


For those tired of sorting through the junk drawer to find a paperclip or thumbtack, these reusable, multipurpose cups can serve as convenient drawer organization tools: sort desk supplies, rubber bands, corn holders, and more for easy access. Organize hair ties, cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup items in the bathroom.

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9. Sorting Ingredients

A man slices vegetables on a kitchen counter.

Sorting ingredients ahead of time makes pulling together meals quick and easy. Instead of using multiple bowls, consider silicone baking cups to hold premeasured spices, separated eggs, chopped garlic, and other meal-time components. Leave one free for a place to rest dirty cooking utensils.

10. Freezer Treats

Close view of frozen yogurt with berries in silicone cup.

Since silicone is freezer-friendly, there are endless ways to use baking cups for making sweet treats. Consider scooping in fruit and yogurt or mashed bananas to freeze for a healthier version of ice cream. Impress guests by coating cups with melted chocolate and placing them in the freezer. Use a spoon to smooth the sides and peel back the silicone carefully once the chocolate has set.

11. Lego Sorting

overhead close shot of a child's hands holding a bunch of small lego pieces with a pile of legos underneath.

It doesn’t take much to make an old toy exciting again. Finished Lego projects often get dumped into a container full to the brim with previous efforts. Sort that messy bin of Legos by color or shape in these Webake Rectangular Jumbo Cupcake Liners at Amazon and set the containers out for kids—or adults—to make their next creative project.

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12. Cooking Egg Bites

Homemade tartlets filled with ham, cheese , green onions, baked in silicone cups and served on a slate plate for a brunch or breakfast

For those who like to prep ahead of time for busy weekdays, egg bites are a great grab-and-go breakfast option. They are also handy for serving guests visiting for brunch. Include family-favorite frittata ingredients in silicone baking cups and bake, placing individual muffin holders on a flat pan. Choose from among numerous online recipes to get started.

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13. Baby Food Portioning

Fresh, organic pureed vegetables for baby. healthy baby foods.

Silicone is an ideal material for freezing food since it doesn’t absorb tastes and odors. For babies, baking cups are perfect for storing individual servings of soups, veggies, or other meal-time favorites. It’s also an excellent option for serving their meal since the cups won’t break if knocked to the ground. Plus, they make mealtime fun and colorful.

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14. Fun With Ice Cubes

overhead view of decorative ice cubes with flowers frozen inside

Perfect for entertaining, bartenders can use silicone baking cups to make oversized decorative ice cubes. Get creative with ingredients and the cups with this Pack of Silicone Cupcake Liners in 9 Shapes at Amazon. Add sliced fruit, edible flowers, or herbs to create the perfect cocktail cubes or freeze juice to add to sparkling water. Surprise kids with a colorful ice cube in their sippy cup.