Ditch the Fridge: 7 New Ways to Display Children's Artwork

Any parent knows too well the avalanche of artwork that comes home with their children from school. There simply isn't enough space to store it all, but there are so many things you'd like to keep—and even display—if only you could figure out how. For help calming the chaos, check out these simple but inventive solutions for displaying the precious creativity of your precious little ones.

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Aug 18, 2015 01:35 PM

Clipboard Gallery

Clipboard Wall

If you can't decide which artwork to hang, the answer may be to opt for a clipboard gallery. Mount several inexpensive clipboards to the wall, and you get a flexible canvas, one that you can update easily whenever the mood strikes you. Or put the control in your kids' hands, and they can launch a new gallery show each week!

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Cable Art Display

Cable Art Display

A cable art display hung at the right height allows either you or your little artist to clip individual works in an eye-catching row. You'll find these in catalogs, though of course it costs less to DIY—and it's super easy.


Recycled Art Magnets

Recycled Art Magnets

Upcycle artwork that would otherwise go in the garbage, turning little doodles into unique magnets to put on the family fridge or to give as gifts.


Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Magnetic Chalkboard

In some homes, built-ins and windows monopolize most of the wall space in the public rooms. In that case, turn unused space in a hallway or stairwell into a magnetic chalkboard—that is, a living gallery where you kids can doodle or hang their creations for everyone to see.

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Gallery Ledges

Artwork Ledge

Install simple photo ledges to display an ever-rotating array of children's artwork. The lumber for an 8" ledge like this one costs about ten bucks, and it's a simple project, suitable even for beginning woodworkers


Pillows and Plushies

Sunny Little Studio

For a truly special display, contact Sunny Little Studio to have your favorite pieces of artwork translated into custom pillows or soft toys. All the details are recreated by hand with fabric and embroidery, and the result is something to treasure forever.



Artkive App

With Artkive, saving your children's artwork is as easy as taking a photograph with your smartphone. When you've uploaded enough for a book, you can order a bound copy to leaf through for memories and inspiration.

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