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Dressing Up the Dresser: 11 Creative DIY Transformations

Paint, decoupage, mirrors... there are many ways to revive a drab dresser. Here are 11 examples guaranteed to inspire you to action.

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Gradient Color

Ombré, a gradual shift in shading from one color to another, is a hot trend and a great way to add color to a room. Choose a hue, and then paint each drawer in a slightly different, graduated shade of that hue. It’s a no-fuss way to add striking style to a dresser and create a piece you’ll love for years to come.  

Show Your Stripes

Painter’s tape and paint are all you need to accomplish this meticulously striped dresser. A striking blue-and-white color scheme lends a nautical air, and drawer pulls in the same finish—but two different styles—add subtle detail.

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Energetic Geometric

Even a novice DIYer can tackle this bold geometric, created with several colors of adhesive film. First, measure the height and width of the drawer fronts and divide each into four equal squares. Cut squares of adhesive film and then cut the squares into a series of triangles. Apply them to the drawer fronts in a fun pattern.

Linked Up

This chain-link-inspired dresser was decorated with composite wood craft rings and lattice pieces that were attached to the dresser using liquid nails. A solid paint color allows the textured appliqués to shine but not distract.

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Decoupage is an time-honored way to add a personal touch to your furniture. Vintage maps, photographs, book pages, or even sheet music can transform a plain dresser into something truly individual.

Cloth Creation

Fabric is a good alternative to paint because it adds a bit of warmth and texture. This DIYer glued lengths of fabric to the drawer fronts to create a vibrant, reinvigorated dresser.

Word Up

A quick way to breathe new life into an old dresser is by adding custom stenciling or decals. In this project, a playful alphabet decal with a few letters lying on their sides makes a whimsical sweep across the front of the dresser.

Style on the Side

If subtlety is more your thing, inject a little fun into your dresser by wallpapering or painting the inside and sides of the drawers. Choose a bold and colorful pattern, and think of it as a bit of secret style.

Write On

Chalkboard paint opens up endless possibilities for customizing your dresser time and time again. Use chalk to label the contents of the drawers or provide a surface for kids to decorate.

Reflections of You

Mirrored furniture can be pricey, but you can achieve a similar look at a fraction of the cost. Have a professional cut mirror panels to fit the drawer fronts, and use liquid nails to attach the panels to the wood.

Basket Case

Broken drawers don’t have to mean the end of a well-loved dresser. Replacing the drawers with a series of baskets will let you retain the storage space and give the piece renewed charm.

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