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14 DIY Projects Perfect for the Weekend

It doesn't take a big budget and a crew of professional contractors to revamp your house. Reinvent your home yourself, room by room, one weekend at a time. It's easier than it sounds! With a little inspiration, some repurposed materials, and a couple of free days, you can cross off a lot of things from your household wish list and flex your DIY muscles while you're at it. Have you always wanted a platform bed, a kitchen island, or a stylish new set of bookshelves? There's all that and more in this inspiration gallery!
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You don’t need to know how to build from scratch to make your own nightstand. With an eye for the unusual and a flair for repurposing, you can create your own bedside table from almost anything. Not one of these five projects will take you more than a day to complete.

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Platform Beds

Are you trying to furnish a bedroom on a small budget? A platform bed might be just the thing for you. There’s no need for a box spring when you make one of these low-to-the-ground designs. While you’re at it, if your room is short on storage space, you can design some into your DIY platform bed.

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DIY Rugs

With a little ingenuity and a few hours, you can create a warm and inviting rug for your space. You don’t need a big budget, either. You can even upgrade an existing rug or upcycle a tablecloth. For some ideas, take a look at five DIY rugs you can make right now. 

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Decking out the mudroom is a great way to add impact to your home. If beadboard and molding—the entryway standbys—aren’t in your budget this season, you can make your own entryway bench from repurposed boards, stair spindles, or even wood pallets. Check out these five benches you can make at home.


If you’re confident in your DIY skills, why not show them off with a brand-new bookshelf? Ikea hacks aside, making your own shelf can be incredibly easy. Choose from one of these DIY shelves or create your own design!

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Outdoor Furniture

Want to improve your outdoor space this weekend? Whether you’re interested in giving tree stumps new life as rustic tables, mixing and pouring concrete to create your own DIY planter, or trying your hand at a classic staple of backyard style, we’ve got ideas for you.

Bathroom DIY

It might not be the first room that comes to mind when you think of home, but a beautiful bathroom—no matter how small—makes your entire house look that much better. Are you considering board and batten for the powder room? Or maybe some new storage solutions? Either way, you can take your bathroom from utilitarian to seriously stylish in a weekend.

Kitchen Counter

Do you dream of a kitchen remodel but can’t afford the price tag? Believe it or not, you can install your own kitchen countertops—with some razor-sharp skills and a free weekend, that is. Even if you’d rather rehab than replace, our showcase of amazing countertops is the right place to start getting kitchen makeover inspiration!


It can be a challenge to find that certain desk that speaks to your style without breaking your budget. If you cherish the offbeat and unusual, a DIY desk is definitely the way to go. Here are five desks you can make this weekend.

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Laundry Storage

The laundry room can quickly become clutter central. Tame the mess with some very smart DIY storage solutions. Whatever your biggest laundry pet peeve—sorting, drying, matching socks?—chances are you’ll be able to deal with it better if you restore order to your laundry room with one of these inventive weekend projects.

Shoe Racks

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed shoe lover or not, you still need a place to store your kicks. Neatly rack up your footwear this weekend with an easy DIY shoe rack. Using new or repurposed materials, you can rig up one of these low-profile storage units for spaces of any size.

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If you’re not lucky enough to have a roomy walk-in closet to store all your odds and ends, finding a space-smart way to organize what you’ve got is your ticket to storage sanity. Solutions range from capitalizing on your door to create vertical storage space to building your own storage system. Find five great ideas here that you can do yourself.

Mirror Frames

You’ve probably heard that mirrors can make a room feel larger, so it’s no wonder they’re such a common choice for home decor. What’s almost as easy as decorating with mirrors? Decorating mirror frames for a DIY look. Bring a beach-inspired look home by wrapping a mirror in rope, or find more original ideas here.

Kitchen Islands

Do you love the convenience of a kitchen island but can’t fit a kitchen renovation into your life right now? DIY one in no time by repurposing some furniture and materials you may have sitting at home already. Here are five ideas to get you thinking.