Editors' Picks: 10 Home Delivery Subscriptions to Try This Year

Monthly subscription boxes have gotten a bad rap over the years, possibly from people who can't keep up with the spoils of their fruit-of-the-month club. But there's a reason to revisit these underappreciated delights, in fact we count at least ten. These days there's a subscription box for everyone, whether gardener, pet owner, parent, or art lover. So click through and discover the new world of monthly memberships and ask yourself—how do you like them apples?

Darby Smart

Monthly DIY Project Kit

Many of us collect DIY ideas from magazines, websites, and crafty friends. But actually getting out to the store to stock up for your next fun project? That's another matter. Darby Smart solves this common conundrum, by bringing all the ingredients for your next DIY right to your door. The project kits cover everything from jewelry and clothes to home decor and charming succulent gardens, letting you skip the lines and start making. Available from DarbySmart.com; $19 per month.

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Subscription Kit for Survival Gear

Rugged outdoorsmen, resourceful DIYers, retired military, and anyone preparing for a natural disaster will appreciate this next box. Each monthly box delivers special items centered around a different tactical situation as a theme. Every package contains up to 11 new survival essentials, plus a knife of the month to add to your collection. Available at BattlBox.com; starting from $24.99 per month.


Nicely Noted

Subscription Box for Homemade Cards

With all of the technology that surrounds us, it's easy to forget the delightful feeling that accompanies sending and receiving a note in the mail. Reconnect with this favorite pastime with a service like Nicely Noted, which delivers beautiful handmade cards right to your doorstep. Perfect for passing along to loved ones or for stocking up on so that you're prepared for any occasion, this colorful kit makes old-school correspondence fun and fresh again. Available at Nicely Noted; starting at $20 per month.

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Mod in a Box

Subscription Kit for Easy DIYs

Taylor Martin created Mod in a Box to pry DIY-ers away from digital distractions and get them back in the workshop. Delivering three simple projects a month, this kit will definitely keep you busy. Past projects, like a leather key organizer, magnetic bottle opener, and an easy earbud wrap, balance good looks with practical design. Not ready to commit to a subscription just yet? Check out their individual project kits, too. Available at ModInABox.com; starting at $25 per month.


Kitchen & Company

Kitchen & Company

Lemon zester, egg slicer, garlic press—kitchen gadgets are as numerous and varied as the menus they help us prepare. Sure, some roll their eyes over the latest cooking gizmo, but for many home chefs, keeping the kitchen well equipped can be as rewarding as serving the next delicious dish. If you take pride in your arsenal of slicers, dicers, squeezers and peelers, join your fellow gear geeks in the Kitchen Gadget of the Month Club. Members receive once-a-month deliveries of gourmet cooking tools to complete their collections. Available at Kitchen & Company; $299 per year.


Plow Box

Plow Box for Gardeners

This quarterly subscription delivers gardening goodies right to your door each season. When ordering, select the climate that corresponds with your region, and Plow Box will send specially selected organic seeds and supplies perfectly suited to that time of year. Available at OrganicSeedClub.com, starting at $45 for one box.


The Handy Box

The Handy Box

Sometimes, you just need a little extra motivation to get to work on your home improvement agenda. Why not make that nudge a package filled with gotta-have-'em gadgets? Enter the Handy Box: With each delivery, four to six of the most clever and helpful tools on the market—ranging from extensive socket sets to furniture repair markers—arrive in your inbox to help your tackle that month's to-do listAvailable at TheHandyBox.com; starting at $24.95 for a 1-month subscription.




If you're an art-lover battling bare walls, you need to know Papirmass. An independent art delivery service, the company sends a new print each and every month, making it easier than ever to discover up-and-coming talents while decorating your home with expertly curated, attention-grabbing eye candy. Besides the thrill of getting a surprise in the mail (other than an unexpectedly high utility bill), Papirmass provides affordable and hassle-free access to the art world, bringing a beautiful collection within the easy reach of a mouse click. Available at Papirmass; starting at $8 per month.


Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch for Dogs

Every pet owner knows that a dog's business is everyone's business when accidents happen indoors. This is especially a problem for those with small puppies. If no one's home during the day to keep an eye on the pup, Fresh Patch offers a tidy solution. This square of green grass is always ready for puppies and they are available by subscription every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. They best part, though, is that they're fully disposable. Available at FreshPatch.com; $27.55 each.

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Honest Company

Honest Company

The Honest Co. was founded by actress and new parent Jessica Alba, whose young children inspired her to create non-toxic household cleaners and bath products that were both readily available and safe for family homes. The Honest subscription box sends you everyday products you use each and every month. Choose from laundry detergent, dish soap, and even shampoo and lotion. First time buyers can even receive a free 7-day trial before committing to a monthly membership. Available at Honest.com for $35.95 per month plus shipping.


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