Experts Predict the Most Popular Remodeling Projects of 2015

Year in and year out, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most popular remodeling projects for homeowners. But what we choose to put in these upgraded spaces changes with the times. Because most of us don't have the means to remodel year after year, it's important to watch for new trends that have staying power and select upgrades that won't feel dated too soon. So if you're wondering whether it's time to trade in your kitchen sink for a copper one, or if you're trying to figure out which bathroom fixtures will treat you right for years to come, click through our collection of up-and-coming remodeling trends for 2015.

Custom Master Baths

Bathroom Remodels

The top remodeling project for 2015 will be the master bathroom, which will feature an upscale, contemporary look and interesting accessories. Creature comforts like heated floors and heated towel racks will be popular, according to Neil Kelly Co., an award-winning remodeling firm based in the Pacific Northwest.

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Specialty Kitchens

Kitchen Designs

For kitchen renovations, walnut and other dark natural wood finishes are trending up. Quartz will be a popular material for countertops, and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) predicts that consumers will add specialty items, such as steam ovens, French-door refrigerators, touch-activated or electronic faucets, and LED lighting.

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The Automated Home

Home Lighting Automation

American homes are getting smarter! The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) estimates that in the next 10 years, 41 percent of remodeling projects will include the installation of "smart" products like automatic and remotely controlled heating and cooling systems, lighting, and home security.

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Metal Mania

Copper Sinks

“Shades and tones of copper are in the mix,” says Heidi Hawk, a design consultant for Neil Kelly. But copper's not the only metal that will sparkle in 2015. Look out also for brass, steel, chrome, and wrought-iron fixtures like sinks, backsplashes, lighting, and even furnishings.

Going Green

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Repurposed materials like reclaimed wood, bathroom fixtures, old brick, and vintage glass will be trendy touches in 2015. These trash-to-treasure finds are prized by remodelers, and Habitat for Humanity reports a thriving business at its ReStores, which sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances.

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Healthy Home

Formaldehyde Free Plywood

Style isn't the only reason to renovate—in fact, Houzz reports that nearly half of all remodels are undertaken to prevent potential health problems. Neil Kelly president Tom Kelly calls a healthy home the “next frontier in home renovation.” Health-conscious improvements include the installation of air filtration systems, the use of formaldehyde-free woods, and the application of paints and products free from volatile organic components (VOCs).

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Open Floor Plan

Rooms that combine kitchen, dining, and living space are becoming more and more popular. According to NARI, 38 percent of remodelers will redesign in order to create multipurpose living rooms or open floor plans in the coming year.

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Universal Design

Shower Bench

Thanks to the tenets of universal design, which strives to make buildings and spaces accessible and functional for people with disabilities and the elderly, our homes are becoming safer and more convenient for everyone. According to the NKBA, nearly 60 percent of designers added accessible features to bathrooms and kitchens last year. Popular additions include shower benches and comfort-height toilets and vanities in baths, and microwave drawers and touchless faucets in the kitchen.

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