Garden Paths: 16 Easy-to-Imitate Stone Walkways

When it comes to garden paths, the possibilities are endless. Here are sixteen examples to help you get inspired.

  1. Gravel Stepped Path

    Gravel Walkway

    Add some visual interest and practical purpose to a sloped garden landscape by creating a gavel-stepped walkway. Pea gravel and new or salvaged wood beams are all that you will need to create one like this. Simply level out the grade, or create steps with the beams and fill in with gravel.

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  2. Classic Brick

    Brick Path

    Using bricks as pavers is an easy path solution, one that looks great in any garden. Simply create a level surface, line with a mesh barrier fabric for weed control, add a shallow level of crushed gravel, and arrange bricks in the desired pattern. Fill the joints with silica or basalt sand, or if larger openings, use small-sized gravel.

  3. Framed

    Stone Walkway

    Set square paving stones into a bed of darker-colored loose stones to create a simple yet modern walkway. The concrete squares used here perfectly complement the home's aesthetic, while offering their own aesthetic appeal. Slate stones set among white gravel would have worked just as well.

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  4. Neat Gravel Walkway

    Gravel Path

    While you can use any number of things to border a gravel path—from pressure-treated lumber and stones to store-bought plastic edging—consider paving stones to create a more professional, finished look. Size, composition, and affordability all make today's pavers an easy solution to many landscaping needs.

  5. Spaced-Out Stones

    Green Path

    Leaving space between stones will allow greenery to grow and contribute to the natural beauty of a garden walkway. Arrange the stones accordingly, leaving a few inches of room for grass or moss. Or consider interspersing drought-tolerant plants like thyme—as landscape designer and author Susan Schlenger suggests—to create softness, interest, and charm.

  6. Rustic Natural Stone

    Natural Path

    Create a more rustic garden walkway by combining different shapes and colors of flagstone into a richly patterned mosaic. You can approach the project as you would a puzzle; choose stones for fit and coloration. Unlike other stone installations, this one requires no cutting equipment or special tools—just an artistic eye.

  7. Winding Walkway

    Winding Path

    The graceful flow of this winding garden path is made even more striking by its well-fitted stone configuration. Such precision requires a good deal of planning, plus the stone you choose must be able to take a circular cut without fracturing. This example was made with banas stone, a durable quartzite sandstone.

    Banas Stones

  8. Complementary Colors

    Stepping Stone Path

    Similarly-colored stepping stones and gravel give this garden path its seamless look. You can create something similar by shopping for materials at your local big box retailer or landscape supply center. For an alternative look, consider playing with different colored stones and gravel, or decorate flat stones with painted stenciled patterns.  

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  9. Natural Path

    Random Patterns

    Naturally shaped stones create a beautiful garden path, particularly when separated by greenery, sand or mulch. Here, oversized flagstone is arranged in a random pattern to create a dramatic entrance. When planning your garden path, think of how it will look through the seasons.  

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  10. Simple Squares

    Garden Pathways

    Create a simple yet distinctive path by placing random-sized paving stones into the lawn. Lay the stones out in the desired pattern, using a shovel to outline where the grass will need to be removed. Move the stones, remove the grass and insert the stones in place. Easy and beautiful—the perfect DIY combo.

  11. Triple Borders

    Stone Edging

    The tiered border of this gravel walkway gives it a charmingly finished look. Consider something similar along the raised beds in your landscape or garden. The opposite side of the path can be contained easily with vinyl edging sold at lawn and garden centers.

  12. Fitting Composition

    Red Stones

    Even irregular stones can be fitted together to create a distinctive and colorful garden path. Choose stones that offer the look and color that you want, then piece them into a unique pathway. While it will require planning and a bit of patience, there will be no need for stone-cutting equipment or multiple tools.

  13. Cast Off Stone

    Recycled Stone Walkway

    This walkway utilizes recycled stone. Of various lengths, all about 4 inches in width, they resemble wood planks. Alternating the short and long pieces creates curves and contours that meander beautifully through the natural surroundings.

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  14. Slate and Brick

    Slate and Brick Walkway

    A combination of common elements comes together for a unique design in this garden pathway. Square slate stepping stones are turned on a diagonal and framed with brick. With the right size slate, no cutting is required, and this becomes a very doable DIY project.

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  15. Mortar and Pebble

    Mortar and Pebble Walkway

    These large stepping stones are made up of stones bound together by mortar and pebbles. With moss and other plant life allowed to grow in between, this path has a very eclectic and natural feel.

  16. Mulch Surround

    Mulch Walkway Surround

    If you want an organic base to put between your stepping stones, but don’t want to maintain grass, mulch is an excellent answer. The whiteness of these stones is a beautiful contrast to earthy shredded hardwood.

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  17. Herbs

    Herb Walkway

    Release a step full of fragrance with every footfall. This walkway incorporates thyme between the stones, which blooms vibrantly for a shock of color, and remains hardy under a steady flow of traffic.

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  18. More Landscaping Ideas

    Yellow House

    For more landscaping ideas, read our article Landscaping Made Easy, then take a look at our Garden Fountains and Arbors slideshows for inspiration on how to decorate your yard.

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