Here’s How Much People Spend on Popular Home Upgrades

Have you got the renovation bug? Remodeling parts of your home, or even just upgrading a few fixtures, can increase your property's value. More importantly, though, renovating can also make it more pleasant to live in your home, which is something you can’t really put a price on. But before you call a contractor or pick out the perfect slab of granite for your new countertop, you should know how much the renovation project you're about to tackle typically costs. Here’s what Americans are spending, on average, for some of the most popular home upgrades.

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Bathroom Floor

Whether you’re sick of that lackluster 1980s vinyl or you just want to add a bit of pizzazz or color, installing a new tile floor in the bathroom may be the solution you’re looking for. A new floor can dramatically change the whole look and feel of the room, and it’s a satisfying, bite-size undertaking. The project can typically be completed in a couple of days at a price tag of about $2,500 to $3,600 for a mid-size bathroom.

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New Kitchen Countertops

If you aren’t in love with the laminate countertops that you inherited from your home’s previous owner, you can bring your kitchen up to date, and even add a touch of luxury, by installing new ones. You can expect to spend an average of $2,720 on the project, but with the huge range of materials—ceramic tile, granite, marble glass, copper—the sky’s the limit. 

Hardwood Floors

Judging from their ubiquity in new home construction, wood floors are an absolute must-have these days. They’re relatively easy to keep clean, they’re healthier for allergy sufferers than carpeting, and they look stunning, especially when paired with a beautiful rug. What will a new wood floor set you back? Well, as reported by HomeAdvisor members, the average wood flooring installation cost $4,240 for hardwood and around $2,816 for wood laminate.

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Kitchen Cabinets

There are plenty of reasons to replace kitchen cabinets. Maybe you don’t like their finish, or they’re run-down or sagging, or their layout just isn’t functional. Installing new ones can immediately brighten the look of your kitchen, making it more pleasant to work or hang out in. The national average for installing six upper and lower cabinets is about $3,560. 

Backyard Deck

Who doesn’t love relaxing on their deck on a warm summer day? All season long, a deck becomes an extension of a home’s living space, and it’s a great place to host parties and barbecues, and to drink your morning coffee. All this fun comes at a price, however—it costs about $13,333, on average, to install a wood deck.

New Kitchen Sink

A new sink can make a kitchen look tidier and fresher, and even though it’s a small update, the project packs a hefty style punch. You can expect a new kitchen sink to cost about $674 on average, including labor. Consider yourself handy? Save some money by DIYing the install.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been popular for decades, and it’s easy to see why. They offer space for storage and food prep as well as an expanse of countertop that invites family and friends into the kitchen. While an island can make a kitchen welcoming and efficient, these benefits don’t come cheap. A 24-square-foot kitchen island, complete with electrical as well as plumbing for a sink or dishwasher, can run $4,500 on average.

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Custom Closet

No matter how large a home you live in, you probably think you could use more closet space—especially if you live in an older home. You can make the most of your closet space by customizing it, but this can be a pricey prospect. If you’re dreaming of a walk-in closet with plenty of shelves for your shoes, accessories, and sweaters, it will cost you about $1,849, on average.

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Readying Your Reno Budget

Do your homework before making upgrades, so you know what’s a fair price to pay.