Landscape Edging: 10 Easy Ways to Set Your Garden Beds Apart

Set your garden beds apart from walkways, paths, and lawn areas with easy-to-install decorative landscape edging products.

  1. Iron Scroll Edging

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    Plow & Hearth

    This wrought-iron scroll edging from Plow & Hearth creates a formal barrier around flower beds, at once protecting and visually complementing your plantings. Powder coated to prevent rusting, the edging uses a locking-ring system to achieve curves and corners. Sold in sets of six 18-1/2"L x 18"H sections and two 9-1/2"L x 18"H sections; $59.95

  2. Installation & More

    Suncast border stone edging how to 396x390


    For information on working with edging products, don't miss How To: Install Landscape Edging. And in our 30 Days of Easy Summer DIY, you can find many more outdoor projects to tackle.

  3. Pound-In Edging

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    Gardener's Supply Company

    The interlocking pieces of this durable, recycled polyethylene edging from Gardener's Supply Company are driven into the ground with a rubber mallet around the contours of planting beds and walking paths. 4", 8", and 12" heights are available with 20' of edging per set; $12.99-$39.99

  4. Grand View Fence

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    Add a classic look to your landscape with miniature faux fencing from Suncast, the perfect match for mid-height and taller shrubs and flowers. Available in a 10-pack of 24"W x 1-1/2"D x 20-1/2"H sections; $89.90 at Ace Hardware

  5. Lightstone Landscape Edging

    5/12 pr8372 390x460


    These natural-looking composite 'stones' come with built-in wire anchors to fix them in place. Each set includes 14 stones of assorted shapes and sizes, enough to cover 10 linear feet. Available in choice of Limestone, Grey, or Natural Brown. $49.98 at Wireless

  6. Wood Lawn Edging

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    Home Depot

    Rot-resistant and thermally-treated, this cedar edging from Design Craft Millworks is built to last. Though anchored to the ground with metal stakes, the edging is flexible enough to mold around small beds and tight angles. Sold in sets of four 5-1/2"H x 12' lengths at The Home Depot. $29.99

  7. Classic Willow Edging

    7/12 pace3 6873664dt 390x390


    This decorative woven willow edging from Gardman USA is a stylish alternative to ordinary rubber edging products. Measuring 13.2"H x 1.2"W x 48"L, its short stature and natural, rustic appeal makes it perfect with ground covers and smaller plants and shrubs. $13.99 at Amazon

  8. Fulton Brick Edging

    8/12 742786100412xl 390x390


    These Fulton concrete bricks offer the advantage of a secure and tight-fitting ball-and-socket design. Each brick is 11-7/8"L and designed to be low-maintenance with permanent, weather-resistant color. Available in either red or tan at Lowe's; $2.10 each

  9. EverEdge Edging

    9/12 11313edge sw 390x429

    Grandin Road

    Made from sturdy, powder coated flexible steel with 3-3/4" spikes, EvrEdge appeals with its casual, country garden look. Lengths are interlocking for seamless installation and come five to a set, totaling 16 linear feet of edging per package. $95 at Grandin Road

  10. Undulating Garden Border

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    Frame It All

    Made from a combination of recycled polyethylene and wood fiber, this edging comes in curved sections enabling you to easily create an undulating garden border. The composite wood grain timbers are durable, rot-free, and color-fast, and they come with joint connectors and finishing sleeves. 32 linear feet (2" timbers) from Frame It All; $199.99

  11. Make Your Own!

    11/12 ceramic plate border garden flowers plants 590kb061010 390x393

    Shelter Pop

    Create your own decorative edging! Old chipped plates, ceramic tiles, seashells and railroad ties are all ideal materials sure to provide a unique look in your yard or garden.

  12. Living on the Edge

    Landscape edging 10 ways to set your garden apart

    A landscape edging project doesn't have to take a lot of effort. There are lots of easy edging options that will set your garden beds—and your yard—apart from the rest.

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