Make Your Own Vanity: 12 Inventive Bathroom Rehabs

The centerpiece of any bathroom is the vanity. It not only holds the sink, but it also provides valuable storage. Its finish and style often help set the palette for the entire room. When you're choosing this all-important component of your bathroom scheme, you don’t have to settle for what you can find in the stores. There are unique DIY bathroom vanity projects that can replicate the many different vanity styles common in today's bathrooms, from large wall-to-wall units to small statement pieces. DIY bathroom vanity possibilities range from simple upgrades using paint or fun drawer pulls to inventively upcycled dressers or vintage pieces. Need some ideas? Here are a few fine examples of DIY vanities to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. The Write Stuff

    Blue DIY Bathroom Vanity

    If you have a spare desk sitting around, you can easily convert it into a custom vanity. Cut away the back portion of the desk, including the back legs, to make a two-legged vanity table that can be secured to the wall. Use a strip from the cut tabletop to create a sleek backsplash.

  2. Faux-tastic

    Distressed DIY Bathroom Vanity

    These DIYers used several new 2x6 boards as a vanity top and proceeded to beat them up with a hammer and chains to give the appearance of weathered wood. The faux-rustic top was then stained dark brown to make a sophisticated statement.

  3. Dress Up

    Upcycled Dresser

    This ornate antique dresser was upcycled into a show-stopping DIY bathroom vanity by cutting a hole into the top to accommodate a recessed sink. Portions of the dresser were painted white, while some of the original wood was left exposed, giving the vanity a modern parquet look.

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  4. Ceramic Centerpiece

    DIY Bathroom Sink

    Sometimes the right sink can really make the room—just see how these brightly patterned bowls imbue this space with character. The lesson is, if you can’t find the perfect sink, transform a ceramic bowl into one. This DIYer took these ceramic bowls to a granite shop to have holes drilled for the drains, and attached the proper plumbing fittings through a rustic open cabinet.

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  5. Sew Cool

    DIY Sewing Table

    Few projects are more fun than upcycling a vintage piece in a surprising way. Outfitted with a sink and a delicately tiled top, this old sewing table was repurposed into a one-of-a-kind DIY bathroom vanity that makes a funky statement.

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  6. Re-Newel

    White Bathroom Vanity

    This small woodworking project used four standard newel posts for the vanity's ornate legs. The open design includes a low plywood shelf, delicate trim details made from molding, and a stained butcher-block top that was cut with a jigsaw to fit a recessed sink.

  7. Step Up

    Built-In Bathroom Step Stool

    Convert a vanity’s toekick into a pull-out stool that gives kids a boost to reach the sink. After you remove the toekick, build a simple plywood box and install it using drawer slides so it is easy for little ones to maneuver on their own.

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  8. Mini-Me

    Gray Bathroom Vanity

    Here is an easy way to add more storage to your bathroom without ever swinging a hammer. Set a small side table with drawers on top of your existing vanity; visually tie the two pieces together with a matching distressed paint job.

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  9. Color Me Rad

    Coral Bathroom

    If you are looking for a fast upgrade to your existing vanity, don’t underestimate the power of color. This remodeled vanity used durable coral-colored enamel paint for a bold pop of color that transformed the formerly all-white bathroom.

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  10. Pipe Dreams

    Pipe Fitting DIY Bathroom Vanity

    A salvaged cabinet with exposed hardware became the base for this rustic DIY bathroom vanity that features a copper sink mounted flush with the top. Black metal pipes attached as legs are the perfect foil for the natural-looking top, and three boards stretched across the bottom form a useful shelf.

  11. Perfectly Proportioned

    Striped Bathroom Walls

    This large square sink fits perfectly on top of a custom-built vanity cabinet. Even though there is no space on top of the vanity for bathroom bric-a-brac, the three large drawers below provide plenty of storage.

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  12. On a Roll

    Upcycle a Bike

    This whimsical design repurposes a bicycle in a very unexpected way. The seat has been replaced with a block of wood and an oversize sink, and a cute basket on the front keeps towels close at hand.

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