Modern Furniture You Can Make with Most Unexpected Materials

Ben Uyeda of Homemade Modern is an architect, blogger, and maker. And some of his most incredible creations are projects you can DIY in your own home with a few spare hours and a few extra bucks. Homemade Modern elevates humble materials like plywood, concrete, and scrap wood into beautiful accents suitable in any modern home. Click through to see some of his best creations—who knows, your next weekend project may be waiting right here.

For the Modern Dog

DIY Doghouse

This geometric dog house is made almost entirely from plywood triangles, and fastened together with screws and 2x3s and 2x2s. Click here for the complete material list and video tutorial.

The Bucket Stool

DIY Concrete Stool

So simple, almost anyone can make it, the bucket stool takes only $5 and one hour of your time. Mix up some concrete, pour it into the bottom of a bucket and let it set with wooden dowels for legs. Check Homemade Modern for the step by step.

Hanging Window Planter

DIY Hanging Planter

Turn a picture window into a productive home herb garden. Like most of Homemade Modern's designs, this elaborate-looking planter is high on style but low on cost. Watch the tutorial to get started on a $30 hanging planter of your own.

The Flip Desk

DIY Desk

The Flip Desk is made for multitasking, small space dwellers. If your desk serves double—or triple—duty, the flip desk's hidden compartments will suit your style. Find out how to make your own here.

Geometric Vases

DIY Concrete Vase

Concrete is the perfect material for a quick DIY project; it dries and sets fast and it takes the shape of any vessel you like. These geometric vases from Homemade Modern exemplify what's so great about concrete.

DIY Fire Pit

DIY Concrete Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit gives you a place to entertain and help you extend patio season into the fall. With a free weekend, concrete, firebricks, and rebar, you can make your own durable, custom fire pit for a fraction of the cost of some of the top-rated ready-made fire pits.

Pendant Light

DIY Pendant Light

Who doesn't love a pendant light? Ben Uyeda created this attractive light fixture with scrap wood and a light kit for approximately $35. High style has never been so affordable. Make your own with his how to

Garment Rack

DIY Closet

There's a storage solution for everyone—even the closet-less among us. However, store bought solutions aren't always as sturdy or as attractive as you'd like. Make a freestanding closet to suit your own style with Homemade Modern's tutorial

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