DIY Repurposing

10 Weirdly Awesome New Uses for Old Appliances

Let’s face it, appliances don’t last forever. And when they bite the dust, we’re left wondering how to dispose of them. Here’s an idea: don’t! Instead, try one of these 10 genius ideas for transforming old or outdated appliances into beautiful, functional, and funky decor for your home.

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Fun Fire Pit

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to replace your washing machine, there is a way to get every last dollar of use out of your old model. Before hauling it to the dump, extract the drum and repurpose it into a DIY fire pit for your
backyard. With just a few basic materials, you can create a gorgeous, contemporary fire pit that’s ripe for BBQs, s’mores, and storytelling all year round.

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Planter Pot

After a coffeemaker bites the dust, it’s tempting to toss the pot into the scrap heap along with it. Show that there’s still life left in the pot—literally!—by giving it a deep cleaning and introducing a few garden goodies to create a charming terrarium. Layer the bottom with sand, rocks, and moss before scattering in your favorite succulents for a lush,
low-maintenance look that will inject life into any space. 

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Bright Blender

Etsy via BootsNGus

Whip up an new take on kitchen lighting with this DIY
pendant that puts the spotlight on an old pitcher from a discarded blender. Simply invert the pitcher, remove the screw cap, and assemble it into a fixture by using a lamp kit. Not only will this project cost you next to nothing, you’ll also love the rustic glow of the finished product. 

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Cheap Seat

Here’s another idea for the drum from a old washing machine! If you’re in need of some spare seating, consider transforming the drum into a stylish storage stool. Cut a piece of chipboard to size, then cover it with upholstery foam and heavy-duty fabric for a cozy finish. As a bonus, use the inside of the drum to
sneakily stash everyday extras out of sight.

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Cool Cooler

Turn a defunct refrigerator into a rustic cooler for the backyard. First, repurpose disassembled pallets to form a chic reclaimed exterior, then install a set of casters underneath to make the large piece easy to move. This revitalized fridge also does double duty as a convenient surface for setting up food or drinks.  

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Appliance Aquarium

Your broken microwave may not be destined for the landfill after all—turn it into an aquatic mansion for your goldfish instead! Simply fill a cube-shaped fishbowl with your favorite marine life, then insert it into the oven cavity for a fun twist on your standard aquarium. 

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Airy Display

Etsy via HRUSKAA

That broken vintage fan may no longer provide a breeze, but it can serve as a cool display for air plants. First, remove the wire cage from the body of the fan, and then mount it on the wall using a screw or hooks. Complete the look by tucking air plants in between the wires for a quirky addition to your decor.

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Deluxe Doghouse

Inhabitat via Y-Town

An old fridge may seem useless, but when positioned on its side, the appliance can becomes a deluxe chill spot for your favorite four-legged friends. Form an entrance ramp using one of the doors, then deck out the new digs with food bowls, toys, and cozy cushions for afternoon naps. 

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Deconstructed Display

Mount a jettisoned refrigerator coil on the wall to create an industrial, vintage-style backdrop for artwork. The textured surface adds visual interest to any room and gives an arrangement of multiple pieces of art a unified and cohesive feel. If you’re a renter, consider leaning the coils against the wall and simply sticking photos in the crevices for a damage-free, temporary solution.

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Prime-Time Mini Bar

Reddit via mammakjeks

Mini bars aren’t just for the hotel room! Pep up a bland living room or builder-basic kitchen with this quirky midcentury-inspired bar. To take the look home, you’ll need an old CRT TV, a screwdriver, and a few other basic supplies. Remember to ground the electrical before taking the TV apart to avoid any shock or injury

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